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A Man You Would Like to Meet Inside or Outside of the Courtroom

The occupation of being a lawyer or litigator does not usually bring up an emotion other than anger, but that is not the case with Todd Levine. Bringing his creativity to the courtroom is nothing new for him. This can be seen in his ability to make complex issues understandable to the judge and jury. Todd Levine likes to call this an “ability to simplify the intricate“. Isn’t that an ability you would like in anybody, but especially in your attorney.

Perhaps this ability has been honed through years of practice as a musician. A printed page of music is complex, but when played and heard by our ear we are aware of so much more than the notation can show. Or perhaps the ability of Todd Levine to ‘simplify the intricate‘ comes from his love of mathematics and science, both of which call for left brain thinking, but right brain creativity to make them interesting and manageable to others. Either way, this man is someone you would want to be your attorney. Add to all of this the fact that he is both compassionate and takes care of his responsibilities. Todd Levine has shown this by sharing his love and enthusiasm for music with both of his sons, causing them to become talented musicians themselves.

What led to Todd Levine earning the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by the US News and World Report in 2018? The same things that led to his being noted in Super Lawyers business Review, Florida Trend Magazine, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Business Journal. His many accomplishments, as well as his methods, have made him stand out as an expert in his field.

His methods include extensive preparation, with outlines, and prioritization leading to clear, concise, logic. If Sherlock Holmes were an attorney his name would probably have to be changed to Todd Levine.

If you are in need of an attorney, keep Todd Levine in mind. In his own words, “I have found that the best way to spur creativity in the legal world is to have in-depth knowledge about your case and the law, and then boil down the key issues” to their simplest form.

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How Mark Holyoake Brings His Ideas To Life

London entrepreneur Mark Holyoake is excited about and extremely successful in his global business and investment endeavors. He and his team are extremely upbeat thinking of all the prospects and plan to continue to invest significant capital from his private investment fund, Oakvest Holdings.

Oakvest’s emphasis is on investing in private equity and acquisitions and developments in real estate, which extends across the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU). Europe, with its political and economic challenges, provides real opportunities for investors with the know-how and ability to help grow and improve various businesses.

What are the most important elements to Holyoake’s bringing his many outstanding ideas to life? He believes that success is achieved with hard work and dedication to running multiple projects by having great people come together on a unique team that delivers on a clear and profitable strategic path. Needed is a shared belief that what you are thinking or proposing is the right path, and there also needs to a common commitment when all concerned agree with the given strategy that you want to implement.

What is a typical day like? Mark Holyoake and several of his senior people wake early and get their day started in a positive and productive manner when it is quieter and easier to focus on what is needed to accomplish the coming goals of the day. Flexibility is also needed as the day progresses to properly manage and handle the meetings and goals that need attention at appropriate moments. It is also crucial to find time for his family of a wife and three daughters so that a balance that is created that is sustainable and works for everyone.

Does Holyoake believe in being social? He says he is by nature and likes to talk to people and engage with them. He considers discourse to be a very helpful tool as much information can be shared and learned as you understand the way others think about specific points and get a more informed view as to the realities of those people’s businesses and strategy and how they have developed the best chances to succeed.

For details: medium.com/@markholyoake

How Sergey Petrossov has Revolutionized Private Flying

Sergey Petrossov is a businessman and entrepreneur who has built a very successful career. He is most known for starting the company JetSmarter, the world’s largest private aviation community. His resume is proof that he understands what it takes to build and sustain a successful business. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with names as big as Jay-Z and he is listed by Forbes as one of the 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology

Sergey Petrossov demonstrated his skill-set long before he created JetSmarter. Before JetSmarter Petrossov was responsible for starting two major IT projects. The first project was an online chatting system that was designed to improve customer service for websites. The other project was founding a long distance learning platform that was geared toward Russian-speaking schools. Both of these projects were very successful and paved the way for JetSmarter.

JetSmarter was the result of Petrossov’s own life experience. While flying privately Petrossov noticed many things in the traditional system that need to be changed. He became convinced that many of these issues could be addressed through technology. He also realized that mobile applications and marketplaces were currently on the rise around the world. A short time later the JetSmarter app was born.

