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Barbara Stokes’ Achievements

Barbara Stokes started GSH in 2008, and since then the organization has become successful. It is currently among the top most competitive firms in the disaster industry. The firm has tremendously grown and expanded to what it is today. Visit chronicleweek.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes, the CEO of Green Structures Homes has recently provided the Habitat for Humanity with resource funding to aid in the growth of the institution. GSH has previously worked with Habitat for Humanity where the institution provided resource funding for the development of new housing structures. GSH is a private entity that has grown through the efforts of Barbara Stokes. GSH helps the government and private establishment in the creation of great architectural sites. They also support the US government in the production of bulletproof equipment for the police force. The donation of Barbara Stokes will help in the development of new constructions.

Visit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/barbara-and-scott-stokes-further-their-support-of-the-huntsville-community-300680777.html

Habitat for Humanity will increase housing facilities in the Madison area. GSH is working with Habitat for Humanity to assist them in attaining their mission of developing more homes in the regions. Barbara Stokes provided drywall and hardie fascia which will be used in building structures as well as in other program and projects of the Habitat for Humanity. The two resources are vital since they assist in providing insulation and also stop the destruction of property by water. Barbara is a hardworking and self-driven woman who believes that failing and facing challenges are essential channels of becoming successful. According to Barbara, one should agree to have failed, learn from their mistakes and work on ways to improve on the errors. Read more at Business Insider.