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Andrey Andreev, an interesting internet-aware Entrepreneur

45-year-old Andrey Andreev, born in Moscow, now residing in London, is an entrepreneur known for several internet websites and apps that you may be familiar with. His services tend to have a positive impact on people socially by connecting them to each other over the internet in unique and healthy ways. He is also passionate about film and animation design as evident by his latest project.


In the mid to late 90s Andrey formed his first businesses: Virus and Spylog. Virus was an online store for computers and related accessories formed in 1995 while Spylog – formed in 1999 – was a business which helped track user habits and site visitation. In the early 2000s Andrey Andreev continued on with new ideas. Begun was an ad firm formed in 2002, similar to Google AdWords. Following Begun, Andrey went onto a few different social and dating focused services: Mama, in 2005, Russia’s most popular dating site; Badoo in 2006, which is now considered the world’s largest social network; and Bumble, a service built with the help of Whitney Wolfe, who previously co-founded Tinder. Bumble is a dating service which empowers women by giving them space and time to make the first move, approaching men with the first message.


Andrey’s latest project is Dress Code, a unique boutique production studio based in New York. Dress code is co-founded by Andrey Andreev and Dan Covert who he met while in Graphic Design School. Dress Code employs a unique, design-focused approach to film and animation with a curated roster of directors, striving for diverse content. Dress Code has proven itself with several festival awards and acknowledgments, surely with more to come.


Given Andrey Andreev’s past and current line of work in the arts and internet social circles it will be interesting to see what he chooses to do next!


Available information about Andrey´s new projects at https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/andrey-andreev-interview-from-russia-with-love-sunday-times-rich-list-whgbhsllh

Betterworks Provides for Constructive Feedback Conversations through Goals and Performance Tracking


The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution is a template-based system for providing feedback to employees. It integrates with email and other communications systems in order to provide a continually updated exchange on performance between supervisors and employees. Conversation templates are designed to keep focus on a tracked and measured direction in employee performance with the intent of reaching a company goal. This keeps goals aligned to company objectives and helps keep feedback limited to attaining them, thereby helping eliminate subjective bias and allowing for practical conversations.

Keeping things practical is a functional part of providing an environment in which both parties are less intimidated and reluctant to engage in feedback conversations. Supervisors may be unprepared to deal with unexpected employee reactions, or they could benefit from a system for pairing company goals with specific feedback points. Employees may find feedback either critical or without actionable material or direction for improvement.

Download the Betterworks App – https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/betterworks/

Surveys have found that close to half of employees get feedback not more than a couple of times a year, and even fewer considered the feedback to be actionable.

A study by Kimberly Schaufenbeul at UNC Executive Development found that motivation comes from clear explanation of the company’s goals and how an employee can have an impact in reaching them. This comes from frequent and engaged feedback, which allows for more understanding and which provides for creative and innovative efforts by informed employees.

The Betterworks: Continuous Performance Management® solution works on these fundamental ideas by determining company goals and consistently communicating them. Goal achievement is approach with regular goal and performance oriented conversations and conversation template support for managers. Betterment also coaches teams at all stages, and provides support with online community and resources and the with on-demand webinars for setting up a company’s feedback program.

Learn more about Betterworks – https://tech.co/performance-management-software/betterworks-review

Talkspace Reviews: Additional Income And Flexible Side Gig

Talkspace, the first of its kind to provide mental support online, is helping people who suffer from mental health access for proper treatment and support. As an affordable option, individuals can get the help they can get online via text, audio, or video platforms.

Even famous personalities like Michael Phelps was able to get the help that they need through this platform. Talkspace does not only provide a platform for people who are in need of mental support. It also provides a platform for therapists who wants to get additional income.

Find out more about Talkspace at Businessinsider.com

One particular reason why Talkspace is favored by a lot of therapists is because of its flexibility in schedule. Majority of Talkspace therapists are also working on a day job and setting their appointment to Talkspace client later in the evening. Since this is a flexible side gig, you can choose to work at your own convenience. If you’re efficient in time management and is an expert in your field, you might be able to handle more clients in a day. Before diving in, Talkspace provides their therapists with the training needed to start the job.

Talkspace therapists added that the pay is decent for what it is and it beats other options for supplemental income. However, the lack of benefits is one of the cons. But if you already have the required benefits from your day job, the lack of benefits might not be that significant anymore.

One Talkspace Therapist from Indeed uses the income from the company to pay for auto loans. In addition, one of the greatest things that this job features, according to reviews from therapists, is the fact that they are able to help people who are in need, even through online communication. It is a satisfying feeling for the majority of Talkspace therapists to see an improvement to their clients over time. Read More: https://www.business.com/reviews/talkspace/

Upgrade Your Company Culture with Inspiring Goals, Top-Notch Training, and Betterworks Software


Every business has its own personality; people usually refer to this as the company culture. A truly beneficial environment promotes ethical behavior, upholds genuine values, and enhances working conditions. But you can’t create this with empty words or gimmicks.

This aspect of a company holds great importance because it has a major impact on productivity and staff retention. Both young and old employees strongly prefer businesses with cultures that inspire them and provide meaning to their work. If workers dislike your firm’s atmosphere, they will lack motivation, and you may have difficulty retaining your talent.

An organization can improve its culture by creating an inspiring, meaningful mission. Most people will work harder if their efforts have a positive impact. For instance, a company could help entrepreneurs succeed or strive to produce healthy, eco-friendly products that anyone can afford.

Your plans for a beneficial culture won’t become a reality if supervisors fail to implement them. It’s crucial to train managers sufficiently and teach them how to provide constructive feedback. They should learn to motivate staff members through progress-based rewards. Betterworks software can help them recognize top performers.


Employees should treat feedback from their managers as a gift, not something to be feared. They should feel free to admit mistakes, suggest new ideas, or talk about career advancement. Staff members must also have the ability to openly share feedback without trepidation. This expedites progress because it quickly identifies ways for each person to improve.

Betterworks can empower your business to enhance its culture by facilitating employee feedback and precisely tracking progress toward important goals. It calculates a variety of relevant metrics in real time. This Continuous Performance Management® solution also offers superior scalability and integrates with the majority of HRIS platforms. .

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