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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Making Your Dreams a Reality

Few people have been able to match the incredible passion that Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez brings into the workplace on a daily basis. It tends to be even harder for those involved with the business industry, as he has noticed, because there are simply too many people who believe that studying business will both make them rich and make them happy. While these are both possibilities for the right person, he believes that it is necessary to have the devotion to the industry required if you expect success to lead to happiness.

Personally, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has found that his success has been greatly impactful in centering a purpose in his life, but he does not rely on it for contentedness. Instead, he relies on the people he loves; he chooses to focus on these people who have shown their devotion to him. Many of these individuals can be found within his businesses; something that Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez sees as a necessity within a proper investment group is for the company to be able to possess a level of group synergy.

If they are not willing to work together, it is unlikely that they will end up doing anything noteworthy. He believes that together people are more more powerful, especially when it comes to business and rounding out your ideas in the industry. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez could not count the number of times he has hatched an idea for his career and presented it to his board of directors and watched them come up with better versions of this idea.

This is a process of refinement that cannot be found without a team that is passionate and devoted to you and your company. When you achieve this, however, it is more powerful than anything he could have ever imagined. This is a power that he feels is necessary to reel in, to keep a good control over. At the same time, he finds all of the opportunities that stand before him to be quite exciting, and he can hardly contain this excitement for the future. His idea of a good life is one where he can make his dreams a reality.

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TigerSwan Provides Unique Services to Customers

tigerswan, james reese

Security concerns and risks have continued to be one of the largest issues facing businesses for decades. While this is a historical risk that has always had an issue on the modern world, the changes in the world and economy have continued to make it more prevalent. One of the leading companies today that is built to help you mitigate these risks is TigerSwan.

 TigerSwan is a very diverse company that focuses on providing solutions for uncertainty for companies of all sizes. One of the top services that TigerSwan provides today is through its Guardian Angel platform. This is a very unique platofmr that provides visual analytics and related solutions to companies all over the world. This helps them to build a strong organization, which allows them to identify and manage these risks.

tigerswan, james reese

TigerSwan also has a great security management team, which is built to help an organization secure itself from a variety of threats that are unique to this digital world. The team at TigerSwan has very extensive security experience, which allows it to come up with unique solutions to mitigate risks.

Additionally, TigerSwan has a variety of construction management and logistics services that are unique to similar firms. This allows organizations to be more efficient and manage their costs, which can help to make any construction project a profitable one. TigerSwan can then continue to provide certain oversight services going forward as well. This has helped the company to continue to grow in this field, which allows it to provide an even more diverse set of services to its customers.

The TigerSwan team and organization would not be anywhere if it was not for the great leadership provided by the CEO, James Reese. While TigerSwan has grown into a leader in the security industry across the world, it would have never grown to the current levels without the leadership of James Reese. Under the guidance of James Reese, the company has continued to find new ways to serve its customers and make them more secure organizations. In the future, he will continue to have a major impact on the organization.

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Oren Frank: Investing in Mental Health

Talkspace is a young company that offers online therapy based in New York City. Oren Frank co-founded the company in 2012. Treatment on this platform is being provided by trained, qualified, and certified therapists. With over five years in business, Talkspace has grown to 1 million paying therapy clients and generating revenue of millions of dollars.

Talkspace was inspired by the positive results Oren and his wife received after couples’ therapy. It was then that they felt the need to extend the benefits to those who may need it. Before Co-Founding the company, Oren used to work as a senior marketing and advertising executive for McCann Erickson WorldWide. For Oren, TalkSpace is redemption and repentance for his sins in the advertisement world.

Talkspace has made it possible for many people to be able to access therapy without being limited by finances or inaccessibility. According to Oren Frank, therapy is essential to him and his wife: This prompted his wife to abandon her career as a software developer and went to study psychology. Watch Oren Frank on Youtube to learn more.

