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Jack Plotkin on the Dropping Cost of Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

One of the biggest problems in the healthcare industry over the past few years has been the cost of healthcare. People in some parts of the country have had a hard time finding access to reliable healthcare. Telehealth has been one of the options; however, it has had a hard time becoming readily accepted. The cost has been one of the biggest issues; however, this might be changing. Jack Plotkin is the CPO of one of the biggest telehealth companies in the world called Virtual Health. Because of a number of different changes in the healthcare field and the technological sector, telehealth might be here to stay. The cost of this department is starting to drop.

Jack PlotkinAccording to Jack Plotkin, there are a number of reasons why the cost of telehealth is dropping. First, there is a lot of equipment that is needed to start up a reliable telehealth department. Fortunately, the cost of this equipment is cheaper than it has been in the past. Even though the cost is dropping, the technology itself has improved. The benefits of these changes are obvious. In addition, the cost of maintaining this equipment and storing the data used to be prohibitive. Fortunately, the reimbursement rates for these services are actually going up.

Lastly, there is also a change in how insurance companies are reimbursing the cost of healthcare. For decades, the traditional model has been a fee-for-service arrangement. There are numerous problems with this model and, now, a lot of systems are moving in the direction of capitation. This drive is changing the way that many hospitals are looking at their finances and making telehealth a far more attractive option. With these changes, Jack Plotkin sees telehealth becoming more popular in the years to come.

Gazprombank Sells Its Stake in Financial Service Firm GPB Global Resources

Established in 2011, GPB Global Resources B.V. is a renowned financial services firm with a focus on facilitating oil exploration and production projects in Africa and South America.

The firm is based out of the Netherlands, but due to its global ties, has its operations spread all over the world. With over 1,000 employees in multiple continents, it has made a name for itself due to its overall stature just as much as it has done so through its partnerships.

That’s why, when a minority stake holder in GPB Global Resources B.V. decided to sell its share of the company, it made for major news that was taken up by notable publications over the web.

The minority stake holder in question is Russian bank and lender Gazprombank, which recently confirmed the news to Reuters.

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Gazprombank’s decision to sell its stake in GBP Global Resources came from the recent U.S. sanctions applied to Venezuelan state entities. While GBP GR is based out of the Netherlands, it is part of a joint venture with Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA.

Dubbed Petrozamora, the joint venture was launched in 2012 with the intention to develop two oil fields in Venezuela. PDVSA holds ownership of 60 percent of the firm, with GPB Global Resources B.V. retaining the rest. The entities also hold a financing agreement worth up to $1 billion in oil prepayment with Gazprombank.

But with the decision to sell its share in GPB Global Resources B.V., Gazprombank is doing away with those partnerships. While the bank did confirm to reuters that its indirect stake in Petrozamora as well as its minority stake in GBP GR has been sold, it didn’t confirm the details of the buyer.

GBP Global Resources continues to operate from its headquarters in the Netherlands, and has not returned with comments to Reuters.

Partnerships form and dissolve for a plethora of reasons and we know that value must be preserved all throughout the process. Great companies and entities will continue to make the best decisions to preserve and perpetuate value for each firm. We can expect growth in the financial service industry. Learn More: https://www.zoominfo.com/c/gpb-global-resources-bv/356310194

With Individuals Like Jeremy Goldstein Giving Their Dedicated Support, Fountain House Is Able To Continue In Its Mission

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is a law firm of great distinction that operates out of New York City. The firm is the creation of attorney Jeremy Goldstein and he continues to operate as a Senior Partner. The firm’s creation was a response to Jeremy recognizing the need within the corporate world for a law firm that was specialized in a way that it could properly represent the interests of elite corporate clients such as CEOs. Over the years of operation, the Jeremy Goldstein led organization has played a role in providing legal representation within some of the biggest corporate proceedings.


The educational background that Jeremy Goldstein possesses is impressive and has helped to set him up for his work in becoming a lawyer of great distinction in the United States. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Cornell and a Master of Arts degree at Chicago, Jeremy went to undertake his law studies at New York University’s law school. It was from that prestigious institution that he attained his J.D. degree.


