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 Hyland’s Has An Amazing New Product Aimed At Giving Pain Relief To Teething Babies

The name Hyland’s Homeopathic goes back more than 100 years and during that time period, the company has developed an outstanding reputation for its homeopathic remedies for the entire family. These products over the years have included products for pain relief including items such as Hyland’s teething tablets. The dedication that Hyland’s has put into its products over the years has helped the firm to become the largest homeopathic remedy manufacturer in the industry today in the North American market and a name that families have come to trust. Hyland’s continues on its proud tradition today and continues to make the best homeopathic remedies on the market.

At the heart of the idea behind homeopathic remedies is a concept that these are treatments that can help the body to heal up on its own. The best thing about products produced by Hyland’s is the fact that they are gentle on the body’s systems and they are safe and natural. From products that can help athletes to products that help parents keep their kids healthy, Hyland’s really does have a diverse product line. There are products for colds, flu, stress, skin care and sleep as well as pain relief products. The company has also been known in the past for a product that was known as Hyland’s teething tablets but this product has now been replaced by one known as Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets.

Hyland’s teething tablets provided pain relief for baby’s going through the process of teething and now that relief is provided by Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. The new product known as Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are a new formula and so should not be confused with the old product Hyland’s teething tablets, but like the old product, they provide outstanding relief from teething pain. This is just one of the amazing products that Hyland’s makes for families that help to keep them feeling good. It is another reason why parents for generations have come to trust the team at Hyland’s and rely on the products that the company produces in the realm of homeopathic remedies.

See Hyland’s Teething Tablets directions of use here https://www.instacart.com/cvs/products/37720-hyland-s-baby-teething-tablets-135-ct-135-0-ct

DonataMeirelles: 4 Tips to Scent your Home with Decorative Candles

Can you relate with that feeling when you enter a restaurant or store and get hit with a sense of a familiar smell? This forms part of the identity of many brands with a registered fragrance that makes your guest remember the moments in place the minute they take in the scent.

DonataMeirelles hails as an expert on the subject since her heydays back in Daslu. The environment and atmosphere inDaslu are filled with a unique aroma which still misses. Back at home, she takes no chances by making use of scented candles to make the room perfumed.

DonataMeirelles recently delivered to Vogue 4 tips to help you achieve that ambient fragrance in your home.

Strategic place: The ideal place to place that scented candle is at the entrance of your house. You can place a mantle on the door to hold the candle in place. This ensures that the moment you or your guest enters your home, they are hit with that aroma. The sent also gives your home that intimate mood and sets a cozy mode for relaxing. Read the article at business.com about Donata Meirelles

Main rooms: She recommends that the candle should always be at the entrance of your home. In addition, you can leave one in the main room, another in the library or the washroom. This is because these rooms are frequently visited by people who deserve to have to ambient and pleasant smell. However, you should not pale the candles in the bedroom since it can make you feel sick or disturb your slumber.

Ideal time: The candles are recommended to be lit at dusk so that when you retire from work in the evening, the house is already scented to welcome you back

Favorite brands: DonataMeirelles prefers candles from Jo Malone, Tania Bulhoes, and Diptyqye. In her New York apartment, she has the Ralph Lauren Classic Holiday which features the scent of juniper and currant. Visit: https://marciatravessoni.com.br/moda/donata-meirelles-agora-e-consultora-de-estilo-da-le-lis-blanc/

Stratford Shields Professional Outlook

Stratford Shields is an expert in municipal finance – the field that he has been working in for over 20 years. He is regarded by many as a leader in the industry. He did not start out in municipal finance, however, as his bachelor’s degree is in history. Stratford Shields also has a master’s in political science and a MBA. Shields has been involved in various forms of municipal finance, such as serving high positions on governing boards as well as working at Wall Street firms. He was the head of public finance at Morgan Stanley – a highly ranked Wall Street firm. Following this and currently, Stratford Shields works at Loop Capital Markets, a company that he created himself.