JetSmarter launched the beta version of its application in 2012. A great reception and additional funds eventually lead to the application going public less than a year later. Petrossov’s creation has gone on to have tremendous success. The company has been responsible for working with some of the biggest companies in the world to include Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and even Uber. Sergey Petrossov’s vision has grown into one of the most successful companies in the world. The company has revolutionized the way people think about private flights.

The Visionary Leadership of Sheldon Lavin At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the leader behind the recent push for sustainable food production methods at OSI Group. His efforts are geared towards building the company’s long history of success in the food production business by adopting the best technologies and turning challenges into rewards. For many years, OSI Group has been the “leading innovator” in the food sector, and the recent happenings only improve this status. So, what has contributed to the rise of OSI Group?


The leadership of OSI Group has remained the backbone of its success for a long time. As it is in every business, it is the quality of leadership that determines how far a company will go. It is a fact that successful leaders create a successful business. And vice versa is also true.

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of this company, a position he has held since the 1980s. His appointment came after he showed prowess in managing the operations of the food company at a time when the expansion of food production operations was necessary. He applied his knowledge in investment and finance to come up with innovate measures that helped the company to expand rapidly.

Previously, Sheldon Lavin had an encounter with the owners of the OSI Group, which was then named “Otto & Sons,” while he was working as an investment manager in a bank. Otto & Sons needed financing to expand food production operations. Their main concern at the time was to meet the demand coming from their only client at the time- McDonald’s.

They needed to expand their food production capacity by building a food production facility. Sheldon helped them through the financing process and later played a critical role when the company needed funds for international expansion.

Visionary leadership

Sheldon Lavin is a visionary leader. Why is this so? He took over the leadership of the company and embraced the idea envisioned by the founders. Even at a time when the other partners left the business, he continued to serve with diligence.

Several years ago, his efforts in building OSI Group were recognized after he was awarded the Global Visionary Award. This award goes to people who turn small ideas into great ones.

About Sheldon Lavin: inspirery.com/sheldon-lavin/

Jd.com and The Use Of Computers For Aid

Executives and key leaders at companies such as Jd.com see that our computers are able to do much more now, they can think in a more abstract manner, this means that the computer can create and do more tasks that humans can do, which would require more thought and intelligence. Large innovative companies such as Jd.com understand the value that artificial intelligence will bring to the market and they’ve done the research, and continue to conduct research into how machine learning will impact the world. A few companies are already showing what they are doing with their artificial intelligence research.

This is evidenced by the fact that there are Jingdong autonomous drones that are moving around and making deliveries, this is also evidenced by the fact that there are stores where cashiers are not needed, where Jingdong items are checked out by customers by simply picking it up and walking outside.

Jingdong would indicate this is done by the technology of machine vision, with machine vision, these stores become much more streamlined, eliminating lines for checking out and creating a better experience for customers overall.

The next compelling use of AI, that Jingdong realizes is when one is able to ask google or ask Siri, or ask some other application for help in directions, scheduling appointments, and doing other things.

Machine learning is integrated into Jingdong business processes that show potential demand factors into how rankings are present for products, into how customers see products that will be relevant for them based on their purchase histories. These forms of technology are also used in other regards as well. These pathways include fraud improvement and removal, transcription, and a slew of other services.

These companies are struggling to keep up with the demand that is present within the world today for the artificial intelligence products.

Now, while there are applications that are present and highly visible, there is much that is happening at a much deeper level, that is not known to the customer. This is because there are many different processes involved in bringing compelling products to the marketplace.

About JD.com: www.cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=JD

DonataMeirelles: 4 Tips to Scent your Home with Decorative Candles

Can you relate with that feeling when you enter a restaurant or store and get hit with a sense of a familiar smell? This forms part of the identity of many brands with a registered fragrance that makes your guest remember the moments in place the minute they take in the scent.