Though the main claim to fame for Jeremy Goldstein is his work as a lawyer, his charitable work is something that is just as important to him and it is an aspect of his professional life that serves as a major point of pride. Concerning this charitable work, his support of a mental health support organization known as Fountain House is one of the activities that he is most active in. The Fountain House organization traces its history back to 1948. In the seventy years that have passed since that founding year, Fountain House has worked to provide valuable support services to the individuals and families that are affected by the impact imposed by mental illness. The New York-based organization goes to great lengths to help those suffering from mental illness to live normal lives. To be able to provide this support to those suffering from mental health issues, Fountain House relies on the work and support of generous individuals. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has been one of the most devoted supporters of the organization. Over the years, he has provided the charity with a tremendous amount of support by way of the charitable fundraisers that he has led. Recent years have seen these Fountain House support events come in the form of a gourmet wine dinner that he has hosted in New York City.


This past May 2019, Jeremy Goldstein hosted his most recent wine dinner fundraising effort for Fountain House. The host location for this distinguished event was New York’s famed Nomad Hotel and the dinner took place on its roof deck. This gourmet dinner came at a hefty price of $5 thousand per plate but the donors knew that they were providing support to a worthy cause. They also received a fabulous meal in return for their generosity. This wine dinner seems to have become quite a tradition for Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House. The funding raised will go a long way toward helping the organization to continue to fulfill its goals of helping those in need.



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Angela Koch Sets Sights on Precious Metals Market by Investing in Employee Development

As an industry, precious metals are providing an alternative to investors looking to secure some security for the future.

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the larger distributors in the industry, but CEO Angela Koch wants a larger share this market and she’s hoping to get it with a specific office culture and a serious investment into her employees.

The company has two main functions: Marketing and sales. Where this another organization, Koch believes that individual employees would be confined to their job title.

This would mean that sellers would be responsible for nothing other than selling. That would make them under prepared to meet the challenges that Koch has said before the U.S. Money Reserve.

Provision for the company is one staffed by people who are not just smart, but educated to do much more than what it says on their job description. She wants people informed about the industry, the competition, enable to facilitate any needs customers might have.

For Koch, being part of the company’s leadership makes her partly responsible for how the staff develops professionally and personally. And by investing time and resources in them, they will prove to be assets to the company as it grows. This means having people who operate so efficiently that revenue isn’t a concern. The money will come. She can focus on more important things.

Becoming CEO is quite the story. Koch began her professional life as a young mother without a complete college education.

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How could she provide for her child? How would the bills get paid? Free from a college environment for the first time, slowly collecting life experience, Koch jumped into the job market determined to make things work.

Koch quickly became comfortable with the idea of holding down multiple jobs at the same time. She worked across industries, for companies of varying sizes. But the constant theme that ran through her many jobs, was the realization that she was a good fit no matter where she worked.

Her approach to any job what’s to learn all there was about it, analyze that information, and use it to excel. Without a degree or too many years working to bolster her resume, quickly rising in the ranks was evidence that she can do just about anything.

Now sitting at the top of the U.S. Money Reserve, Koch, the only woman executive in this industry, stands ready to support her staff with a similar resource.

It took years to create, but Koch has made it easy for every department Within the U.S. Money Reserve to integrate their data into a single system. This provides a process that employees can use to develop themselves at work and in their personalized. It’s a lifetime investment for Koch, one that makes better workers for the company but also prepares them to pursue any professional ambition that comes their way.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve it’s a precious metal distributor in Texas. For over a decade it has been the premiere source of silver, platinum, and gold for investors.

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In addition to having their precious metals sourced directly from the US federal government, their leadership includes the 35th Director of the United States Mint and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department as their President.

To date, they’ve assisted some 500,000 customers secure precious metals for investment purposes.

