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Financial Industry Executive Wes Edens Buys The Milwaukee Bucks For $550 Million

While the Milwaukee Bucks lost in the Eastern Conference Finals they have come a long way since they were bought by Wes Edens in 2014. When he bought the team they were just coming off a 15-67 season where they were in last place in the Eastern Conference. In 2019, they earned the Eastern Conference #1 seed in the playoffs and were picked to be in the finals, something they fell just short of doing.

Wes Edens made his fortune of $1.65 billion in the financial industry. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1984, he made his way to New York City where he joined Lehman Brothers. He quickly rose to the top, becoming a partner at this firm and the managing director. In 1994, he joined Blackrock Financial Management Inc. where he was also a partner and managing director.

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He says that when he joined Blackrock it was a small firm and where he first raised capital for a fund. Wes Edens says that he’s still friends with the executives at this company. He decided in 1998 that it was time to set up his own company which is how Fortress Investment Group, Inc. got its start. It’s now one of the biggest alternative asset management firms in the world, handling more than $40 billion in assets.

Along with Marc Lasry, Wes Edens paid $550 million for the Milwaukee Bucks. As part of the deal, they committed to building a new arena for this team. The new stadium opened in time for the 2019 season. His team is now worth $1.35 billion which is an amazing return on an investment in just five years.

He earned $54 million in 2018. He was paid a salary of $200,000 by Fortress Investment Group. He earned another $1.1 million in stock awards. Wes Eden’s bonus for the year totaled $11.6 million. Another $478,493 came from other compensation for his work at this firm. Additionally, he earned dividends from the shares he owns in this company.

Paul Mampilly & His Predictions For Business In The Future

In any industry, one of the most important things a professional quickly learns is that there are levels to everything. In other words, no matter how good someone thinks they are at what they do, there will always be someone more experienced and knowledgable than they are. In this case, the smart professionals are the ones who seek guidance and advice from those at a higher level then they are. Having said that, there are few if any professionals that are at a higher level than Paul Mampilly. A former hedge fund manager and American investor by trait, Paul Mampilly quickly gained a reputation as a leader in the field of investing and business. In fact, his expertise in his field has also earned him a role as a trusty advisor to many young and experienced professionals alike. In addition, his feel for business has allowed him to make some interesting predictions for the future if the industry. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the career of Paul Mampilly and some of his predictions for business in the future. Read more business news at newsweek.com

Paul Mampilly And Business Predictions For 2019

As we can imagine, it takes a highly respected and experienced professional to be able to make predictions for an industry. As for Paul Mampilly, not only has he worked himself into a position to be able to do that but, he has gotten pretty good at predicting correctly. In an article on Paul and his predictions for business in 2019, we see first hand how he thinks about his field. Some of his predictions about business include the accessibility of big data, business having to adapt to consumers, and even the rise of voice search. Overall, we see how diverse he gets with his predictions. More than anything, this is a sign of the way he achieves success as an American investor. With little to no room for error in investing, you can imagine how creative and diverse one has to be to succeed. Not to mention how important it is to be able to make predictions in investing as well. Without a doubt, Paul was made for his profession.

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Isabel Dos Santos Defended Herself Urbinveste Against Accusations From Angola’s President

Angolan entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos has been in dispute with the Angolan President, João Lourenço since the cancellation of the Urbinveste contract. It can be remembered that Urbinveste has been contracted to the project related to the Marginal da Corimba. However, the contract was canceled when President Lourenço accused Urbinveste in overbilling.

Isabel Dos Santos took it to her official Instagram account and asserted that her good name and a good reputation will not be taken away from her. The businesswoman also elaborated how reputation and a good name are important in doing business, as it is the biggest basis of trust. Dos Santos has been handling a lot of successful business in the country and in other places, providing employment and making the economy better.

Because of Lourenço’s accusations, the Isabel Dos Santos mentioned how she has an added responsibility to her employees. To make sure that her decisions and actions day by day will help her employees and other people in the country, her management is dedicated to doing her businesses in a correct, just and legal way. She ended her Instagram post by quoting a statement from Paulo Coelho about the rainbow after the rain.