While working in a different job, Stratford Shields got his inspiration for Loop Capital Markets. Oddly enough, the inspiration came from the privatization of parking spots. The money from this privatization ended up contributing to cancer research. Essentially, Loop Capital Markets is a firm that helps oversea and integrate privatization processes for various industries and clients. Shields contributes his productivity and excitement about his growing company to variation. It is easier to be and stay excited about a client’s project if it is different than the project that preceded it. Doing the same project over and over again for different clients is sure to result in boredom and burnout.

Past success and experience, coupled with current success and momentum suggest a very obvious pattern for Stratford Shields. His track record in municipal finance as well as work with huge Wall Street firms alone is a career highlight. His creation of Loop Capital Markets, additionally, is a stroke of inspirational genius. These factors combined make it evident that Stratford Shields still has a lot of untapped potential for personal growth in the finance industry.

Financial Industry Executive Wes Edens Buys The Milwaukee Bucks For $550 Million

While the Milwaukee Bucks lost in the Eastern Conference Finals they have come a long way since they were bought by Wes Edens in 2014. When he bought the team they were just coming off a 15-67 season where they were in last place in the Eastern Conference. In 2019, they earned the Eastern Conference #1 seed in the playoffs and were picked to be in the finals, something they fell just short of doing.

Wes Edens made his fortune of $1.65 billion in the financial industry. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1984, he made his way to New York City where he joined Lehman Brothers. He quickly rose to the top, becoming a partner at this firm and the managing director. In 1994, he joined Blackrock Financial Management Inc. where he was also a partner and managing director.

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He says that when he joined Blackrock it was a small firm and where he first raised capital for a fund. Wes Edens says that he’s still friends with the executives at this company. He decided in 1998 that it was time to set up his own company which is how Fortress Investment Group, Inc. got its start. It’s now one of the biggest alternative asset management firms in the world, handling more than $40 billion in assets.

Along with Marc Lasry, Wes Edens paid $550 million for the Milwaukee Bucks. As part of the deal, they committed to building a new arena for this team. The new stadium opened in time for the 2019 season. His team is now worth $1.35 billion which is an amazing return on an investment in just five years.

He earned $54 million in 2018. He was paid a salary of $200,000 by Fortress Investment Group. He earned another $1.1 million in stock awards. Wes Eden’s bonus for the year totaled $11.6 million. Another $478,493 came from other compensation for his work at this firm. Additionally, he earned dividends from the shares he owns in this company.

Meet Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon at the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He practices the full spectrum of plastic surgery, including, but not limited to, breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, rhinoplasties, and facelifts. He is also affiliated with Dallas Day Surgery Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and Texas Health Surgery Center, all of which are in Dallas.

Dr. Jejurikar is known for his commitment to employing the newest, most innovative approaches in addressing patients’ aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery needs. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, as well as the University’s Medical School, where he was a resident. In 2012, Patients’ Choice awarded Dr. Jejurikar the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification. Patients rate and vote for their favorite physicians and the organization selects those with near perfect overall and bedside manner scores for recognition. In the same year, Patients’ Choice awarded this certificate to only 3% of the 870,000 active physicians. The American Registry also honored Dr. Jejurikar by adding him to The RegistryTM of Business Excellence. He uses his unique skills and training to give aid to those in need, not only in surrounding communities but also internationally.

Dr. Jejurikar has significant experience and essential training in the art of plastic surgery. This is reflected by his active membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and a member of the American Medical Association. Dr. Jejurikar has articles in a variety of journals, including Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and the Journal of Surgical Research.

For more information about Dr. Jejurikar’s services, you can visit his website to request a consultation, or call his office to schedule an appointment at (214)-827-2814.

Felipe Montoro Jens, the Finance Expert, Explains How Privatization in Brazil Started

The privatization process is connected to infrastructure changes. A research done by the National Confederation of Industry showed that infrastructure-related sectors in Brazil have contributed a great deal to the modernization of the country. To the CNI, Brazil’s privatization process is essential to meeting the investment demands. Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert from Brazil took his time to explain the history of privatization in his country.