Oren is a believer in a women-led world, which he describes as a better world. He believes that women can do well in areas that men have so far failed, attributing this to their advanced level of thinking and doing things. As an entrepreneur, he believes that moderation is the key to productivity. Being able to balance work and other personal interests brings happiness and boosts productivity, which leads to better decision making.

The CEO views Social Media as a destructive tool to mental health, used to distribute hate. He advises people to spend less time on social media to help maintain their mental health. With million-plus users on the therapy platform, it shows that many people have taken an interest in mental health.

As a voracious reader and successful entrepreneur, he recommends Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. According to him, the book offers an insight into information processing and decision making, the critical tools in entrepreneurship.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20333655-oren-frank

Omeed Malik Has A New Jersey State Of Mind

Accomplishing goals takes a lot of hard work. One must be fixated on the end goal and take all necessary steps in order to succeed. This can entail higher education, sacrifice, as well as being able to adapt to circumstances and overcome them. Omeed Malik has had to do all of these things. His journey has not been an easy one, but he has reached a respectable level of success from his hard work.

As a native of New Jersey he quickly learned the value of taking education seriously. Omeed Malik was always concerned with his grades and worked hard to keep them up. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Colgate University. He then went on to earn a Juris Doctorate with high honors from Emory.

After graduating college he immediately went to work in politics. He acquired a post with the New Jersey Representative. In this post he learned the finer points of public speaking and preparing documents. This post led him to a position as a corporate attorney. This post helped him to learn about different facets of laws pertaining to business and business transactions.

Omeed Malik then took on employment with MF Global. There he served as the Senior Vice President. He served as the Managing Director and Global Head of the hedge fund advisory board with Bank of America as well. All of these positions gave Omeed Malik the experience to go on and found his own firm.

Omeed Malik is the founder of Farvahar Partners. This firm aids businesses at all stages of their existence. Through running this business he has learned to remain flexible and be willing to change course whenever it is necessary. His persistence and hard work has earned him significant respect in politics, law and financial sectors.

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To Help Others: Oren Frank and Talkspace

Therapy is a crucial need for billions of people around the world. Thanks to the help of therapy, people can live fulfilling lives. However, there are many prohibitive costs to seeking therapy. Thanks to new technology, however, finding a therapist one needs is a lot easier. This is thanks to the work of Oren Frank.

Oren Frank is the co-founder and CEO of the the app Talkspace. Talkspace is a video chat application where a person seeking a therapist can talk to one via video. The app offers weekly service chats with therapists or one time communications with a mental health professional. For people seeking help, the app has done wonders to let them find therapists from around the world in the comfort of their home. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

Oren Frank has a long history in the business world. Born in Israel, Frank began his career at the McCann Worldgroup, a marketing firm. He began working there in 2001 and slowly worked his way up to become CEO in 2003. He left for New York City in 2007 to become the chief creative officer MRM Worldwide. In 2011, he left MRM Worldwide and began working on writing. He wrote several dozen articles for the online magazines HuffPost, Ad Age, and the Marker, an Israeli business magazine.

While continuing his writing, Frank had a new idea to start a business. With the help of his wife, Roni Frank, they created Talkspace. The idea came to both of them after they sought marriage counseling. They enjoyed their counseling and realized the need for people who required therapy across the world. The problem is many people cannot afford a therapist or travel to one often.

Talkspace was created so a client can directly communicate with any therapist around the world. With his own personal experience and business acumen, Oren Frank has the opportunity through Talkspace to help millions who are in need of psychological help. Visit: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/11/talkspace-hires-a-chief-medical-officer-ahead-of-potential-ipo.html

Peter Briger and Fortress Look to the Future

Peter Briger is a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group and has held this position for ten years. Additionally, he has been a member of their management committee since 2002. Many consider Peter Briger to be the main catalyst for the credit and real estate business conducted at Fortress Investment Group. Before working at Fortress, Peter earned a B.A. from Princeton University. After attending Princeton, Briger went on to earn his Master’s in Business Administration from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. See more about Peter Briger at zoominfo.com

In the last year, the Fortress Investment Group has undergone both expansion and massive changes. The organization was recently bought and absorbed by one of the world’s largest financial conglomerates; the SoftBank Group Corporation from Japan purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion. This ended the company’s independent run since its inception in 1998.

