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A Man You Would Like to Meet Inside or Outside of the Courtroom

The occupation of being a lawyer or litigator does not usually bring up an emotion other than anger, but that is not the case with Todd Levine. Bringing his creativity to the courtroom is nothing new for him. This can be seen in his ability to make complex issues understandable to the judge and jury. Todd Levine likes to call this an “ability to simplify the intricate“. Isn’t that an ability you would like in anybody, but especially in your attorney.

Perhaps this ability has been honed through years of practice as a musician. A printed page of music is complex, but when played and heard by our ear we are aware of so much more than the notation can show. Or perhaps the ability of Todd Levine to ‘simplify the intricate‘ comes from his love of mathematics and science, both of which call for left brain thinking, but right brain creativity to make them interesting and manageable to others. Either way, this man is someone you would want to be your attorney. Add to all of this the fact that he is both compassionate and takes care of his responsibilities. Todd Levine has shown this by sharing his love and enthusiasm for music with both of his sons, causing them to become talented musicians themselves.

What led to Todd Levine earning the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by the US News and World Report in 2018? The same things that led to his being noted in Super Lawyers business Review, Florida Trend Magazine, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Business Journal. His many accomplishments, as well as his methods, have made him stand out as an expert in his field.

His methods include extensive preparation, with outlines, and prioritization leading to clear, concise, logic. If Sherlock Holmes were an attorney his name would probably have to be changed to Todd Levine.

If you are in need of an attorney, keep Todd Levine in mind. In his own words, “I have found that the best way to spur creativity in the legal world is to have in-depth knowledge about your case and the law, and then boil down the key issues” to their simplest form.

For more information about Todd Levine click here https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/33131-fl-todd-levine-1281820.html


Ashley LightSpeed, Business Professional

Ashley Basier, a partner in Lightspeed Venture Group is often known as Ashley Lightspeed because she is such an integral member of the LightSpeed Venture Group.

A graduate of Duke University, in Visual Arts, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, Ashley Lightspeed worked as a Wedding Consultant at Thumbtack, a San Francisco company that pairs customers with professionals in their field. Ashley worked as a Wedding and Events coordinator at Thumbtack and was very successful in elevating the company in that capacity.

Brasier then went on to Business school at Standford University, where she obtained her Master’s in Business Administration. Sought after for her business acumen and communication skills, not long after receiving her MBA from Standford, she was recruited by Lightspeed Venture Group as a partner in their firm.

Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

Lightspeed Venture Group, a Menlo Park-based firm, has been operating since 2002, and pairs emerging enterprise technology and consumer start-ups such as DoubleClick, App Dynamics and Snapshot with needed investment capital, and has poured close to 2 billion dollars into emerging businesses.

Ashley Lightspeed works with Lightspeed Venture Groups consumer marketing group. She got a taste of the art and challenges of “predicting into the future” while working on a fundraising idea for Thumbtack, the attraction of the diversity of the venture field, along with her excitement at working with companies with new and emerging ideas caused her to be attracted to the challenges at Lightspeed Venture Group.

While she is based in San Francision, she often travels to New York as well, and spends a great deal of her time forging relationships with entrepreneurs, while another sizeable chunk of her time is spent keeping in touch with her existing clients.

Her days start at 6 a.m. and are packed with meetings, yet she loves the challenges of her job.

To Learn More, visit at: https://medium.com/@ashley.brasier


Greg Blatt is a perfect example of how a law degree takes you to diverse places. His diligence and knowledge has added to his success. He attended Colgate University where he received his B.A. in English Literature. Awhile later, he earned his law degree from Columbia Law School in New York City. Like many graduates of law schools, he expanded his career to work in other professional areas (Digitalmode). 


His experience has led him to head such companies as Match.com, IAC, and Tinder. Another interesting and amazing part of his career is that he worked for Martha Stewart’s company as General Counsel- when the company went public! That was a combination of serendipity and intellectual fortitude. Blatt realized that having a law degree gave him a better understanding of the corporate world. Greg Blatt has the expertise to dig deeply into corporate issues, and figure out not just how things happen, but why! 