Felipe has over twenty years’ experience in the infrastructure industry. He attended School of Global Management of Thunderbird, based in Arizona, where he earned his Masters in Business Management. Prior to that, he schooled at Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe is dedicated to improving infrastructure in his nation. He has been on numerous administrative boards. He held acclaimed roles in large companies where he specialized in issues like economic waste, government solutions as well as corporate waste. He acquired his skills from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, which have equipped him for top positions in public and private sectors.  Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens said that in the past, the history of Brazil had a stronger government presence, especially in the 1900s. According to the National Confederation of Industry research, modernization process started in 1930, with the political regime which was in power at that time. After that, there was a notable growth within the government for the next fifty years. The country witnessed the growth of many state-owned companies. Unfortunately, in the 1980s, there were big debt crisis and that marked the start of the privatization process in the country.

This process was made a part of Brazil’s economic reform program and in 1990, and the National Privatization Program was established. There was privatization of telecommunications, sanitation, transportation, and electric energy fields. All state-operated banks were all sold. This finance industry expert is well known for the infrastructure projects he has spearheaded and for offering consultations on several infrastructure projects all over Brazil. His eye is always set on the main goal. Visit: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/195210/conheca-com–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Is Your Neighborhood’s Neighbor

Kisling, Nestico & Redick a law firm in Akron, Ohio, was started in 2005. At present, the organization has a group of over 30 lawyers and about 100 support staff. Some of their attorneys, including Nestico, have been named as Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and as Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio.

The firm has gained a reputation among the state’s leading personal injury firms. The firm understands the insurance business, and it has extensive legal experience, and they are well acquainted with the different jurisdictions in the area. Kisling Nestico & Redick has a primary focus on injury law where they seek to help victims of traffic accidents obtain justice. Kisling Nestico & Redick has always been genuinely interested in helping not just to alleviate suffering but also to prevent it, since its inception. Besides helping clients to find justice, this firm is also recognized as a primary source of change whereby they have produced a strategy to make roads in Ohio safer for pedestrians and drivers.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has not only receive many favorable settlements for their clients, but they established rules. A couple was tragically killed in an auto accident. As a part of the settlement agreement, a trucking company agreed to set funds aside to enforce stricter training, thereby making highways safer.

The firm has engaged in acts of charities since it is inception. Last year, it raised nearly $27,000. Kisling Nestico & Redick has donated over $300,000 to charitable organizations. They have also raised money to help the kids in the community, and they have contributed money to the local food banks.

How Serge Belamant laid a stable foundation for cryptocurrency

Every industry has its legends. For instance, in baseball, individuals such as Babe Ruth and DiMaggio are considered the founding fathers of the sport. Similarly, the world of crypto also has those names which are credited to its success, and in this case, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the founding father. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that while there is no denying that Satoshi’s invention has significantly impacted the world by creating bitcoin, the world of crypto would have remained an elusive dream were it not for an individual named Serge Belamant.

Even though Serge Belamant is not the first name that comes in mind whenever there is mention of crypto, he helped lay the foundation for this technology by creating the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. Belamant was integral in the creation of blockchain technology as he was the first person to create a smart card with a microprocessor that could work both online and offline. It is, however, vital to note that his contributions to the world of finance go beyond bitcoin.

Before coming up with blockchain, Serge Belamant first made it possible for banking facilities to verify the identity of anyone carrying out a transaction by assigning each user and identity and account. Were it not for his verification system, the millions of transactions that take place each second would not be possible.

The process of blockchain creation

Getting blockchain out, there was no mean feat for Serge Belamant. He spent years trying to convince companies in the banking industry to utilize his EUPS with no success. Despite multiple rejections, he kept on trying to sell his technology.

His efforts finally paid off after Visa hired his company, Net1 Technologies, to create a debit card for using UEPS technology. He was still in South Africa when he got this big break but moved to the US, where he could easily access all the resources needed for the perfect completion of the project. What started as a simple project gave rise to COPAC, an offline preauthorized card.

This also marked the beginning of Serge Belamant’s success, and since then he has never looked back. Even though he is an underdog, his role in the development of bitcoin cannot be underestimated.

