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The Next Venture of Nitin Khanna

The life of a business innovator often begins from a young age. The brightest minds in the world are often inspired by something in their childhood. Nitin Khanna grew up halfway around the world in India. He acquired firsthand knowledge of what can achieved with one’s hard work. Nitin Khanna soon went to the United States to pursue his higher education. Upon obtaining degrees in Industrial Engineering, he jumped head first into the business world. He recounts his story and looks to the future of his business ventures in a recent article with Digital Mode.

The story of modern day Nitin Khanna begins in the 1990s as a fresh student out of school. He got a job with Oracle Corporation, where he served many top potions in this transition period of technological advances. He realized the potential was unlimited in this era the market was trending towards. Nitin Khanna teamed up with his brother on a venture known as Saber Corporation. This was a company stood at the helm of this transition period. They helped private and government agencies alike upgrade their software. The company was a massive hit and worth millions by the time Nitin Khanna left to pursue his next venture.

In order to capitalize on the growing trend of company mergers in the late 2000s, Nitin Khanna founded MergerTech. This was a company designed for him to directly advise clients on smart business moves. His influence quickly grew, and his name was featured among the list of top individuals in the business industry. His business was ranked at the #1 Mobile Bank during the peak of its performance. However, market trends are forever changing. The most recent trend Nitin Khanna has pursued is the cannabis industry. In a country where individual are legalizing the drug one after another, he laid the groundwork for an all in investment of the market.

Nitin Khanna is a businessman with a strong sense of noticing industry trends. He always moved from venture to venture with a positive outlook. There is always something to be gained from trying to tap a market.

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Amazing lessons that contributed to Dr. Saad Saad’s success

Dr. Saad Saad is a very innovative and successful pediatric surgeon that retired after practicing for 47 years. His career did not go to waste because he left a lasting legacy in service, sacrifice, and innovation in that field. One of the unique things that Saad did was to pass the simple life lessons he learned throughout his life to his children.

The Palestinian Doctor was born in the 1940s, and those years the country was not stable during the creation of the State of Israel. His family relocated by force after his mother boarded into a bus by force together with his siblings. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When Child Swallows Foreign Object – Advice From Dr. Saad Saad

Their father searched for them after he failed to find them at home from work. They had settled in West Bank, but he successfully found them after spending a lot of money by hiring a boat.

The family did not stay long at West Bank before relocating again to Kuwait because their father wanted to look for greener pastures as a petroleum mechanic. During that time, his skills were in high demand in Kuwait because it was during the discovery of oil in the Middle East.

Dr. Saad Saad spent his childhood and school years in Kuwait. His father advised him to pursue a high level of education if he wanted to move from grass to grace. It was his first lesson to learn in his life before learning the second one that as long as he was alive, he could do anything it takes to survive in this world. Saad wanted his money, and he followed his brother to a construction site during the summer in Kuwait.

However, Saad was too weak to work under that hot weather, and he passed out. He vowed to look for an alternative, and he settled on pediatric surgery. His father supported him and reminded him that being a Palestinian refugee could not hinder him from achieving his dreams.

After completing his studies in medical surgery, Dr. Saad Saad settled in the United States with a clear mind of becoming a certified pediatric Surgeon by the US Board. Guided by a lesson he learned that one must not wait for tomorrow to fulfill what is possible today, he was the only pediatric surgeon that could speak both English and Arabic languages in the 1980s. He served the Saudi Royal family for four years up to 1989.

Dr. Saad Saad applied the same lesson when he went back to America after discovering a procedure of minimizing pain and speeding up the recovery process of his clients. He tested the method of eliminating the second incision with one patient, and the results were terrific.

Within his career, he performed over 2000 such procedures eliminating second incisions on his patients thus saving them money and pain. Dr. Saad Saad continues to share his lessons in life and continuously advises young ones to listen to their fathers.

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Michael Nierenberg Discusses the Various Types of REITs

It is obvious that there are multiple investment opportunities that investors can consider. However, Real Estate Investment Trusts, which is abbreviated as REITs is capturing the imagination of a huge number of investors. Michael Nierenberg, who happens to the face behind the growth and success of New Residential Investment Corp. has for the last few years justified why it is important to invest in REITs. He has gone further to highlight all the benefits associated with these investment opportunities and why individuals should consider them.

However, Michael Nierenberg does not encourage investors to just invest in the real estate investment trusts without acquiring knowledge and skills, most of which can be offered by various experts in the industry. He notes that there are multiple number of real estate trusts that an individual can consider if he/she is interested in investing and generating huge returns. One of the mostly known and recommended REIT is the publicly traded equity REITs. According to Michael Nierenberg, most of the REITs available in the industry are publicly traded. However, most of the publicly traded REITs are very useful as they generate much needed profit and revenues.

Michael Nierenberg continues to highlight that most of the real estate properties are owned and operated by the publicly traded equity REITs. Therefore, if you are considering to invest in any area, you should have significant considerations and analysis of the publicly traded properties. However, there are other opportunities in the industry that individuals should consider. Mortgage REITs are investment opportunities that concentrate on buying existing mortgages or any other mortgage backed security. This means that their industry is highly influenced and moderated by what is happening in the mortgage sector.

Public Non-Listed REITs are other investment opportunities that Michael Nierenberg has touched on several times. He notes that these are investment opportunities that individuals should consider. However, it would be important to note that these investment are not traded in the stock exchanges but they are registered with other governing bodies such as Securities Exchange Commission. Investors can also choose to channel their resources into private REITs, which are not registered in the national stock but are regulated by the concerned authorities.

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Everything You Need To Know About Organo Gold And How You Can Use It To Earn A Living

Organo Gold is a firm that offers a wide range of products. These products include personal care items, tees, coffees, and nutraceuticals among many products. The firm was established in 2008, and its headquarters is in Richmond, British Columbia, in Canada.

The Organo Gold Coffee is one of the globally acclaimed products from Organo Gold. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you need to try out Organo Gold Coffee as it is to stands out from anything you’ve ever had.

The Richmond-based firm’s coffee is infused with an ancient fungus from China. The fungus or mushroom present in the coffee is known as Ganoderma lucidum. The infusion of this fungus into the coffee gives it health and nutritional benefits.

Individuals who drink this coffee experience increased energy levels and the enhancement of the body’s immune system. Besides, Organo Gold Coffee provide much-needed antioxidants while also helping with weight loss.

Another reason to make the Organo Gold Coffee your preferred beverage of choice is that you can use it to earn residual income or use it to replace your nine to five. Earning money from Organo Gold Coffee is achieved through, first, retail (selling the coffee), and second, finding individuals who believe there is more to life or want more out of life.

The Organo Gold Coffee provides an opportunity to make more money, spend more time with those close to you, more free time, and more time for things you love. The rewards don’t come easy, but if you are willing to learn, are disciplined, and willing plus ready to be a leader the rewards can easily be within your reach.

Selling Organo Gold Coffee is by far one of the easiest direct sales or multi-level business you’ll ever do. Just drink the coffee, then share it, share a few health shakes, and don’t forget to invite people over to share the recipe. That is how you make money from Organo Gold Coffee.

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Edwin Miranda’s Success In The Dynamic Marketing Field

Marketing agencies are yet to access their customer base. These agencies are more like technological middlemen. Finding one that delivers on their promises is however a challenge. Such an agency can only be traced from its achievements.

Edwin Miranda is the founder company KOI IXS, a fully operational marketing agency that is focused on performance. Edwin’s approach is performance-centered. Through the course of his career, Miranda has helped global brands break through markets, acquire new customers, create meaningful customer engagements. The top marketing agency helps brands keep up with the future as well as explore the boundaries of possibilities.

Edwin Miranda is an early riser. He starts his day on the go, checking out what’s new and popping from his clients, the news and projects in progress. He takes his first meal of the day, some light breakfast, before taking on a thirty-minute morning ride or run. Some quality time with his family serves him a good day before he begins his day at the office.

Edwin attributes his success to passion and hard work. He states that passion is vital in every entrepreneur’s journey. Rising up as early as 5:30 am allows the lad to keep tabs on his activities and achieve his goals. He also appreciates the resourceful team of creators, designers, thinkers and innovators at the KOI IXS.

