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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva has long been known as a figure of importance in the financial world. As the co-owner, partner, and founder of Aurea Multi Family Group, he has risen to a high level of prominence. Since founding the company, he has become a key player in the realm of estate planning and many other areas of economic importance.

The reason why Raffaele Riva has become such a success in the world of economics is no secret. He has many years of studying to back up his expertise. His skills, knowledge, qualifications, and experience in the realm of economics have enabled him to become a prime go-to figure when it comes to global tax and estate issues.

Raffaele Riva has always had the golden touch. But the road to this status was a long and hard one. He was born in Italy in 1962. He then graduated with honors from the

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. Not only did he receive his degree from this institution, he also did so with high honors.

Since that time, Raffaele Riva has never been one to look back. He took control of his life and made his destiny a rich and fulfilling one. He founded the Aurea Multi Family Group with an eye toward providing state of the art investment, estate planning, and money management advice.

For this reason, the name of Raffaele Riva has managed to become a byword for top quality. He has guided the investment and legal strategies of many prominent people and companies in many parts of the world. Aurea Multi Family Group is active in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

The long and prosperous career of Raffaele Riva has long provided an example to be followed. This is a life that deserves to be chronicled.

How James Dondero Turned Highland Capital Management Into A Global Behemoth

Based in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is an investment professional who holds over three decades of experience in the niche. During his career, he has held roles with some of the largest financial firms in the world, as well as established Highland Capital Management, which has grown into an internationally-focused firm. Before entering the niche, Dondero studied at the University of Virginia, which he graduated from with degrees in accounting and finance.

Following this, Jim Dondero began working for JP Morgan and spent four years further developing and refining his skills. During this time, he became increasingly more well-known in the niche, which subsequently led to a role with American Express. While with the firm, he gained an extensive amount of expertise in fixed-income funds, which he helped to manage.

It was while with American Express that Dondero first became exposed to the alternative credit strategies world. As such, over the following years, he began developing a significant amount of experience in the niche, during which time he received a variety of promotions, eventually culminating in him becoming the CIO of the company.

After serving in this capacity for four years, James Dondero could no longer contain his desire to establish his own firm. As a result, he teamed up with investment banker Mark Okada to found Highland Capital Management, which focuses on a variety of financial and investment strategies. In the two and a half decades since the company was created, it has grown into a global behemoth with operations in Seoul, Singapore, New York, and Sao Paolo.

Jim Dondero has been involved in a variety of charitable causes during this time and has been an active supporter of several non-profits across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Some of the more notable of these include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Dallas Museum of Art, and much more.


Gino Pozzo Makes Watford FC His Main Focus

The Pozzo family are one of the busiest and most successful in European soccer. The main reasons for their success are the willingness of the Italian-based family to look for clubs in financial difficulties they believe can be turned into a success for the future. Gino Pozzo believes he has developed a different way of looking at the business of soccer and his focus on Watford that he believes will be the most important investment in the history of the Pozzo family.

Making Watford FC one of the best teams in the English Premier League is the aim of Gino Pozzo as he feels the business sector in the English game is far in advance of that seen across Europe. Business is a part of life Gino Pozzo is extremely familiar with after spending much of his educational career studying at Harvard Business School. The education of Gino Pozzo makes him qualified to take on the challenge of making a profit in the difficult world of soccer.

Gino Pozzo believes the difficult aspects of making a profit from soccer is an area he can help with for his family as they shift their focus to the English game. In the past, Pozzo has been in charge of FC Granada in Spain and Udinese in Italy as he learned exactly how to run a soccer club in the 21st-century. The man who is known as an innovator in the soccer sector believes he can achieve much more as the chair of Watford than he could in his other roles. The reason for this is the fact English soccer generates huge TV revenues and business opportunities across the planet. Pozzo believes becoming a leading soccer club owner is key to his family continuing their rise through the soccer sector.

Betsy DeVos Is Serving American Students By Working With The Foundation For Excellence In Education

Betsy DeVos is a hardworking American entrepreneur who has never taken no for an answer. She has continued to focus on making important changes within the school system of her country that she believes will benefit students the most. In the past, she worked with the American Education Reform Council as well as the Great Lakes Education Project, and she is currently serving with the Foundation for Excellence in Education. DeVos believes that students in her country would be best served by allowing them to attend a school their family approves of. According to her, the problem with the school system in the U.S. currently is that it forces most students to attend a school that is chosen for them based on the location of where they live.