President João Lourenço canceled Urbanviste’s contract last May 17 and his reason is based on overbilling. In addition, Lourenço also made measures which clash directly against the interests of the Dos Santos family. Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angola President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. She claims that the accusations against Urbinviste are false and baseless as there is no evidence to show that the contract is overpriced. According to Jornal de Negocios, the contract price is said to be valued at 1.4 Billion Euros. Dos Santos was quick to point out that Urbinveste’s contract price is even lower than the same projects in Qatar, Dubai, and Indonesia.

Isabel Dos Santos is an entrepreneur known for her projects in Angola and other places in Africa. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship, which she believes is the answer to some of Angola’s greatest problems. As of now, it is not known if Urbinveste will contest the decision.

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Sharon Prince: President and Founder, Grace Farms Foundation

Grace Farms has emerged as the ultimate go-to location for people seeking to spend time in a peaceful and quiet environment away from disturbance. The cultural and community center utilizes the surroundings of an outdoor setting to foster understanding and education, appreciate nature, garner preservation, increase communication and inspire thought among those who visit the institution.

Grace Farms offers you the perfect opportunity to interact with people from diverse walks of life. You are guaranteed to find thought leaders, business executives and other influential personalities at the institutions every day of the week. Interaction with such people will broaden your understanding as well as perspective on various issues of life. Apart from that, you will also encounter thought-provoking art while at the same time get close to nature. Most importantly, you will enjoy all these amenities free of charge since Grace Farms is a public entity.

Meet Grace Farms Founder, Sharon Prince

The immense success that has been achieved by Grace Farms would have been elusive were it not for the concerted efforts of its founder, Sharon Prince. She founded the institution in 2009 to offer members of the public a serene environment where they could engage with others as they relish in beautiful art and the institution’s cultural diversity.

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms with the public in mind. For instance, she envisioned that the environment would act as a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and professions. Grace Farms was to provide free services to people and would not be influenced by the desire to make profits. Indeed, since the foundation started, it has emerged as the perfect place for grace and peace for all.

Fighting for Worthy Causes

Sharon Prince has engaged in several charitable activities to champion for the rights of vulnerable members of the society. She has been passionate about lobbying against social ills such as violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation on both the national and international scale.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Twitter.

Inside the Strategic Mind of Jose Auriemo Neto and the JHSF

The development of real estate has been growing and evolving in Brazil ever since the JHSF began. The company is famously known for its empowering and sophisticated leader José Auriemo Neto. He showed his talents to the entire people of Brazil and the whole world by creating real estate projects that gave people access to world-class shopping and lavish residential and commercial condominiums and distinguished hotels. The JHSF has a positive work environment and culture that allows their staff, employees, management, and executives to work all together in building and constructing real estate properties and in turning genius ideas into a reality. José Auriemo got his persistent and hard-working qualities from his father, the founder of the JHSF. His father knew that José Auriemo Neto had the entrepreneurial passion in him and he is very confident and complacent that the JHSF will always be successful in all its plans, goals, and endeavors.

José Auriemo continues to run their shopping centers, fashion outlets, and malls. He has been signing a number of agreements with luxurious brands worldwide. For instance, he has an agreement with the multi-brand boutique-department store in São Paulo, Brazil known as Daslu. He wants to open more stores in their shopping centers so that they will generate more customers and to expand in the near future. Additionally, José Auriemo Neto launched something new last September and purchased a region in Uruguay where he is planning to build a project just like what he has built in Brazil. José Auriemo Neto’s plans for expansion have been working and according to him, they are open malls and hotels in different Brazilian capitals and other cities of a country worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of people pass on their shopping centers on a regular basis which is why José Auriemo Neto plans to enlarge and undergo continuous change by further expanding into properties and hotels. Brazil, the United States of Ameria, and Uruguay are three countries that have already experienced the wonders of the JHSF. José Auriemo targets metropolises outside Brazil so that other people will know what it is like to shop, dine, and stay with the JHSF.

