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DonataMeirelles: 4 Tips to Scent your Home with Decorative Candles

Can you relate with that feeling when you enter a restaurant or store and get hit with a sense of a familiar smell? This forms part of the identity of many brands with a registered fragrance that makes your guest remember the moments in place the minute they take in the scent.

DonataMeirelles hails as an expert on the subject since her heydays back in Daslu. The environment and atmosphere inDaslu are filled with a unique aroma which still misses. Back at home, she takes no chances by making use of scented candles to make the room perfumed.

DonataMeirelles recently delivered to Vogue 4 tips to help you achieve that ambient fragrance in your home.

Strategic place: The ideal place to place that scented candle is at the entrance of your house. You can place a mantle on the door to hold the candle in place. This ensures that the moment you or your guest enters your home, they are hit with that aroma. The sent also gives your home that intimate mood and sets a cozy mode for relaxing. Read the article at business.com about Donata Meirelles

Main rooms: She recommends that the candle should always be at the entrance of your home. In addition, you can leave one in the main room, another in the library or the washroom. This is because these rooms are frequently visited by people who deserve to have to ambient and pleasant smell. However, you should not pale the candles in the bedroom since it can make you feel sick or disturb your slumber.

Ideal time: The candles are recommended to be lit at dusk so that when you retire from work in the evening, the house is already scented to welcome you back

Favorite brands: DonataMeirelles prefers candles from Jo Malone, Tania Bulhoes, and Diptyqye. In her New York apartment, she has the Ralph Lauren Classic Holiday which features the scent of juniper and currant. Visit: https://marciatravessoni.com.br/moda/donata-meirelles-agora-e-consultora-de-estilo-da-le-lis-blanc/

Glenn Schlossberg Stays Ahead of Women’s Fashion Trends

Glenn Schlossberg has worked in women’s fashion for over 30 year. He leads the industry due to early training in his parents dress shops, where he learned all aspects of the business. When he created Jump Design Group, he wanted to improve women’s fashion. He quickly landed a big contract with Montgomery Ward.

The Jump Design Group has brands like Jump, Marian, Blue Sage, Annalee and Tina B. Brands. A recent acquisition of the Jump Group is the Susana Monaco line. He says his success is due to his ability to recognize trends and keep up with an industry that constantly changes. His company sells causal wear, athletic, plus, misses, and junior designs.

Glenn likes the competition in the fashion industry. He is a avid race car driver, and says he always needs to feel movement in all areas of his life. He always thinks about how to stay ahead of the competition. Glenn Schlossberg is always willing to try for the best deigns.

His company offers stunning designs and quality fabrics for women at very competitive prices. He says, he has developed an acute sense about what women want in fashion. This is accomplished, by watching the news and keeping up with trends. Glenn says he has the ability to predict whether a line will succeed or fail based on the news.

According to dailyforexreport, he travels to other countries to keep competitive and learn about international fashion trends. Often he travel to Europe and Asia. There he meets with local manufacturers and talks with shoppers. Jump designs about 20 dresses per day, and when he goes on trips this triples. He admits their are very few original ideas.

Glenn know that fabric that flatter women, stretches, and is affordable sells well. He focuses on woven and knit fabrics. A woven fabric is interlaced similar to a basket. It is designed for casual wear and has plenty of stretch. A knit fabric is made of yarn or thread. This material is good for formal wear.

There are many types of fabrics to choose from. Glenn Schlossberg has over 200 employees in New York and, his manufacturing warehouse is about 20 miles away. When he comes up with a design, it is produced in about 20 days. They use technology that helps track tracks trends and what merchandise is selling well. This allows him to see what is bringing in sales and what designs should be eliminated.


DonataMeirelles Teachers Readers How To Properly Wear The Transparent Bag

DonataMeirelles has had an impressive career working at Vogue Brazil and is someone who is being considered a style icon within the industry. Her knowledge of fashion goes above and beyond, which is also why her style is so flawlessly curated. She is known for being classy, sophisticated and incredibly well put together. Because of her impeccable dressing sense, women all over Brazil look up to her for inspiration as a notable fashion icon.

Being the editor at Vogue, DonataMeirelles often wrote articles and appeared in videos wherein she would talk about a few tips for dressing right. She often gave her insight into the newest trends to grace the runways and often went over collections that were in the spotlight.

One of the recent articles that Meirelles authored was with regards to the uber fashionable transparent bag. This was one of the season’s latest trends and was a big part of the Louis Vuitton 2019 Summer Collection. In the article, she gave readers an overview on how to wear this new accessory, and what to carry along with you when you are using a transparent bag.

She starts out the article by talking about how the transparent bag came to be the hottest trend of the season. She then proceeds to talk about how to appropriately use this accessory.

Transparent Bags have been something that DonataMeirelles is all too familiar with. One of the first tips that she gives with regards to this accessory is the things that you should carry with them. She states that one of the first things you should have is a wallet that you can use to keep all of your money, cards or any other necessities. The wallet should be smaller than the transparent bag so that it fits in well. She also says that having a sunglass case is important for the bag to look neater.

Creating a secondary bag inside your transparent bag is important because what is inside your bag doesn’t always need to be shown. She states that one should use either metallic or solid colored wallets and cases to properly hide the necessities that you need to carry. If however, you have something that has pretty packaging, like a makeup product that you like, you can easily show it off with this kind of bag. She states that the product she likes to flaunt is her Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Lip Balm.  Check out: https://www.marathi.tv/celebridades-brasileiras/quem-e-donata-meirelles/

Sunday Riley Limited Edition Good Genes

Sunday Riley is a skincare brand that combines luxury and positive change all in one. Their products are something that can change the way you take care of your skin with visible results causing you to feel happier and more confident in the way you look. This brand is all about making you positive about your skincare routine and want to show you how quickly your skin can transform. They are committed to use only the best ingredients to make your skin look beautiful!

One of Sunday Rileys best selling products is their Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. This treatment promises to slow the aging process both immediately and for the long term. This product exfoliates the skin and gives radiance and younger-looking skin in no time. It works well on all skin types including an oily complexion, combination skin as well as dehydrated skin. This product is cruelty-free, free of parabens and phthalates, and is also Vegan.

Starting in March, Sunday Riley has a limited edition bottle of the Good Genes all in one formula. The limited edition bottle will be called Captain Marvel Good Genes Treatment, which is very fitting for such a super product. This special edition will highlight none other than Marvel-inspired packaging. The formula will still remain the same, however, there is a fun twist on the bottle itself. The bottle inside of the box will have a gold colored crest of a superhero on it. The bottle will be available in two different sizes the 30mL and the 50mL. This all in one formula will range in two different prices as well, starting at $105 for the 30mL bottle and going up to $158 for the 50mL bottle. This limited edition bottle can be found at Sephora.

If you are looking for a product that is sure to give you immediate results and make your skin more plump within minutes, head over to Sephora or www.SundayRiley.com to purchase a bottle of the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. This treatment is sure to leave you feeling happy about your skin, and leave you feeling confident in the way you look in no time!