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TigerSwan Provides Unique Services to Customers

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Security concerns and risks have continued to be one of the largest issues facing businesses for decades. While this is a historical risk that has always had an issue on the modern world, the changes in the world and economy have continued to make it more prevalent. One of the leading companies today that is built to help you mitigate these risks is TigerSwan.

 TigerSwan is a very diverse company that focuses on providing solutions for uncertainty for companies of all sizes. One of the top services that TigerSwan provides today is through its Guardian Angel platform. This is a very unique platofmr that provides visual analytics and related solutions to companies all over the world. This helps them to build a strong organization, which allows them to identify and manage these risks.

tigerswan, james reese

TigerSwan also has a great security management team, which is built to help an organization secure itself from a variety of threats that are unique to this digital world. The team at TigerSwan has very extensive security experience, which allows it to come up with unique solutions to mitigate risks.

Additionally, TigerSwan has a variety of construction management and logistics services that are unique to similar firms. This allows organizations to be more efficient and manage their costs, which can help to make any construction project a profitable one. TigerSwan can then continue to provide certain oversight services going forward as well. This has helped the company to continue to grow in this field, which allows it to provide an even more diverse set of services to its customers.

The TigerSwan team and organization would not be anywhere if it was not for the great leadership provided by the CEO, James Reese. While TigerSwan has grown into a leader in the security industry across the world, it would have never grown to the current levels without the leadership of James Reese. Under the guidance of James Reese, the company has continued to find new ways to serve its customers and make them more secure organizations. In the future, he will continue to have a major impact on the organization.

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James Reese and Tigerswan

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James Reese was a respected member of Delta Force, a special operations unit that is part of the United States Army. He commanded critical task forces and small groups in some of the most contentious conflict zones in the world. James Reese came up with an idea while training with Delta Force; the idea for a private security firm. Tigerswan, as it would come to be known, is one of the best crisis management and risk mitigation firms in the world. It is also known to have some of the best security teams in the world – James Reese knows how to put together an effective team.

As the CEO of Tigerswan, Reese has had to switch gears mentally – although not as much as he thought he would. Tigerswan was founded in 2008 and now employs more the 300 people. He notes that it is just as stressful as the military, if not more so. He still is responsible for the lives of others. He works daily to protect clients from harm. He is also, however, relied upon to provide pay checks for his employees, another form of livelihood. This stresses Reese out, but he says it is worth it to watch his employees grow.

He says one of the hardest transitions – for him – is the financial worries. When he was in the military, he commanded some of the most elite and talented soldiers in the world. He didn’t need to worry about their salaries, nor the cost of the equipment. These facets of the operations were taken care of by the federal government. Now, however, Tigerswan is footing the bill. Thus, he notes that he can’t always afford to hire the best talent in every single field, but he looks forward to the opportunity to train people to become some of the best in their field.

Tigerswan can afford some talent, however, so James Reese hires it in the places where it is needed the most. Additionally, Reese searches for people will obvious talent who are still early in their careers. These people can be acquired for less money but can be trained to be industry leaders. Reese enjoys this aspect of the job, as it not only creates great employees, but it also works wonders for team cohesion. His ability to lead these individuals and help them grow into bigger roles sets him apart as a leader and CEO of a company.

James Reese and everyone who works at Tigerswan pride themselves on the teamwork that they consistently exude as a group. This helps goals be reached easier and more efficiently. He stresses that it is important not to micromanage a team, especially those with significant experience. Provide feedback and expectations for an end goal and the resources to get there. Provide help if needed. These are the guidelines that James Reese provides for leadership. Additionally, he notes that the team is focused on putting the mission first, whether they are civilians of veterans. This loyalty helps the company grow successfully.

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Isabel dos Santos is a prominent businesswoman in Africa. She is widely recognized for her business ventures in and out of Africa. Isabel has made a fortune from her numerous business ventures and is now part of the billionaires’ community in the world. In Africa, she is among the top 11 billionaires and the youngest in the category. Isabel dos Santos did not have her fortune handed to her, but she worked hard to be where she is right now.