Betsy DeVos has gone above and beyond her call of duty to make her country a more hospitable place for students who want more educational opportunities. DeVos believes there are many different schooling options available for modern day students but continues to be frustrated by a school system that isn’t allowing students to try these options out. She worked hard to help expand charter schools in the state of Michigan and then helped to pass legislation there that supported students by paying their way into these charter schools. Most American families cannot afford to pay the steep tuition costs of charter schools and private schools, and this is what she is hoping to change.


Betsy DeVos joined the educational choice movement many decades ago and has continued to be a leader among its ranks since. The movement is in existence to support the same kind of legislation that she helped to pass in Michigan. There are currently more than 200,000 students who are being supported by various publicly funded programs thanks to to educational choice. DeVos recently commented that there are now 17 states that have passed laws to support students by covering their tuition fees into charter schools or private schools. Among these states are Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, and Indiana. She is hopeful that more states will soon be passing similar legislation that will help to support poor families in the country.


Betsy DeVos grew up in a wealthy family in Holland, Michigan where she was heavily influenced by the ideas of the Christian Reformed Church. She is known for her large political donations, which have benefited the GOP for many years, but she also has been quietly donating large sums of money to charitable causes for just as long. Her hometown was heavily influenced by its Dutch residents who believe in equal educational opportunities for everyone. There has been a long-standing debate amongst people from her hometown as well as in other parts of the U.S as to whether religious schools should receive the same kind of funding that public schools do. Betsy DeVos was also influenced by the thinking of scholars who came from Calvin College, which is the college where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business economics.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Looking Into the Diverse Portfolio of Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the foreign investors who have a diverse portfolio. Choudhrie is the founder of C&C Alpha Group, and the company has managed to invest in different industries. Over the years, Choudhrie has significantly focused on assembling strong teams while also ensuring that his decision-making process is methodical. He has also developed a strong business relationship with different investors.

Choudhrie has also invested in a strong management team. He has also been investing for a prolonged period as compared to some of the venture capital firms. By surrounding himself with a strong team, Bhanu Choudhrie has managed to attain a commendable success rate. He has also received some awards over the years since he is an innovative entrepreneur. Get the latest updates on his twitter for more information.

The professional career of Bhanu Choudhrie has been working as an entrepreneur since 2001. London serves as the headquarters to C&C Alpha Group. The firm has a strong presence in different areas, including India. C&C Alpha Group also has offices in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the United States. Bhanu usually oversees a huge team of consultants, financial analysts, project developers, and project managers. As an investor, Bhanu ensures that he has built some value for the C&C Alpha Group shareholders. At the moment, the company is focusing on emerging and new markets. Bhanu Choudhrie has also been looking for suitable business opportunities in India.

The diverse portfolio of C&C Alpha Group is impressive. The firm has invested in the following sectors; banking, aviation, hospitality, utilities, and real estate. C&C Alpha Group has also invested in the Indian entertainment sector. They have specifically invested in Bollywood productions. At the moment, C&C Alpha Group is a family enterprise. Choudhrie has been working alongside Dhairya Choudhrie, who is the current executive director in the firm. Bhanu’s father- Sudhir Choudhrie is serving as a consultant at C&C Alpha Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie has managed to serve as an executive within C&C Alpha Group since the period when the firm was founded. The corporation has focused mainly on the analysis of global economic trends. C&C Alpha Group usually partners with the firms that they have invested in; the company believes that although a firm may need some capital, it is also good to provide some guidance.

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Career life of Matt Fleeger

Cancer causes severe effects on physical health. The ill-health that it brings can cause mixed feelings to the affected as well as their friends and family. It is crucial to offer care and support to people living with cancer as it gives them a chance to be happy again and feel loved. The disease affects people of any age, including children. Sadie Keller is one of the survivors of cancer that has suffered for a couple of years. She suffered from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that distracted her studies and healthy life. She has undergone chemotherapy and persevered through the many stages of cancer treatment. The struggles she endured inspired her to upload videos online on the effects of the disease. Her step paved the way for many people to help her survive the adverse effects and support her financially. Through the foundation that she launched, she has successfully helped families with children suffering from cancer. Matt Fleeger is among the executives that have shown her support through her journey battling cancer.

Matt Fleeger donated $14,000 to the foundation of Sadie which encouraged her. