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A Genuine Angel Investor and Co-Founder with Heart

It takes quite a lot to become a successful CEO of a company, and even more heart to become a philanthropist and angel investor. People who strive to be the best they can be are often excellent role models and inspiration to those who will follow in their footsteps. Jonathan Cornelissen is one of those unique people born to lead by example. He is a co-founder of DataCamp, a popular online resource to learn all about data science and how to code, and an angel investor to more than a few notable startups. Currently, Jonathan is DataCamp´s  CEO, a company that he helped grow to more than 4 million students, 100,000 subscribers, and $30 million in annualized recurring revenue. Online startups are never easy to create and maintain and many fail within the first year of operation. 


It takes courage to create and run a success online business, and Jonathan Cornelissen may just be the person to go to for advice and direction. The astounding numbers for DataCamp are just the beginning. You can see Jonathan’s passion for business as someone who started his professional endeavors at a very young age. In only 2010, Jonathan Cornelissen began the winner of the prestigious ING Start Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (LinkedIn). 


This was a very impressive accomplishment that spurred his passion for business. He also has a PhD in financial econometrics which applies statistics and statistical methods to financial market data. It’s mind-blowing science meets finance. In addition to data science, Jonathan Cornelissen interests include education and blockchain technology. Jonathan is an avid reader and blogger and a notable books he credits with success include a book that inspired him to become a better CEO and founder, “The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers” by Ben Horowitz and “Venture Deals” by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. 


He loves to create new things and would be the person to interview for advice on professional self-actualization. It takes a lot of hard work and intelligence to run a company, and the ability to give back somehow makes that person noble.


Learn more about Cornelissen´s biography at https://www.vbprofiles.com/people/jonathan-cornelissen-577dfaea2073825488000043