DonataMeirelles hails as an expert on the subject since her heydays back in Daslu. The environment and atmosphere inDaslu are filled with a unique aroma which still misses. Back at home, she takes no chances by making use of scented candles to make the room perfumed.

DonataMeirelles recently delivered to Vogue 4 tips to help you achieve that ambient fragrance in your home.

Strategic place: The ideal place to place that scented candle is at the entrance of your house. You can place a mantle on the door to hold the candle in place. This ensures that the moment you or your guest enters your home, they are hit with that aroma. The sent also gives your home that intimate mood and sets a cozy mode for relaxing. Read the article at business.com about Donata Meirelles

Main rooms: She recommends that the candle should always be at the entrance of your home. In addition, you can leave one in the main room, another in the library or the washroom. This is because these rooms are frequently visited by people who deserve to have to ambient and pleasant smell. However, you should not pale the candles in the bedroom since it can make you feel sick or disturb your slumber.

Ideal time: The candles are recommended to be lit at dusk so that when you retire from work in the evening, the house is already scented to welcome you back

Favorite brands: DonataMeirelles prefers candles from Jo Malone, Tania Bulhoes, and Diptyqye. In her New York apartment, she has the Ralph Lauren Classic Holiday which features the scent of juniper and currant. Visit: https://marciatravessoni.com.br/moda/donata-meirelles-agora-e-consultora-de-estilo-da-le-lis-blanc/

How Serge Belamant laid a stable foundation for cryptocurrency

Every industry has its legends. For instance, in baseball, individuals such as Babe Ruth and DiMaggio are considered the founding fathers of the sport. Similarly, the world of crypto also has those names which are credited to its success, and in this case, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the founding father. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that while there is no denying that Satoshi’s invention has significantly impacted the world by creating bitcoin, the world of crypto would have remained an elusive dream were it not for an individual named Serge Belamant.

Even though Serge Belamant is not the first name that comes in mind whenever there is mention of crypto, he helped lay the foundation for this technology by creating the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. Belamant was integral in the creation of blockchain technology as he was the first person to create a smart card with a microprocessor that could work both online and offline. It is, however, vital to note that his contributions to the world of finance go beyond bitcoin.

Before coming up with blockchain, Serge Belamant first made it possible for banking facilities to verify the identity of anyone carrying out a transaction by assigning each user and identity and account. Were it not for his verification system, the millions of transactions that take place each second would not be possible.

The process of blockchain creation

Getting blockchain out, there was no mean feat for Serge Belamant. He spent years trying to convince companies in the banking industry to utilize his EUPS with no success. Despite multiple rejections, he kept on trying to sell his technology.

His efforts finally paid off after Visa hired his company, Net1 Technologies, to create a debit card for using UEPS technology. He was still in South Africa when he got this big break but moved to the US, where he could easily access all the resources needed for the perfect completion of the project. What started as a simple project gave rise to COPAC, an offline preauthorized card.

This also marked the beginning of Serge Belamant’s success, and since then he has never looked back. Even though he is an underdog, his role in the development of bitcoin cannot be underestimated.

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Sharon Prince: President and Founder, Grace Farms Foundation

Grace Farms has emerged as the ultimate go-to location for people seeking to spend time in a peaceful and quiet environment away from disturbance. The cultural and community center utilizes the surroundings of an outdoor setting to foster understanding and education, appreciate nature, garner preservation, increase communication and inspire thought among those who visit the institution.

Grace Farms offers you the perfect opportunity to interact with people from diverse walks of life. You are guaranteed to find thought leaders, business executives and other influential personalities at the institutions every day of the week. Interaction with such people will broaden your understanding as well as perspective on various issues of life. Apart from that, you will also encounter thought-provoking art while at the same time get close to nature. Most importantly, you will enjoy all these amenities free of charge since Grace Farms is a public entity.

Meet Grace Farms Founder, Sharon Prince

The immense success that has been achieved by Grace Farms would have been elusive were it not for the concerted efforts of its founder, Sharon Prince. She founded the institution in 2009 to offer members of the public a serene environment where they could engage with others as they relish in beautiful art and the institution’s cultural diversity.