Edwin Miranda emphasizes the need to strive for boldness and make mistakes in every venture. In his opinion, the process towards maturity, which includes making mistakes, is important. The fear of failure holds back too many people from breaking even. It is through the achievements and failures that one attains maturity.

Edwin Miranda owes his accomplishments to keeping and checking his to-do lists. He obsessively checks his long-term goals, middle, and short-term goals thus striking a balance in his sphere. The consistency in checking his undertakings, requirements and resources required makes his daily conquests.

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How Deirdre Baggot Combines Her Nursing Career with Bundled Payments Management

Deirdre Baggot, BSN, MBA, Ph.D., hails from Denver, Colorado and is a renowned payment and healthcare strategist. It’s in Denver at the Colorado University that she pursued her Ph.D. after doing the MBA at the Quinlan School of Business of Loyola University in Chicago Illinois. Initially, Deirdre had acquired the nursing bachelor’s degree from Edwardsville’s Southern Illinois University. In 1997, Baggot enrolled at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a staff nurse and a resource coordinator. Although this was her first job after graduating, she was appointed as the manager of the hospital’s administration group. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

After working for six years, she became the administrative Manager and business analyst of the University of Michigan Health System at Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the three years she spent in the organization, Baggot won the Six/Lean Sigma certification and an award honoring her prowess in leadership in matters concerning safety. She joined the SCL Health’s subsidiary, cardiac and Vacular institute in 2006 located in Denver, Colorado. With around 450 people, the institute enjoyed the leadership of Deirdre in matters marketing, payer contracting, marketing recruiting, marketing, and business development. Her four years stay in the organization saw the establishment of 11 clinics thus creating jobs and these workers would later be part of the organization’s team.

Baggot shifted to Los Angeles, California and joined GE Healthcare Partners as the Senior vice president. This time round, she worked at the healthcare docket. She started various projects with one resulting to payments consulting organization that posted growth an annual revenue growth of $6.6 million. During her career, Deirdre Baggot has implemented strategies and programs to 60 bundles and 200 hospitals. The initiave has resulted to the improvement of clinical outcomes and patient experience at a low cost. The hospitals and Doctors shared under the program .Besides participating as an advisor to system health boards and senior leadership, Baggot works under Medicare and Medicaid services as the bundled payments expert.

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Cassio Audi’s Prowess in the Investment Field

Cassio Audi is an experienced expert in the finance and investment industry. He holds a solid background in financial management practices having acquired his higher education degree in Business Administration. Cassio Audi was an experienced musician who made a name for himself in the music industry in Brazil before undertaking a different career path.

Cassio Audi’s Professional Career

Cassio Audi kickstarted his professional career immediately after graduating from the University. He got a position as a stock analyst at JP Morgan Chase in the United States. Cassio Audio utilized the opportunity to hone his skills in the investment field and gaining experience in the stock exchange market.

Cassio left the company in 1996 and joined Dow Chemical company that specialized in agricultural chemicals and products. Cassio was promoted to the position of senior financial analyst of the company. His management and investment skills led to the growth of the company. Cassio Audi passion for excellence did not end there. He looked for other opportunities to exploit his potential which led him to work in other reputable organizations such as Gillette, Rossi Commercial Enterprises and GVMI.

Cassio Audi has worked in top management positions in various companies and helped organizations achieve considerable growth. While still working as the chief financial officer of Brookfield Asset Management, he managed the most significant mergers and acquisition in the real estate sector that was approximately $ 1 billion. He currently works as the chief financial officer of an investment company called Peninsula Participacoes.


Stansberry Research Works Hard To Keep A Good Reputation

Stansberry Research gives out advice on stocks and what people should be investing in at different times. It has a newsletter that it sends out around the world that discusses various stocks and trends that they are going through. The company has been around for twenty years and is based in Maryland. It gives people the advice that they need to earn the money that they want for retirement and more. It helps them with their portfolios and with knowing when is the right time for them to invest in various things, such as gold or oil.

Stansberry is an investment research firm, and it works with global stock. It knows a lot about the currencies around the world and what people should be doing to earn a good profit through investments. It knows about the individual stock market sectors and much more. Stansberry Research shares many articles online with advice on how the approaches people should take when it comes to investing. It shares about what people should expect from the stock market and whether they should own gold or Bitcoin.

