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Alec Sellem Has A Talent For Seeing The Bigger Picture

Sellem Industries, a company involved in gold mining and refining, was founded by French-born Alec Sellem. His ability to see the whole picture, as well as the details necessary to succeed, have resulted in his company’s growth and success, as well as acknowledgement of his talent as a CEO.

Alec Sellem’s path to founding his company began with trading gold for a friend. He became interested in the whole process involved and realized that the industry was not working as well as it could, and there was room for an entrepreneur to make changes and thrive. He also realized that traditional mining practices also have a place in the industry going forward and should be integrated into the bigger picture.

At present Sellem Industries operates in Sierra Leone and Senegal where the company uses custom-made methods to make the most of each location. Remote communities benefit through employment in the industry. By placing value on the cultures in Sierra Leone and Senegal, Sellem Industries concentrates not only on mining but also on bettering the lives of the villagers. In addition to working for Sellem Industries, villagers can farm certain crops which are then shared among families, bringing villages together in a common task. Help with schooling is also part of the picture. People who work together like this create a larger economic and social identity and become a positive unit which strengthens the mining industry too.

Alec Sellem says that he is motivated by career obstacles rather than reacting negatively to them. Anything that stands in his way makes him more determined. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and many fail. Alec Sallem’s attitude as well as his talents are a combination that has led to his success and a better life for those connected to his firm.

About Alec Sellem: medium.com/@alecsellem