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Cassio Audi’s Prowess in the Investment Field

Cassio Audi is an experienced expert in the finance and investment industry. He holds a solid background in financial management practices having acquired his higher education degree in Business Administration. Cassio Audi was an experienced musician who made a name for himself in the music industry in Brazil before undertaking a different career path.

Cassio Audi’s Professional Career

Cassio Audi kickstarted his professional career immediately after graduating from the University. He got a position as a stock analyst at JP Morgan Chase in the United States. Cassio Audio utilized the opportunity to hone his skills in the investment field and gaining experience in the stock exchange market.

Cassio left the company in 1996 and joined Dow Chemical company that specialized in agricultural chemicals and products. Cassio was promoted to the position of senior financial analyst of the company. His management and investment skills led to the growth of the company. Cassio Audi passion for excellence did not end there. He looked for other opportunities to exploit his potential which led him to work in other reputable organizations such as Gillette, Rossi Commercial Enterprises and GVMI.

Cassio Audi has worked in top management positions in various companies and helped organizations achieve considerable growth. While still working as the chief financial officer of Brookfield Asset Management, he managed the most significant mergers and acquisition in the real estate sector that was approximately $ 1 billion. He currently works as the chief financial officer of an investment company called Peninsula Participacoes.