The people who are running Stansberry Research have good educations and experience in the financial world. They know how to work through the research that they are doing because they have been trained for it. And, they are gifted enough that they are able to give great advice to those who are relying on the company. Many people say that they are happy with the newsletters that they receive from the company because they trust them. They believe what the Stansberry Research has to say because this company is working hard to help people make the most of their finances. And it is always working hard to give itself the best reputation across the globe, as well.

More information available at http://releasefact.com/2018/06/stansberry-research/

Fortress Investment Group Vision in 2019

Having a consistent journey in the financial management world is one of the greatest indicators of a great company. One of the companies that have been able to retain consistency is Fortress Investment Group, and according to the management, 2019 will be an important year for the company. In 2018 for example, the company was able to make some of the mind-blowing decisions especially on their deal with SoftBank. Pundits believe that the acquisition of this company by the Japanese entity set a precedence that will redefine the management niche for the next decade. In addition to this historic purchase, Fortress Investment Group has continued to be the reference point in the following areas. Prior to this company, private equity as an investment niche did not have the structures it has today.

Fortunately, the company has continued to put structures on this investment niche and more importantly bringing professionalism on the sensitive investment niche. In addition to bringing professionalism in this niche, Fortress Investment Group has also expanded the field to accommodate more features in the investment. According to management of this company, this expansion has also enabled the company to provide services to more investors, regardless of their investment value. Fortress Investment Group is the first entity to bring healthcare as a viable investment niche. In order to achieve all these successes, the investment company has been able to attract some of the best talents in the vast investment industry.

According to the management of this company, since 1997, the company has consistently hired people on merit and not by any other parameter. This approach has always given Fortress Investment Group an added advantage over companies. Although the company has since made changes in their funding structures, the management points out that that they are keen on continuing being home to talents regardless on one’s beliefs, gender or any other discriminatory aspect. Although the company was purchased by the Japanese entity, the company structure remains intact, and the company’s blueprint is still the same. In a press release early this year, the company, through its management promised to continue managing investment and more importantly, looking for more new investment opportunities around the globe.

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Dallas-Based Financial Service Company

Nexbank is a company based on financial services; it hopes to offer general corporate services. It has managed to complete 54 million dollars private placement. It serves its client using three primary businesses. Which include mortgage Banking, commercial banking and institutional services. It gives personalized banking and financial services to its institutional clients. Their notes have a f6.375% fixed rate. The company industry expertise and executive managements work as a team so that they can serve their clients well and also to provide better financial services. It pledged to make a positive result in the community it works, lives and serves, by giving out financial education, community services and loan programs.

Nexbank is amongst the largest bank in Texas, and it’s headquarter is in Dallas, in nationwide its 158 largest bank. It was developed in 1934 and up to now it has 89 employees. It gives its commercial lending to corporation, institution and small businesses since they offer personalized products and services. Nexbank has leading bank for regional and also gives advice and other financial options to its client which helps them to respond quickly to the opportunities given. They give their clients value –added services in order to support them and also strengthen their financial status. They give commercial loan to its client to help them expand their new market and also help the clients to capitalize their businesses. Dealing with lenders and borrowers requires special skills therefore Nexbank provide a platform for agency services to modify the fund managers and corporate specialist.

According to banknews, Netbank provides a synoptic area of variation of administrative services between covenants monitoring and compliance verification. They work with legal counsel therefore can secure ones collateral without any problem. Nexbank Capital likes dealing with long term relation with their partners. They also provide a warehouse lines where their clients can close and fund their loan without being interfered with. Their professional delivers reliable and quick funding. They also offer a large no of funding solutions inorders to meet mortgage professional needs. The real estate advisor maximizes and protects the value of investments with property management range.

The Nexbank groups provides a higher service combinations with a lot of experiences to attain their solutions with both short term and long term goals .they enhance poverty and operation cost issues by taking a productive approach .they take a though analysis of property before offering specialized services to fit ones property. They also offers primary depository services and interest –bearing accounts to achieve the needs of the fund depositors ,also their yielding accounts they produce returns of their idle cash.