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Isabel dos Santos, Angola’s Champion for Women’s Rights

Isabel dos Santos is an ambitious woman, a woman with dreams for her country, Angola. She has said “African women who gather dreams are invincible.” And as a powerful businesswoman, she has made many of her dreams come true. One of her major concerns for Angola and for Africa is the position of women in the workforce.

She has experienced gender discrimination herself. She knows what it feels like. But this Angolan woman got her education in London, at King’s College. Her degree in engineering was presented to Isabel dos Santos with distinction. She came back to Africa, armed to do battle with the forces holding women down.

Africa’s traditions are almost entirely patriarchal. Women have been treated as chattel for centuries. For Isabel dos Santos, the time has come for change. She has been promoting programs that train women in skills previously reserved for men. She is an outspoken advocate of equality for her sisters, starting with education for the girls and medical and wellness programs to keep them healthy.

At a recent economic conference in Russia Isabel dos Santos called for an Africa where not only a basic education is available to girls, but where universities welcome all students, regardless of gender.

Economic empowerment of women will come partly through the development of companies like Strawberry Plantation. This company is run by women, who are using the funds generated by the strawberry fields to invest in other ventures. They are insuring a brighter future for themselves and their children.

She has a 5 step economic development plan.

  • Set goals.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Gather investments.
  • Become partners with your investors.
  • Never give up.

One of the most obvious characteristics of this strong woman is her persistence. She does not surrender. And Angola will be better because of her determination.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/isabel-dos-santos

Ashley Lightspeed makes Lightspeed Venture Partners shine

Ashley Brasier joined Lightspeed Venture Partners last November. She didn’t start her journey with investments. Ashley Lightspeed had a love of prototyping from her father’s work as an architect. Later on, she discovered that the business side of prototyping was more interesting. Ashley Lightspeed became a senior associate consultant at Bain & Company in 2012. In 2015, she joined Thumbtack as Category Manager. Ms. Braiser gave wedding and event ideas to customers. She uses her skill in prototyping to help form ideas and products to her clients. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

While at a fundraising event at Thumbtack, Ashley Lightspeed was fascinated with the concept of venture capital. In 2016 she helped some startups grow. She wanted to help many companies at one time. At Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ms. Brasier has gotten to do just that. She is mostly focused on media companies and helping them grow. Ms. Braiser says she likes to see the connection between different companies and likes to help them see the connection. She is one of three women freshly hired at Lightspeed Venture Partner which is a great turn around for the company from having just two women on staff.

Ms. Braiser acquired a BA in Visual and Media Studies, Markets and Management at Duke University. She also studied abroad in Copenhagen. Ms. Braiser also acquired an MBA at Stanford University. While at Standford, she was the vice president of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Club. Being part of that club, she got to look in on some media companies like Youtube, Netflix, HBO, The New York Times, and Disney. Ms. Braiser also writes articles on Medium. She wrote about middlers which are people are retiring age, but aren’t the age of being taking care of. Ms. Braiser is looking into companies that are geared toward the tech-savvy middler.

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Ashley LightSpeed, Business Professional

Ashley Basier, a partner in Lightspeed Venture Group is often known as Ashley Lightspeed because she is such an integral member of the LightSpeed Venture Group.

A graduate of Duke University, in Visual Arts, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, Ashley Lightspeed worked as a Wedding Consultant at Thumbtack, a San Francisco company that pairs customers with professionals in their field. Ashley worked as a Wedding and Events coordinator at Thumbtack and was very successful in elevating the company in that capacity.

Brasier then went on to Business school at Standford University, where she obtained her Master’s in Business Administration. Sought after for her business acumen and communication skills, not long after receiving her MBA from Standford, she was recruited by Lightspeed Venture Group as a partner in their firm.

Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

Lightspeed Venture Group, a Menlo Park-based firm, has been operating since 2002, and pairs emerging enterprise technology and consumer start-ups such as DoubleClick, App Dynamics and Snapshot with needed investment capital, and has poured close to 2 billion dollars into emerging businesses.

Ashley Lightspeed works with Lightspeed Venture Groups consumer marketing group. She got a taste of the art and challenges of “predicting into the future” while working on a fundraising idea for Thumbtack, the attraction of the diversity of the venture field, along with her excitement at working with companies with new and emerging ideas caused her to be attracted to the challenges at Lightspeed Venture Group.

While she is based in San Francision, she often travels to New York as well, and spends a great deal of her time forging relationships with entrepreneurs, while another sizeable chunk of her time is spent keeping in touch with her existing clients.

Her days start at 6 a.m. and are packed with meetings, yet she loves the challenges of her job.

To Learn More, visit at: https://medium.com/@ashley.brasier

Ashley Lightspeed Coming Up With The Professional Formula

A professional like Ashley Lightspeed has worked with large companies and small companies and know the key aspects of building and furthering a business, that is one of the reasons why Ashley Lightspeed is in the venture capital business.

Here is one key fundamental to learn.

Distinct Image

This pertains to the kind of image you want to project with your brand. Do you want it to be fun and peppy? Or serious and professional? Would using bright colors within your branding help? Or should you resort to utilizing neutral tones more?

The answers to these questions help you craft an image for your brand, which provides it with a distinct identity that people could remember. Instead of being just another business, your brand could find its uniqueness, and from there, complete the other parts of its persona effectively.

Moon Pie’s Twitter account and its transformation from a long-forgotten snack to a highly talked about brand is testament to this aspect. Learning from this brand is not that difficult either. Find your audience, develop your image accordingly, and get ready to strike a chord with the people whom you want to remember your brand. Related article at prnewswire.com

Clear Message

What does your brand want to achieve? Does it want to sell its products to increase the usage of technology? Or does it have the objective to make people’s lives easier through its services? Does it care for the environment in the process? Or does it give back to society in a different way?

This set of question lets your brand define a message. You may think of it as a mission statement as well. And this message or statement helps you develop your marketing persona. It is hard to overstate the importance of clarity and simplicity when building a brand.

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Barbara Stokes’ Achievements

Barbara Stokes started GSH in 2008, and since then the organization has become successful. It is currently among the top most competitive firms in the disaster industry. The firm has tremendously grown and expanded to what it is today. Visit chronicleweek.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes, the CEO of Green Structures Homes has recently provided the Habitat for Humanity with resource funding to aid in the growth of the institution. GSH has previously worked with Habitat for Humanity where the institution provided resource funding for the development of new housing structures. GSH is a private entity that has grown through the efforts of Barbara Stokes. GSH helps the government and private establishment in the creation of great architectural sites. They also support the US government in the production of bulletproof equipment for the police force. The donation of Barbara Stokes will help in the development of new constructions.

Visit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/barbara-and-scott-stokes-further-their-support-of-the-huntsville-community-300680777.html

Habitat for Humanity will increase housing facilities in the Madison area. GSH is working with Habitat for Humanity to assist them in attaining their mission of developing more homes in the regions. Barbara Stokes provided drywall and hardie fascia which will be used in building structures as well as in other program and projects of the Habitat for Humanity. The two resources are vital since they assist in providing insulation and also stop the destruction of property by water. Barbara is a hardworking and self-driven woman who believes that failing and facing challenges are essential channels of becoming successful. According to Barbara, one should agree to have failed, learn from their mistakes and work on ways to improve on the errors. Read more at Business Insider.