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Catch The New Wave Of Air Travel With Sergey Petrossov


In his short 31 years, Sergey Petrossov has accomplished more than most people have done in their entire lives. His drive and perseverance have paid off big time in the private jet industry. His company continues to be one of the only app-centric, private jet companies in the world.

By today’s standards, the idea seems extremely simple. We Uber to everywhere: school, work, play – why not use the technology of Uber in the private jet industry?

That is exactly what Sergey Petrossov has done. If you are a JetSmarter member you can actually go onto your phone, pull up your JetSmarter app, and book private jet travel all over the world.

Many don’t have the vision and tech expertise of this brilliant young man. Instead of complaining, Sergey Petrossov did something about it! He took his first commercial flight on a private jet at the urging of a friend. He was astounded that the industry used analog management systems as opposed to digital management. He thought that innovation would improve his experience and the experience of others. Though he was running a text start up that he had begun, he always knew he’d have a hand in the private jet industry.

Houston, There Is Another Problem 

He also learned that the antiquated system lent itself to underutilization of hours. These massive luxury jets were being under used by almost 85 to 80%. He wanted to tap into the underutilized flight hours while making private jet travel available to the masses.


He targeted two types of folks:  The first customer was the private jet flyer who was very familiar with the process and wanted to get more bang for their buck. The other customer, was the first-class commercial jet traveler who wanted to try a new luxurious experience. He felt that his product would be so outstanding that he would gather millions of members. He is on his way. Both types of customers relish the JetSmarter experience. 

GPB Global Resources Helps Ethiopia Fight Drought and Famine

GPB Global Resources B.V. works in the oil & gas industry supplying the world with a needed but somewhat controversial resource. Even so, the team at this company is just as concerned with global warming as anyone else, and so participates in important efforts to mitigate global warming as in the project of Ethiopia. In an effort to reduce the impact of global warming, the Ethiopian Prime Minister completed a project to plant four billion indigenous trees in one day and GPB was there to help support the cause.

On July 29, 2019 GPB Global Resources B.V. donated 1,000 indigenous trees and team members offered their time to help plant the 350 million trees. Today, Ethiopia holds the world record for the most trees planted in a single day. Prior to this, India held the record for planting 50 million trees.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister made this a huge event and even ran an important TV and radio campaign asking for volunteers. The project was supported by the UN and diplomatic embassies throughout the country.

Will Planting Trees Help?

A scientific research study conducted in Zurich found that the Earth could support 4.4 hectares of trees, but currently only had 3 billion hectares of forest areas. A need for an additional 1.6 billion hectares of forested areas could help mitigate two thirds of the world’s current carbon emissions. Mature trees with this type of coverage can store more than 200 billion tons of carbon, which is about two-thirds of the current 300 billion tons emitted by traffic, and production facilities. Although the results of the study are very encouraging, he said that planting trees was a critical activity now, as it often takes decades for trees to mature into adulthood.

GPB Global Resources feels that helping the effort is critical especially as more trees need to be planted in Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia.

The Current Situation in Ethiopia

GPB Global Resources B.V. realizes that Africa also offers a lot of opportunities to plant more trees. In Ethiopia the forest has declined since the turn of the century. In the 1800s the country had 40% more trees than it does now.

Ethiopia’s Tree-Planting Efforts

Ethiopia Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed lead the project called Green Legacy Initiative that allowed government offices, corporate aid, and aids from the UN and diplomatic consulates to take part in the initiative and spend the day planting trees. The goal was to return the forests of Ethiopia to their original state. In the effort volunteers planted 350 million trees, to help reduce the effects of climate change and the experiences of Ethiopia with drought and famine.


How Peter Briger Became A Billionaire

Peter Briger is a billionaire who currently lives in San Francisco, California. He is the principal and co-chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group which is headquartered in New York, New York. He has been in the financial industry for over two decades where he has been managing assets. Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading investment management firms which offers its services to institutional and private investors. They manage over $65 billion in assets under management. He is a graduate of Princeton, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania’ Wharton School of Business where he earned his master of business administration. For 15 years Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. His acumen at investing in alternative assets led to him becoming a partner of this financial firm in 1996.