Fortress had its start as a hedge fund that eventually expanded to include other financial services. Under Peter Briger’s guidance, in 2007, Fortress became the first company of its kind to have an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress oversaw close to $40 billion in global asset management in 2017.

SoftBank hopes to implement cutting edge innovation to the Fortress process. SoftBank owns stakes in companies like Sprint, Uber, and Ali Baba. Also, they currently fund research and development under its Vision Fund, which is also supported by Qualcomm and Apple. SoftBank is interested in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotics. They are also engaged in a number of large-scale infrastructure projects.

For example, SoftBank is backing the construction of the world’s largest solar power plant in Saudi Arabia.

Peter Briger and Fortress aim to continue the organization’s success under the guidance of such a financial titan like SoftBank. SoftBank also looks to learn from Fortress’s leadership, expertise, and global experience in providing top-rate financial services.

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James Reese and Tigerswan

“james reese tigerswan” “james reese tigerswan”

James Reese was a respected member of Delta Force, a special operations unit that is part of the United States Army. He commanded critical task forces and small groups in some of the most contentious conflict zones in the world. James Reese came up with an idea while training with Delta Force; the idea for a private security firm. Tigerswan, as it would come to be known, is one of the best crisis management and risk mitigation firms in the world. It is also known to have some of the best security teams in the world – James Reese knows how to put together an effective team.

As the CEO of Tigerswan, Reese has had to switch gears mentally – although not as much as he thought he would. Tigerswan was founded in 2008 and now employs more the 300 people. He notes that it is just as stressful as the military, if not more so. He still is responsible for the lives of others. He works daily to protect clients from harm. He is also, however, relied upon to provide pay checks for his employees, another form of livelihood. This stresses Reese out, but he says it is worth it to watch his employees grow.

He says one of the hardest transitions – for him – is the financial worries. When he was in the military, he commanded some of the most elite and talented soldiers in the world. He didn’t need to worry about their salaries, nor the cost of the equipment. These facets of the operations were taken care of by the federal government. Now, however, Tigerswan is footing the bill. Thus, he notes that he can’t always afford to hire the best talent in every single field, but he looks forward to the opportunity to train people to become some of the best in their field.

Tigerswan can afford some talent, however, so James Reese hires it in the places where it is needed the most. Additionally, Reese searches for people will obvious talent who are still early in their careers. These people can be acquired for less money but can be trained to be industry leaders. Reese enjoys this aspect of the job, as it not only creates great employees, but it also works wonders for team cohesion. His ability to lead these individuals and help them grow into bigger roles sets him apart as a leader and CEO of a company.

James Reese and everyone who works at Tigerswan pride themselves on the teamwork that they consistently exude as a group. This helps goals be reached easier and more efficiently. He stresses that it is important not to micromanage a team, especially those with significant experience. Provide feedback and expectations for an end goal and the resources to get there. Provide help if needed. These are the guidelines that James Reese provides for leadership. Additionally, he notes that the team is focused on putting the mission first, whether they are civilians of veterans. This loyalty helps the company grow successfully.

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Oren Frank’s Text Therapy App

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of the new text therapy app. Talkspace is the leading online therapy app. This therapy app is affordable and accessible to anyone around the world. It is for individuals seeking help for their mental health disorders. This app has helped over a million users under the leadership of Oren Frank. And the amazing part was that most of the users of this app had never and would never of gotten help without this app, which is definitely a breakthrough for Oren Frank. It is the whole reason he wanted to create the app. Millions of people around the world suffer from mental health disorders, yet they won’t seek help, or they can’t afford it. Talkspace makes the whole process more convenient. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile.

