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Gazprombank Sells Its Stake in Financial Service Firm GPB Global Resources

Established in 2011, GPB Global Resources B.V. is a renowned financial services firm with a focus on facilitating oil exploration and production projects in Africa and South America.

The firm is based out of the Netherlands, but due to its global ties, has its operations spread all over the world. With over 1,000 employees in multiple continents, it has made a name for itself due to its overall stature just as much as it has done so through its partnerships.

That’s why, when a minority stake holder in GPB Global Resources B.V. decided to sell its share of the company, it made for major news that was taken up by notable publications over the web.

The minority stake holder in question is Russian bank and lender Gazprombank, which recently confirmed the news to Reuters.

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Gazprombank’s decision to sell its stake in GBP Global Resources came from the recent U.S. sanctions applied to Venezuelan state entities. While GBP GR is based out of the Netherlands, it is part of a joint venture with Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA.

Dubbed Petrozamora, the joint venture was launched in 2012 with the intention to develop two oil fields in Venezuela. PDVSA holds ownership of 60 percent of the firm, with GPB Global Resources B.V. retaining the rest. The entities also hold a financing agreement worth up to $1 billion in oil prepayment with Gazprombank.

But with the decision to sell its share in GPB Global Resources B.V., Gazprombank is doing away with those partnerships. While the bank did confirm to reuters that its indirect stake in Petrozamora as well as its minority stake in GBP GR has been sold, it didn’t confirm the details of the buyer.

GBP Global Resources continues to operate from its headquarters in the Netherlands, and has not returned with comments to Reuters.

Partnerships form and dissolve for a plethora of reasons and we know that value must be preserved all throughout the process. Great companies and entities will continue to make the best decisions to preserve and perpetuate value for each firm. We can expect growth in the financial service industry. Learn More: https://www.zoominfo.com/c/gpb-global-resources-bv/356310194

Isabel dos Santos Leads by Showing Up for the Local and Global Community

Isabel dos Santos is a community leader who truly cares about others. She is an entrepreneur and many know her because of her telecommunications company UNITEL. Isabel dos Santos is a self-starter in business, but she also believes in helping to carry out initiatives that will leave more of a global impact. One thing Isabel dos Santos has really been great at doing is her commitment to speaking engagements. 


By doing this she has been able to get her message out frequently. She often speaks about the importance of development. Many times she speaks at universities. Isabel focuses on women empowerment and the need for better education. She often talks about how people need to pull together to help struggling economies and also speak about other entrepreneurs who are connected to the economies. 


She thinks that everyone should have internet access readily available to them. They should be able to get the information they need just like anyone else. Technology is also a huge focus. Unitel has been a part of helping with the solution because they have placed high-speed cabling in various rural areas. Isabel dos Santos even had this same kind of conversation when she spoke in front of the European Parliament


A key benefit of having internet access available is how it would influence education. She believes these things will definitely help students who are a part of schools in underserved communities. To help with this initiative UNITEL partnered with Huawei for the companies Seeds For the Future Program. It provides an academic scholarship to students who have an interest in technology and who are leaders in information and communication technologies (Affiliatedork). 


Isabel dos Santos also has been a part of starting numerous entrepreneurial pursuits. These things have helped her to focus on what it takes to truly build a successful business. She is a leader who strives to help others in any way she can. 

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Isabel Dos Santos: Improving Africa

Isabel Dos Santos holds the top prestige of being one of the youngest black billionaires in the world at 45 and the richest woman in Africa. Of the 2,043 individuals who can claim billionaire status, only 11 are black. From Angola, Isabel Dos Santos has truly made a name for herself as a standout in the business world.


As one of the youngest black female billionaires, she has made a name for herself by attaining such success on one of the poorest continents. She has attributed this success to being able to work much harder and smarter, which is why she is one of two black females on the billionaires list along with Oprah. Her ability to overcome obstacles and compete on a global level is what makes her a role model (Instagram). 


Dos Santos diligently has worked as head of Unitel. This telecommunications company has worked hard to improve the telecommunications infrastructure of the continent. This company has created about 50,000 jobs in the country. Isabel dos Santos has not only worked for one business, but she has worked for a variety of businesses. She has worked for education, entertainment, and real estate. 


Her success has come from different reasons. She was raised in different countries. Being raised in different countries, she was able to see the world from a global perspective. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London, which paved the way for her career in technology. Isabel dos Santos spoke before British Parliament to improve the development of the country. She continues to fight for her country and improve the development of her country. She hopes to build the infrastructure of her country and help the development of jobs. She has improved cell access to both rural and urban areas of the country. Through her work, she hopes to build up her country. 

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