To know more visit @: www.escavador.com/sobre/138820644/jose-auriemo-neto

Alec Sellem Has A Talent For Seeing The Bigger Picture

Sellem Industries, a company involved in gold mining and refining, was founded by French-born Alec Sellem. His ability to see the whole picture, as well as the details necessary to succeed, have resulted in his company’s growth and success, as well as acknowledgement of his talent as a CEO.

Alec Sellem’s path to founding his company began with trading gold for a friend. He became interested in the whole process involved and realized that the industry was not working as well as it could, and there was room for an entrepreneur to make changes and thrive. He also realized that traditional mining practices also have a place in the industry going forward and should be integrated into the bigger picture.

At present Sellem Industries operates in Sierra Leone and Senegal where the company uses custom-made methods to make the most of each location. Remote communities benefit through employment in the industry. By placing value on the cultures in Sierra Leone and Senegal, Sellem Industries concentrates not only on mining but also on bettering the lives of the villagers. In addition to working for Sellem Industries, villagers can farm certain crops which are then shared among families, bringing villages together in a common task. Help with schooling is also part of the picture. People who work together like this create a larger economic and social identity and become a positive unit which strengthens the mining industry too.

Alec Sellem says that he is motivated by career obstacles rather than reacting negatively to them. Anything that stands in his way makes him more determined. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and many fail. Alec Sallem’s attitude as well as his talents are a combination that has led to his success and a better life for those connected to his firm.

About Alec Sellem: medium.com/@alecsellem

Jana Messerschmidt working at Lightspeed Venture Partners

 Background Information Jana Messerschmidt attended the University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign and graduated in 2001 with a BSc in Computer Engineering. She works closely with Lightspeed Venture Partners Jana Messerschmidt has been among the top employees of two international companies, that is Netflix and Twitter. Jana served at Netflix in 2010 as the Director of Business Development where she was responsible for building the first streaming partnerships. Afterward, she went to Twitter and worked as the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform until 2016. Her role at Twitter was to deal with strategic partnerships, platform marketing, developer relations, and enterprise sales. She is also the founder of #ANGELS which she started in 2015. #ANGELS aims at encouraging more women on the cap tables of successful startups. After starting #ANGELS, she has been on a journey to supporting ambitious startup entrepreneurs who are pursuing bold ideas in different fields. Jana Lightspeed Period Jana Messerschmidt serves as an investing partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners which is a venture capital firm. The company was founded back in 2000, and it deals with debt financing for growth companies and start-ups. With today’s technological advanced times, there are so many tech companies cropping up; some of these companies need to be nurtured so that they can become successful and popular in the highly competitive market. Lightspeed Venture Partners specializes in helping out the startup tech firms with finances and nurturing them to grow. Jana Messerschmidt is a very active advocate when it comes to women in tech. Being an investing partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners has helped Jana lightspeed her career by adding this capital venture firm into her long list of prestigious career roles. With her experience, knowledge, and expertise, she already knows what the future has in store for her Jana lightspeed period. 

Sam Sotoodeh Bought A Piece Of Property

Raleigh is not the biggest or most well known American city, but it is still a big deal. As the capital of a state, it is a major city. It is not bustling and jam-packed. In fact, there is a suburban, and sometimes rural, flair to the city. Many streets in the city appear suburban and are lush with vegetation. The city does have areas that are built up with large buildings, though. The population is about 464,758. In Raleigh, the summers tend to be very hot and humid. The winters are rather short and very cold. Raleigh’s climate does not go to extreme temperatures. It generally stays between 20 degrees and 90 degrees.

There is business going on in Raleigh that has to do with development. Sam Sotoodeh is one of many figures who are involved with this development. His most recent acquisition, the building that the News & Observer works in, has been a success. The company that Sam Sotoodeh owns made many attempts in the past to make this acquisition. However, it did not happen due to the fact that the company’s investors did not approve of it. Fortunately, the company that Sam Sotoodeh owns got involved with an investor called McClatchy Company. It was a media company. McClatchy Company decided to give the okay for the investment in the newspaper publication’s building.