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Talkspace: Tackling the mental health crisis through text

Of the million of users taking advantage of the new application known as Talkspace, they are getting what most wish they had years ago. We now live in a world where mental health is leading the conversation in our own private circles and at work. We all seem to know that person who was suffering from some kind of mental illness and never had someone to talk to. Talkspace has changed that with their text application allowing users direct access to professional therapists waiting for the users text to give them a solution. The platform has gained popularity with so many people suffering by themselves and needing someone who can help them.

Read more at medicaldailytimes.com to know more about Talkspace.

Talkspace is available to anyone who owns a smartphone and wants to download the application. It take a matter of minutes to figure out the process. Once you have shared your specific issues, then the application does the rest to get you paired with a therapist of your choice. You can even change this individual if you find you two are not a good match from the beginning. Many users love using Talkspace because it’s easy and it doesn’t add to the list of problems they could already be facing.

Talkspace has shown that it’s reliable and users can’t stop talking about how it such a new change in the game of dealing with mental health concerns. No longer do people feel stranded or even alienated that there’s no one to reach out to. Talkspace is the application they need to get their lives back on track and find out what solutions they can use. Therapists are on hand to read long texts or listen to audio clips from users as well. It makes for a great application and platform many are saying has satisfied their mental health challenges.

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MAGFAST’s Super-Quick Campaign

Seymour and Amy Segnit are the smart engineers and marketers behind MAGFAST. Seymour’s storied career includes stints at companies like Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. While Seymour runs the engineering and design portion of the MAGFAST company, Amy is primarily focused on the marketing section of the company. Since 2017, both have been working exclusively on MAGFAST. In less than 15 minutes, the Kickstarter company for the family of MAGFAST products was fully funded.

Over 300,000 dollars were raised in 15 minutes for the MAGFAST charger, so it must provide an intelligent solution to charging problems, right? All the MAGFAST chargers are wireless, meaning that they don’t create nests of cords that take up valuable counter space. Charging multiple devices no longer becomes an eyesore. Many chargers are poorly made and produced, meaning that they break and degrade at a rapid rate. This contributes to landfills and other forms of pollution. The MAGFAST charger is not only wireless and aesthetic, it is also built to last.

There are, currently, several different MAGFAST charging products available. There are chargers that are designed for using while in your car, as well as power banks that can store enough power to jump start that same car! There are also several wall units that can clean up your family’s charging area. A sleekly designed wireless charger is also available. It appears that MAGFAST has thought of and addressed nearly all the common complaints regarding phone charging and then designed their products to fix these flaws.

This is directly in line with Seymour Segnit’s thoughts on chargers. He thinks that a cluttered nest of chargers is bad for the environment of your home. Additionally, he notes that disposable chargers are terrible for the environment at large. Thus, he invented MAGFAST chargers.

James River Capital

The right investment firm can be hard to find. James River Capital is a fantastic option if you are looking for an investment firm that is community involved and that has the experience and know-how for the job. James River Capital Corp. was founded in 1995 after Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt took over the firm Kidder, Peabody, and Co. from Kidder.

The company was once the alternative investment department of Kidder, Peabody, and Co. but after it was taken over the company name was changed to James River Capital Corp. and it was then an independent investment firm. The firm is located in Richmond, Virginia and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator registered with the CFTC and is also registered as an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC.

James River Capital Corp. offers a focus on a few different types of asset investment like asset-backed securities, manages futures trading and more. The firm offers advising as well and they also help you to find the right investment options for you and for your startup business or your entrepreneurship. When it comes to the right investment firm, it is always best to look at your options and find the firm that is going to work best for you. Paul Saunders, the CEO and head chair of the company works to help make sure that the vision of the company is to always move forward and to make positive changes for everyone that uses the firm.

James River Capital Corp. works to help those that are just starting out and that need to get money to get their business off the ground and to truly get their dreams off the ground. James River Capital Corp. works to help make sure that each and every investment that is made is just the right investment for the business at hand. James River Capital Corp. is working constantly to help make sure that each business owner gets the right help.

DE Shaw is Back At It Again

Long story short, we witness an egregious act by an executive at valuable firm within the world. Our firm is one that manages billions of dollars for the wealthy and it is one firm that will continue to exist for a while. We know that this firm is likely to stay smart and effective if it retains the right talent overall.