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New American Addiction Centers Docuseries Revealed

American Addiction Centers, or AAC, are one of America’s best and biggest providers of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. AAC has locations across the United States and they offer inpatient and outpatient care.

This means that some patients stay at the facilities for days, weeks, or months at a time – whereas other patients visit for programs daily or weekly. This variation in treatment methods allows the AAC to provide treatment that works best for patients that are in different places in regards to their treatments.

They treat drug addiction, alcoholism, as well as the mental health and behavioral health issues that occur from various addictions. American Addiction Centers are focused on not criminalising addictions, rather, they try to provide effective treatment that rehabilitates people. Their clinical approach has proven effective in thousands of cases, as has a proven track record.

In more recent news, they are releasing a new docuseries (series of documentaries) called ‘Far From Finished.’ This series of short documentaries follows individuals as they work through their addictions as well as through the behaviors that caused those addictions. These shows will illustrate to American viewers the harsh and scary realities of addictions, but while also providing glimpses of hope.

This show is actually a video version of the American Addition Center’s podcast that shares the same name. This podcast was surprisingly successful, with over 150,000 downloads on iTunes and listeners from over 60 countries.

Higher management at American Addiction Centers agreed that while these stories were powerful over just audio, a visual retelling of these stories would provide a new and different experience.

In the words of Stephen Ebbett, the chief digital marketing officer of American Addiction Centers, “We hope our docuseries will open hearts and minds by exposing people to the realities of addiction and recovery. These stories are a testament that people recover from this disease and can rebuild their lives, proving that their journey is far from finished.”

The first episode of ‘Far From Finished’ was released on February 4th, 2019. This first episode and all of the subsequent ones will be available on the American Addiction Center’s official website, as well as all of their official social media accounts. The first episode tracks the story of Dominic Grefsrud, who started abusing illicit substances at the tender age of 14. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

By he reached 18, he was fully addicted to meth as well as other substances. In order to support his habit, he routinely had to turn to illegal and unscrupulous activities.

After reaching the absolute lowest point of addiction, with innumerable costs, he went to the American Addiction Center in Las Vegas. He has been sober for four years now, proving that a hopeful outcome is possible.

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Jeremy Goldstein partners with the Fountain House for a good cause

When the mountain house was looking for someone to partner with for their annual wine and dinner charity event, they knew who to turn to. It was none other than Jeremy Goldstein. He is also a member of the board of directors within the organization.


The Fountain house was founded in 1944 in New York; it has always been one of the most consistent charity organizations working with people who suffer from mental health illnesses. The statistics of mental health illness speak for themselves. Today, according to WHO, more than twenty-five percent of the world’s population lives with a mental illness. It is, therefore, very encouraging to see organizations such as the Fountain house remain consistent with their mission.


One of the most important things that the organization established was the need to ensure that people with mental health issues were self-sufficient. In order to achieve this, there is a need to ensure that they have proper housing, necessary skills to gain employment and get access to opportunities that can help them earn a living. Other than that the Fountain house also performs the following core activities


Conduct mental health programs within the city.

Conduct research on new ways to treat and help establish new ideas on how best we can hasten mental health recovery.

Work directly with local communities, which has helped spread the fountain house model globally.


By focusing on the local communities, the fountain house has been able to have a considerable impact on individuals than usual. Their model has been so successful that they partnered with WHO to bring together more than three hundred mental health experts to continue finding new ways of advocating for the same.


All these activities require more, and this is why the fountain house is continuously trying to source for more money. During the “Mental Illness: You Are Not ‘A Rhone.’” Charity gala tickets cost five thousand dollars. The attendees got to enjoy a meal of their lifetime in return and were also given a chance to network. This meal, however, was just a show of appreciation for the great work they were doing. Jeremy Goldstein was at hand to mingle with the guest and speak to them on the need to continue supporting this noble cause.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founding member of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC where he is also a partner. He has worked with various organizations advising them on multiple issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation. Such matters require a level of skill and tact that he has perfected over the years to ensure that he only offers his clients the best. His experience before starting his own law firm also speaks for itself as he was a partner with one of the largest law firms in New York.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.