He and his wife founded the vision in 2012. They wanted a way for everyone to get the help they need. They were inspired after seeking therapy for their marriage. It benefited them, and they’re still together and now have two beautiful daughters. Through therapy they learned to love each other again, and they fell completely in love with therapy. They believe that mental health is important and that everyone should have access to the help they need. They were on a mission to make the wonderful benefits of therapy accessible to everyone.

Talkspace is a convenient way of getting help. As soon as you sign up you are placed with a professional therapist. You are able to contact them through messaging when you need help. It is easy and a fraction of the cost. Millions of users have benefited from this app, which is the reason why Oren and his wife created it. There are millions of people suffering and afraid of seeking help or can’t afford it. Talkspace makes it easier and more accessible.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s International Business Approach

In the modern business era, leaders come in all shapes and sizes. The globalized economy has made it possible for an individual in even the remote corner of the world to achieve unparalleled success. Bhanu Choudhrie is one of these modern day business leaders. He attended Boston University and Harvard Business School to obtain his academic credentials. As an individual from India, he has brought a fresh wave of international proposals and ides to the table. In 2010, Bhanu Choudhrie hit his stride with the formation of C&C Alpha Group. A company that is designed to capitalize and support companies in many regions of the world. He recounted his career path in a recent Idemensch interview.

As with many modern business man, their inspiration dates back to childhood. Bhanu Choudhrie grew up among a family that participated in international business transactions. They sold real estate and bought imported Televisions, and he believes his career is just a natural extension of this time period. He has become perplexed at the rising interest in maximizing profit while keeping the well-being of workers in mind. While business success is vital, we are all just human at the end of the day. The changing values and its effects are something to keep an eye on.

A typical day for Bhanu Choudhrie begins with a quick dose of news. An individual can not make a proper business decision without first knowing the direction of the world. From here, he checks email and grabs a bite to eat. Once in the office he works around the clock to stay on top of each project he has ongoing at the moment. The work day starts to conclude at around 6pm, where he takes time to cool his brain from the day’s work. Finally he will conclude the day with a movie or book, before starting the routine all again the next day.

Bhanu Choudhrie works on the international stage to connect businesses to partners around the world. While there are always issues to navigate around, he finds great joy seeing his vision of success pan out successfully.

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Richard Liu Successful Career Change

An average person’s career involves exploring one particular field from which they accumulate vast experience and work hard to become successful in that line. In as much as young millennial professionals sometimes opt to change from one field to the other trying to get their best fit the idea of finding someone who is exceptionally successful in two distinct disciplines is a rare case. Succeeding in one profession leave alone two requires a lot of dedication, persistence, desire for knowledge, and self-betterment as well as being business savvy. So, when you see someone make it in two entirely different disciplines, it is truly exceptional.

Richard Liu is a true definition of a successful professional switch. He has been successful in both the medical and finance sectors. Having been born into a medically driven family, Richard Liu had first-hand exposure to things concerning medicine. As a result of how he was brought up, Liu knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He was smart and excelled in his early education then decided to join Harvard School of Dentistry, where he gathered the expertise that would propel his career to the next level.

Once he graduated, Richard Liu Joined Evergreen Dental Care to work on his craft. He continued serving in dentistry where he prospered tremendously building an excellent reputation. He even worked as a part-time lecturer at Harvard University preparing next-generation dentists.

Despite his career going on so well, Liu couldn’t help but develop a never-ending desire for capital investment and other finance-related issues. He felt the need to pursue something different, and since he made a career in dentistry thanks to the strong education background, he felt the need to go back to school and get equipped to transition in an entirely new role successfully. He enrolled in MIT and soon acquired his masters in business administration. That was the beginning of a new career that he would go on to achieve tremendous success.

Richard Liu was the Principal Enterprise Technology and Services having joined the organization back in 2014. He has investment responsibilities that he takes quite seriously.

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