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms with the public in mind. For instance, she envisioned that the environment would act as a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and professions. Grace Farms was to provide free services to people and would not be influenced by the desire to make profits. Indeed, since the foundation started, it has emerged as the perfect place for grace and peace for all.

Fighting for Worthy Causes

Sharon Prince has engaged in several charitable activities to champion for the rights of vulnerable members of the society. She has been passionate about lobbying against social ills such as violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation on both the national and international scale.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.

Wes Edens’ Career in Business, Innovation, and Philanthropy

Wes Edens is a renowned American entrepreneur. Edens is a business leader that made a name or himself the formation of Fortress Investment Group. The talented investor made headlines after purchasing Milwaukee Bucks basketball club. His expertise in business and a passion for philanthropy has a positive impact on the industries and people’s lives globally.

For the last two decades, Wes Edens has made a name for himself in coming up with new products. Fortress Investment Group paved the way for the successful journey of the business guru. The company started as a private equity business, but today stands as one of the leading global asset managers. Fortress manages assets totaling to over $ 42 billion for its global partners.

Fortress Investment Group has continued to diversify its operations over the years by creating new and merging with existing companies. The unmatched expertise of the company in choosing the right business partners is out of this world. Wes Eden’s’ leadership skills make the company triumph in the media, real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, energy, and financial services sectors.

Recently, Wes Edens facilitated the financing of Brightline railway line. The initiative later brought about the merger between the railway line and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. The two companies became Virgin Trains USA, a game changer of the century in the US rail system. The rail system currently serves the Palm Beach to Florida line. Plans are underway for the construction of Florida to Orlando and Tampa extension as well as the Las Vegas and California passenger route.

In the energy sector, Wes Edens facilitated the formation of New Fortress Energy. The main objective of starting the company was to provide the residents with affordable and cleaner energy solutions. Edens came up with the idea after Fortress opened the Florida East Coast Rail. Edens wanted the new rail to run on the economical cleaner fuel. In that connection, he started New Fortress Energy with an LNG, Liquid natural gas outlet in Miami. The facility would serve the fortress’ transport system as well as the community with energy.

Wes Edens has interests in e-sports besides his venture in Milwaukee Bucks basketball club. He invested in Flyquest, a sports franchise company. Edens together with his wife, Lynn, takes part in philanthropic activities especially in health and medical initiatives among other charities.

For More info: www.fortress.com/about

Sharon Prince’s Grace Farm Spearheads Restoration of Wildlife Habitats

Sharon Prince is the founder and the chief executive officer of Grace Farms. She formed the organization with a vision to helping restore nature’s beauty. Sharon Prince has been instrumental in the fighting for the rights of various groups such as women and children. She champions for the human rights and rights for children through the battle of human trafficking and child exploitation. Sharon believes that human beings should live a dignified life and thus she is committed to ensuring justice prevails. Her vision for Grace Farms has enabled people to understand the importance of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Grace Farms creates an enabling environment for wildlife to thrive. The workers at Grace Farm have spearheaded the restoration of wild parks through the creation of awareness to the masses. The Farm aims at educating the masses about the importance of conservation while also offering them an opportunity to explore nature’s beauty. The Farm also partners with other conservation groups to encourage people that change can be brought about by taking the first step in the restoration of wildlife habitats.

Grace Farms currently manages an eighty-acre parcel of land that hosts various species of wildlife. One of the most exciting species of wildlife found at the farm are the birds. Grace Farms is the home to over seventy-five species of birds. A visit to the institution will allow you to enjoy the guided bird watching walks by the experienced staff of the institution.

The Earth Day Celebrations

The organization holds the annual Earth Day Celebrations in the serene and beautiful landscapes of the Farm. The celebrations are held in line with the Farm’s nature initiative. The Earth Day Celebrations for this Year will be held on 27th April 2019. The Farm has invited everyone to participate in the annual activity to discuss critical conservation topics and engage in fun-filled family activities. The Nature Conservancy will partner with Grace Farms to mark the day.

For details: ncadvertiser.com/tag/sharon-prince/