There must be a magic formula for having a CEO and an attorney at the helm of one’s firm. Greg Blatt has managed enormous growth of online dating companies at a time when experts thought he was overextending! He was running online data services and applications that seemed relative, but might be in competition with each other. For instance, Greg Blatt was CEO at Tinder and launched Tinder Plus! Many thought the revenues would drop or have a negative effect. It turned out all of the companies experienced tremendous growth- contrary to the fear of the experts!


Lastly, it is interesting to understand the full helm of Greg Blatt’s career. While he juggles between CEO responsibilities, and being a General Counsel, he runs his own consulting company! There is no end to his vitality in business! He is the Principal of SBI. Sales Benchmark Index is an innovative management consulting firm. The vision of this firm is to help CEOs and management teams outpace their revenue growth, and make their numbers! 


One knows the pressure of sales teams when trying to reach their sales goals. Thus, Greg Blatt brings experience in the field of technology as an extra blessing with his leadership skills. SBI is a B2B entity. He knows how to maneuver across marketing demands, best practices, and troubleshooting. In the field of sales marketing, Greg Blatt produces measurable results. The key is in the solutions! That is what one might call marketing wizardry! 

Find out more on Blatt´s successful career at https://gazetteday.com/2019/06/greg-blatt/

Alastair Borthwick: A man who remade himself

He was created in Rutherglen and while a kid also lived in Troon and in Glasgow, where he attended Glasgow SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. He left college at age 16 in 1929 to focus on the Glasgow Herald: 1st taking down duplicate from correspondents phoning in, and afterwards as editor of a few of the feature pages. It had been through his involvement in the paper’s “Open up Surroundings” page that Alastair initial became involved with Glasgow’s blossoming hillwalking and climbing picture, which he helped foster along with his content articles about operating class folks from Glasgow and Clydebank venturing in to the Highlands at weekends.


1939 saw the publication of “Always just a little Further”, a collection of many of the pieces he had at first written for the Glasgow Herald. The publisher, Fabers, had been initially unsure about the unconventional approach the publication took from what was generally regarded at that time as a wealthy man’s sport, and it had been just on the insistence of 1 of their directors, T.S. Eliot, that they produced a book that has been in print more or less consistently ever since. It remains among the best books ever discussed any facet of outdoor activity in Scotland.


At war’s end, Alastair and his wife Anne, who he previously wedded in 1940, moved from Glasgow to Jura, where he mixed crofting and angling with broadcasting for the BBC. In 1952 they transferred to Islay, before time for Glasgow so Alastair may help with the organisation of Scotland’s contribution to the 1951 Event of Britain. In the 1960s he relocated into television, producing 150 half hour programmes for Grampian TV on a wide selection of subjects. In the 1970s the Borthwicks shifted to Ayrshire, where they resided on a hill farm before Alastair transferred to a nursing house in Beith five years before his loss of life in 2003.



Tin Ioannides And His Growing Practice

Tim Ioannides is a renowned dermatologist that is well known for the work he does in his field and is seen as an expert thanks to more than fifteen years that he has put into his work. Doctor Tim Ioannides went from being just a great dermatologist to a successful businessman in the Treasure Coast area. Ioannides focuses on making wise business decisions as well as giving people the best customer service that he can which has taken his dermatology business from a single location to five different places across the Treasure Coast area. The doctor recently did an interview where he answered questions about how he has grown his business and personal habits that have rendered him successful.

How do you make each day productive?

Ioannides starts each day at 6 am and begins with a workout every day which wakes him up and gets him energized for the day to come. After his workout, he has breakfast with his family and heads out to work. Dr. Tim Ioannides has worked with the same group of people for a long time which means he and his staff have become incredibly efficient at working together and getting the day-to-day things done. After a quick meeting every day, he spends the rest of his day seeing his patients, doing new research and making sure all the needs of his patients are met.

How do you make your ideas a reality

Tim Ioannides is always looking for ways to improve practice, exceed goals set before them, and to keep his staff learning more and more so that their patients are given the best care possible. He and his staff have a lot of new ideas that can lead to a lot of growth in the business which is important to him, so Ioannides is constantly researching ways to make his patients more comfortable, ways to make surgery safer and more effective than ever, and find new treatment methods for his patients.

Tim Ioannides is always looking for ways in which to advance his practice whether it be minute details in the day to day operations or big advancements in treatments!

Contact Tim Ioannides: interview.net/tim-ioannides/