While he worked there he was on a number of their top committees. Among these were the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian Management Committee, and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He also held multiple leadership roles at Goldman Sachs such as co-heading the Asian Distressed Debt business and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business among others. It was in 2002 that Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group. He was responsible for building up their Fortress Credit business which he continues to manage himself. This division of the company employs over 300 people. He specializes at investing in undervalued assets, distressed investments, and those which are illiquid in nature.

Because of his success at investing in alternative assets like these Forbes Magazine had him ranked as the 317th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion. Beyond his alternative investing career, Peter Briger is a member of a number of organizations. He is part of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, for example. He has a seat on this nonprofit’s alumni advisory board where he offers students access to his investment, business, and leadership skills. He is also involved with the Global Fund for Children as he sits on their Silicon Valley Leadership Council. Additionally, he is on the Council on Foreign Relations. This is a nonpartisan organization which helps elected officials and the general public understand foreign policy issues better. Peter Briger is married and they have four children at home.

Gustavo Martinez on Consultancy in Marketing

With his experience level, Gustavo Martinez had a lot to share about the marketing sector. Lately, he seems to be deviating from the customary methods and he had some insights to share on that. On matters regarding consultancy, he believes that is the future of the industry. The consultancy has been a strategy used in this field for almost 100 years.


The strategy has proven its worth over time and shown remarkable results. Seeking the services of a consultant can increase the functionality of the marketing industry. Gustavo Martinez was a consultant before taking on senior positions in reputable firms.


The foundation of any prosperous marketing firm lies within the creativity of the personnel. Marketing requires some level of expressive arts and requires one to expand his knowledge and innovation skills. Jobs in other fields have predefined plans and employees are familiar with the course of action to take when asked to carry out a task. The work schedule in such industries is monotonous and permanent.


Marketing requires a well-thought-of process just like any other artistic profession. Gustavo Martinez says you could liken the work of a marketer to that of a painter or composer. However, this is as far as the similarities go. When it comes to being in charge of activities in an advertising agency, one is required to assume the role of a business executive.


Working as a corporate administrator is a job that Gustavo Martinez knows all too well. It takes on a lot more than an effective administration to succeed as a marketing firm. Creativity continues to be at the core of every marketing strategy and a factor that determines performance. When looking for creativity, firms go for people that can deliver excellent results.


Creativity goes beyond being funny or knowing interesting facts. Firms have now developed a sophisticated criterion for selecting the best out of the pool of applicants. High achieving graduates are an ideal option for the independent consultant position. They are best suited in such a set-up as opposed to working in the traditional working hours.


The contribution of such brilliant minds is the reason consultancy is working flawlessly. Gustavo Martinez has also made his contribution to business acceleration. He is involved in a program with a firm called UV Business Acceleration. The corporate world can be a harsh place for a developing firm. There is a 90% chance of small firms failing after only three years of operation.


Companies that focus on artificial intelligence such as Massive Data Heights are working to help developing firms. The company collects many clients’ reviews and changes them into useful business insights. At the end of the day, the goal here is to increase the success rate of small firms by up to 90%.


Gustavo Martinez


In the past 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has acted in different capacities in the marketing sector. At some point, he was employed at Price Waterhouse and Henkel. He moved on to the chairperson position at Olgilvy and McCann World-group. Gustavo Martinez was a CEO at the established marketing company, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.


Gustavo Martinez can be reached on LinkedIn.

How the US Money Reserve serves Customers

The US Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of US and international government- issued gold, silver and platinum legal-tender products in the world.

They are based in Austin, Texas and serve customers by helping them diversify their assets through investments in precious metals. These metals are guaranteed genuine because they come in the form of government- issued coins.

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The US Money Reserve was launched in the year 2001. They serve customers by stocking coins and bars of different precious metals. They work with customers and help them find the precious metal they are most comfortable investing in.

They also offer bullion dealership services for customers. Customers can place an order with the US Money Reserve and give their address. The US Money Reserve ensures that the legal-tender products are safely delivered to the door of customers.

They also buy back coins and bars from customers. Customers can open an account with the company and store their coins or bars with them. The service procedures provided by the company make it an easy system to work with for customers.

The CEO of the US Money Reserve is Angela Koch. She is the only female CEO in the precious metals industry and brings a unique perspective while laying down the culture and pace of the company. She not only provides the best possible services to her customers but makes efforts to give the best possible work environment for her employees.

She encourages employees to grow both personally and professionally. She believes that the growth of a company is only possible if employees are allowed to grow too.

Before becoming the CEO of the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch worked in many other companies and organizations. She learned that one needs to not only put customers first but also employees first if a company has to grow.

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Serving both customers and employees is the basis of the success of the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve is currently one of the largest and most trusted names in the precious metals distribution industry serving over 400.000 investors from the year 2001.

US Money Social Profiles;

US Money Reserve | Facebook
US Money Reserve | Instagram
US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


ClassDojo Makes Sure Nobody Is Left Out Of The Communication Loop

Ask any parent or teacher what they dread when it comes to school and they will probably say the times when a note is sent home in the care of a child. In the 21st-century, the issue of communication has been removed from the list of worries in the minds of parents, students, and teachers with the development of the ClassDojo app. This app has been designed to help with almost every aspect of the academic life of a student, including that of protecting the identity of every child, parent, and teacher involved.

A community is a difficult thing to build at any academic institution but the ClassDojo app has been created to allow this to happen with ease. The issue of students losing focus has always been a tough one to handle but the fun emoji’s and profile monsters linked to the app makes it easy for teachers to link their studies to the digital realm students love. The building of a community means bringing together students, their families, and educators with videos and tutorials regarding how to keep students engaged from the first day of school to the last. CLassDojo has changed the way school is taught in the 21st-century.

Source of the article : https://hitechchronicle.com/2019/05/classdojo-uses-mindfulness-reduce-students-stress/

Isabel dos Santos, Angola’s Champion for Women’s Rights

Isabel dos Santos is an ambitious woman, a woman with dreams for her country, Angola. She has said “African women who gather dreams are invincible.” And as a powerful businesswoman, she has made many of her dreams come true. One of her major concerns for Angola and for Africa is the position of women in the workforce.

She has experienced gender discrimination herself. She knows what it feels like. But this Angolan woman got her education in London, at King’s College. Her degree in engineering was presented to Isabel dos Santos with distinction. She came back to Africa, armed to do battle with the forces holding women down.

Africa’s traditions are almost entirely patriarchal. Women have been treated as chattel for centuries. For Isabel dos Santos, the time has come for change. She has been promoting programs that train women in skills previously reserved for men. She is an outspoken advocate of equality for her sisters, starting with education for the girls and medical and wellness programs to keep them healthy.

At a recent economic conference in Russia Isabel dos Santos called for an Africa where not only a basic education is available to girls, but where universities welcome all students, regardless of gender.

Economic empowerment of women will come partly through the development of companies like Strawberry Plantation. This company is run by women, who are using the funds generated by the strawberry fields to invest in other ventures. They are insuring a brighter future for themselves and their children.

She has a 5 step economic development plan.

  • Set goals.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Gather investments.
  • Become partners with your investors.
  • Never give up.

One of the most obvious characteristics of this strong woman is her persistence. She does not surrender. And Angola will be better because of her determination.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/isabel-dos-santos

Grupo RBS and Its Well-Recognized Accomplishments

Grupo RBS and Over 60 Years in Media

Grupo RBS, a leading media provider in Brazil, was started in 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, as a family-owned and operated company. Throughout the years, they’ve grown to be one of the largest companies in Brazil that employ over 6,000 journalists. With12 television stations and 24 radio stations, their accomplishments are nothing short of being impressive. The company has also started e.Bricks Digital, a leading digital media company that helps entrepreneurs to fully realize their potential with e-commerce strategies. The company also funds startups through venture capital funding that offers an outlet for new products and companies. Grupo RBS operates in many markets with its focus being in the cities of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Grupo RBS and Its Subsidiaries

Grupo RBS is also the parent company to many subsidiaries in Brazil. With expanding on their expertise, the following companies make up a small portion of the Grupo RBS portfolio:

  • HSM
  • Kzuka
  • RBS Publicações
  • Orbeat Music
  • Mídia Gráfica
  • Vialog

These companies all focus on some aspect of media and range from executive education programs to the publication of printed materials. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

Charitable Efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility

Grupo RBS takes its responsibility to the country it serves, seriously. Through the establishment of the Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho fund, the company has provided many educational programs to help improve the quality of life for Brazilian nationals that reside in disadvantaged areas. ‘Love is the Best Inheritance’ is one of their top programs that focused on issues affecting children and the family unit as a whole. The company also works based on six key values that act as ethical guidelines for doing business. Ranging from their dealings with customers to their passion for the business, every aspect of their business is touched by all of these assertions. The company also publishes information that’s readily available to the public that highlights their latest accomplishments, policies and endeavors. Those interested in finding out more on RBS and its efforts can locate this information by visiting gruporbs.com.br/en/.