Her position as the daughter of an Angolan president did not encourage Isabel to be lazy but pushed her to strive for greatness. Isabel dos Santos studied in England since she was young. Isabel received the exposure and knowledge to approach the world as a young businesswoman from the schools she went (Affliatedork).


Isabel dos Santos had an undying love and interest in science from a young age. The passion for science prompted Isabel to study electrical engineering at King’s College. The engineering degree enabled Isabel to venture into the telecommunications industry, and she launched her first walkie-talkies after college. The business was a success in Angola as were many other companies that Isabel dos Santos was involved in. Isabel dos Santos is a generous businesswoman as she takes upcoming entrepreneurs under her wing and mentors them. Isabel uses her influence to market the businesses of these young entrepreneurs earning them more clients. According to Isabel, she can relate to the struggles of trying to build a prosperous company. Dedication and hard work is a crucial ingredient for a successful business, according to her.


By outlining the journey that the young entrepreneurs went through, Isabel shows that success does not come easy. Another way that Isabel dos Santos is trying to make a difference is through conducting speeches at various universities, and Yale University was her last stop. At the university, Isabel dos Santos shared the efforts that she is making into making Africa a better continent. Yale has an association where students are encouraged to work on improving Africa in all aspects of life. Isabel dos Santos has brought many changes to Angola in terms of infrastructure and is looking towards doing the same for Africa.


Find out more about Dos Santos´international speeches at https://geeksnews.co.uk/isabel-dos-santos-unitel/

” James River Capital: Specifying the Key Objective to Corporate Success “

Paul Saunders’ credibility and expertise as a devout businessman can be viewed as being significant attributing factors for his acquisition of James River Capital (affluent investment firm based out of Richmond, Virginia). Prior to becoming the CEO, Chairman, and Portfolio Manager over James River, Paul Saunders had spent an incredible numbers of years building up his experience and knowledge in the financial investment industry. He worked in the Finance Department for Warburg Paribas Becker in 1979 and then moved on to work in the Commodity Department for A.G. Becker during the time frame of 1980 to 1983. Following those first two employment experiences, Saunders served as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds for Kidder from 1983 to 1994—the point up until he became President and took over the company as the CEO of the newly titled company known today as James River.


Under Paul Saunders’ leadership, James River Capital registered with the SEC to operate as an Investment Advisor and it also registered with the CFTC to service as a Commodity Pool Operator and a Commodity Trading Advisor. Moreover, from his extensive background in financial investment, Paul Saunders was led to devise several investment philosophies that have enabled James River to not thrive but maintain its success as a company. The first of these philosophies entail providing a wide variety of alternative investments to add diversification value to clients’ investment portfolios. The second of these philosophies regard investing in the morale of employees—an act that makes employees feel appreciated, boosts productivity, and thus enables the company to excel as a whole. According to Saunders, when employees are left feeling undervalued as a unit to the team, they start to display the signs of “burnout”.


Burnout” is classified as being the point when employees no longer feel satisfied or motivated by their job and is exhibited by the following signs: a loss of control (failure to efficiently manage/complete work tasks in a timely manner), a shift in attitude (becoming more moody/negative with others), a lack of transparency (feeling of being overlooked or not being paid well), and a loss of confidence (begin to second-guess themselves). As mentioned by CEO Paul Saunders, burnout is something than can be prevented if the right measures are taken. To provide employees with a sense of encouragement regarding the performance of their professional obligations, it is essential for companies to allow their employees to have 10-15 minutes of planning time every morning—a provision that will eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Furthermore, to aid with attitude, transparency, and control issues, companies must strive to provide support to employees through communication (suggesting new hobbies, advising them to relax from work when out of the office), providing incentives and setting small achievable goals throughout the workday, and providing workshops/resources that allow employees to curb the feeling of being burnt out. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860