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Article Title: Transforming An Entire Industry : OSI Group

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It is not common to hear of a company that is able to withstand the test of time. For an entire one hundred years, OSI Group has proven its relevance and ability to transform an entire industry. The key or jumpstart to their success begins with a remarkable hamburger patty. But it is not only just a hamburger patty that has carried them this far through success but their persistence and desire to be innovative in a very competitive industry. OSI Group has completely transformed the food production industry for over a century and they plan to continue to revolutionize one of the world’s most challenging and ever-changing industries.

Rising from an immigrant filled Chicago community to a billion dollar brand, is mere proof of how this company transforms and revolutionizes. The story of this company is bred in determination, persistence and innovation. The unique hamburger patty that launched what would become the foundation of this global brand got recognized by McDonald’s when it first began franchising its restaurants. After that, the family ran business began to expand. Before long the family ran business was expanding out of state and then overseas.

It took decades for OSI Group to get to where it currently is. The food production company operates in dozens of countries. They have many facilities that are in operation to produce foods and transport foods. The company has an umbrella of other brands they have acquired over the years. The company plans to continue to reach into new markets and develop new products for their clients.

OSI Group is an outstanding company that shows how a company can withstand the challenges of being in business for a very long time. The company has worked extremely hard to advance the entire food production. Becoming a sustainable company is the next goal for OSI Group. Being sustainable will not be something easily conquered. This company has the determination and vision to conquer anything they want. The next time you indulge in a tasty hamburger from McDonalds, remember how this company has impacted so many McDonald’s franchises across the world.

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