LocationSmart Brings Location Awareness for Enterprise Location Solutions

Staying Connected at all times


The ability to stay connected and to keep track of assets is a universal problem, and the solution has not always been readily available. Now with LocationSmart, enterprises can remain relevant to all of their devices 24/7/365. Whether it is workers, tools, or critical assets, LocationSmart keeps all devices synced for important decisions and real-time location tracking.


Cloud-based Solution


A cloud-based location tracking application has many advantages. First, the app allows information to be traced and tracked by all who have access to the cloud server and has access to the type of data being stored in the cloud. This is important since LocationSmart works with customers all over the world who need access to critical data at any time of the day or night to make crucial decisions. Software developers can also take advantage of this technology when developing software that will connect a fleet of trucks, a caravan of ships, or loads of cargo being flown to distant terminals across the globe. LocationSmart technology tracks in real-time the attached location devices data and gives important tracking details to decision-makers who need to know when critical cargo will arrive.


Visibility and Control


In recent statistics, it showed that more than 17B devices were being connected at any one time throughout the world. Also, the Internet of Things connects about 7B of those devices between home and computer. It is a staggering amount of data to keep track of. Still, LocationSmart technology can quickly locate any device thru its unique IP address, just as a computer has a specific address given to it, so do all electronic devices have their own device ID’s which can be used to track them. The number of devices can be between 20-23 Billion across the globe, which would equal to about 2/person. This number will grow as the IoT wave of technology evolves in the next decade. However, the technology will not change but will become better at tracking devices.


Advantages for Developers

  • Utilize GSID
  • Pinpoint and Manage Wi-Fi
  • Tracking thru LTE, GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA
  • Locate visible cell point access
  • 8 Billion Wi-Fi access points
  • Locate devices in 200 countries
  • Access to 160 million cell tower identities


Canadian Access Points


In Canada there are more than 30 million devices with multiple access points through apps and software access. LocationSmart allows for the full connectivity and traceability of these access points in real-time. Lastly, LocationSmart can also pinpoint an individual’s browser location from within 3.2 billion devices anywhere in the world. In Short, LocationSmart is tomorrow’s location technology here today, moving forward into the future. From within any location throughout the world, an enterprise can remain in contact with assets, employees, running, or stationary devices, whether on land, air or in the sea. With LocationSmart technology, no company will have to worry about being connected to their assets or their shipments.


Visit www.locationsmart.com to learn more.

How James Dondero Turned Highland Capital Management Into A Global Behemoth

Based in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is an investment professional who holds over three decades of experience in the niche. During his career, he has held roles with some of the largest financial firms in the world, as well as established Highland Capital Management, which has grown into an internationally-focused firm. Before entering the niche, Dondero studied at the University of Virginia, which he graduated from with degrees in accounting and finance.

Following this, Jim Dondero began working for JP Morgan and spent four years further developing and refining his skills. During this time, he became increasingly more well-known in the niche, which subsequently led to a role with American Express. While with the firm, he gained an extensive amount of expertise in fixed-income funds, which he helped to manage.

It was while with American Express that Dondero first became exposed to the alternative credit strategies world. As such, over the following years, he began developing a significant amount of experience in the niche, during which time he received a variety of promotions, eventually culminating in him becoming the CIO of the company.

After serving in this capacity for four years, James Dondero could no longer contain his desire to establish his own firm. As a result, he teamed up with investment banker Mark Okada to found Highland Capital Management, which focuses on a variety of financial and investment strategies. In the two and a half decades since the company was created, it has grown into a global behemoth with operations in Seoul, Singapore, New York, and Sao Paolo.

Jim Dondero has been involved in a variety of charitable causes during this time and has been an active supporter of several non-profits across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Some of the more notable of these include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Dallas Museum of Art, and much more.