This has been a great event for Raleigh. It is without a doubt that Raleigh will greatly benefit from it. The News & Observer will definitely benefit from the deal with Sam Sotoodeh. They are going to move all of their work into another building in Raleigh that is relatively close to their original location. This building will improve the work environment by providing more space for everyone to do their jobs. The new space that the newspaper will work in will consist of two floors. One of the floors will be located on the first floor where people standing outside the building will be able to look in through the windows and see the workers do their thing.

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Michael Nierenberg Discusses the Various Types of REITs

It is obvious that there are multiple investment opportunities that investors can consider. However, Real Estate Investment Trusts, which is abbreviated as REITs is capturing the imagination of a huge number of investors. Michael Nierenberg, who happens to the face behind the growth and success of New Residential Investment Corp. has for the last few years justified why it is important to invest in REITs. He has gone further to highlight all the benefits associated with these investment opportunities and why individuals should consider them.

However, Michael Nierenberg does not encourage investors to just invest in the real estate investment trusts without acquiring knowledge and skills, most of which can be offered by various experts in the industry. He notes that there are multiple number of real estate trusts that an individual can consider if he/she is interested in investing and generating huge returns. One of the mostly known and recommended REIT is the publicly traded equity REITs. According to Michael Nierenberg, most of the REITs available in the industry are publicly traded. However, most of the publicly traded REITs are very useful as they generate much needed profit and revenues.

Michael Nierenberg continues to highlight that most of the real estate properties are owned and operated by the publicly traded equity REITs. Therefore, if you are considering to invest in any area, you should have significant considerations and analysis of the publicly traded properties. However, there are other opportunities in the industry that individuals should consider. Mortgage REITs are investment opportunities that concentrate on buying existing mortgages or any other mortgage backed security. This means that their industry is highly influenced and moderated by what is happening in the mortgage sector.

Public Non-Listed REITs are other investment opportunities that Michael Nierenberg has touched on several times. He notes that these are investment opportunities that individuals should consider. However, it would be important to note that these investment are not traded in the stock exchanges but they are registered with other governing bodies such as Securities Exchange Commission. Investors can also choose to channel their resources into private REITs, which are not registered in the national stock but are regulated by the concerned authorities.

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Serge Belamant technological advancements

Serge Christian Belamant was born in France, but later his family relocated to South Africa when he was at the age of fourteen. Serge Belamant go the opportunity to study computer science at Witwatersrand University in South Africa.

Belamant has been able to combine his talent for digital financial system with great experiences he got from working with various companies. These combinations have enabled Serge Belamant to have a significant impact on creating technological advancements that are used in day to day financial transactions.

Serge Belamant designed the net1 UEPS which stands for universal electronic payment systems in the year 1989. UEPS which was founded by Belamant partnered with VISA in the year 1995 to come up with the idea of a chip offline pre-authorized card which is used for day to day transactions.

Serge has recently co-founded the Zilch Technologies together with his son Philip who is also a graduate with a degree in computer science. Serge Belamant states that the idea for Zilch was brought by his son who is also an IT engineer who has also developed mobile games.

Belamant was very attentive to understand the new social media advancements and how they can be used to impact the youth with affordable and innovative financial services and products that are in line with their lifestyle. The commercial products are meant to monitor the younger people’s earnings and spending habits which will enable them to have better management of profits.

Serge is currently semi-retired but the schedule of his typical day is still intact which involves checking the business that he is presently involved with. Belamant assists in providing guidance and overseeing potential impasses that the company may come across and come up with solutions on how to avoid those problems.

According to Serge Belamant, bringing an idea into life is a matter of understanding the concept itself and what makes it real. This can be done by splitting the concept into the small component, and after that, you have to think of the impact the idea can cause to the users.

Contact Serge Belamant: www.crunchbase.com/person/serge-belamant