What is this firm?

DE Shaw.

The firm is mired in an issue of employees and talent retention. That is an issue that none of us would want to face when we run our own firms.

The director they fired was Michalow.

We also know that Michalow is not going to go away without a fight and everyone is digging in to prepare for this specific issue.

Michalow might have thought about using his new found freedom to hire employees.

Before Michalow could enjoy that freedom, DE Shaw took steps to ask its employees to sign non-compete contracts with the firm, which would stop them from joining a competitor for a set period of time. It also told employees that if they do not sign the non-compete, their employment would be terminated with deferred compensation.

The action raised some eyebrows due to its relation to Michalow. But the firm stuck to the decision and simply maintained that it was standard practice to bring the company in line with conventional hedge funds.

Now that the date has passed, it might be safe to assume that while some employees would have signed the non-compete, some may not have liked to trade in their freedom just like that. Since the information might unfold in the next few weeks, it makes for a very crucial period for DE Shaw depending upon how many employees might have chosen to leave the company.

One thing is for sure: the secretive nature of DE Shaw isn’t doing the firm any good. In today’s day and age, it might just be better for the firm to be clear to its employees rather than playing games with them. It only remains to be seen if the higher-ups realize this before it’s too late.

Gino Pozzo Makes Watford FC His Main Focus

The Pozzo family are one of the busiest and most successful in European soccer. The main reasons for their success are the willingness of the Italian-based family to look for clubs in financial difficulties they believe can be turned into a success for the future. Gino Pozzo believes he has developed a different way of looking at the business of soccer and his focus on Watford that he believes will be the most important investment in the history of the Pozzo family.

Making Watford FC one of the best teams in the English Premier League is the aim of Gino Pozzo as he feels the business sector in the English game is far in advance of that seen across Europe. Business is a part of life Gino Pozzo is extremely familiar with after spending much of his educational career studying at Harvard Business School. The education of Gino Pozzo makes him qualified to take on the challenge of making a profit in the difficult world of soccer.

Gino Pozzo believes the difficult aspects of making a profit from soccer is an area he can help with for his family as they shift their focus to the English game. In the past, Pozzo has been in charge of FC Granada in Spain and Udinese in Italy as he learned exactly how to run a soccer club in the 21st-century. The man who is known as an innovator in the soccer sector believes he can achieve much more as the chair of Watford than he could in his other roles. The reason for this is the fact English soccer generates huge TV revenues and business opportunities across the planet. Pozzo believes becoming a leading soccer club owner is key to his family continuing their rise through the soccer sector.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom’s Climb Up The Business Ladder

Boris Ivanov Gazprom has spent so long in the investment industry that he has grown to become used to all the benefits that come along with it, financial or otherwise. While most people in the business industry would easily say that the rewards which have a positive effect on the comfort of their life have been the most impactful, Boris Ivanov Gazprom is the type of person who would rather see the results of his fine work than the financial gain from it. This being said, he does realize that oftentimes, you need to maximize financial growth in order to put your company at the level you desire. Increasing the status of his companies is one of the ways in which Boris Ivanov Gazprom finds the greatest level of fulfillment in his daily life, so he wants to make sure that he is always coming up with creative ways to innovate the industry.

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Many others in the field of investment are simply content with watching it pass them by and making developments only after following suit with the rest of the world. However, Boris Ivanov Gazprom stands out among this crowd. He is unafraid to try new ideas, and because of this, it would seem that he is finding a greater amount of success in his work than the majority of businesspeople on the planet. Being in the upper-sector of any field of work can come with quite a vast amount of responsibility, but there is nothing even comparable to the stress that he experiences within business.

Businesspeople have to keep track of so many different variables in order to maximize their chances of success, and the best of them will be extremely meticulous about getting all the details perfect before proceeding forward. Boris Ivanov Gazprom is one of these people, and this explains just how much his name and peoples’ recognition of the man have grown over the course of the past few decades. Despite the success he has seen, he still wants to push for greater heights, so he does not plan on ending his climb throughout the investment industry anytime soon.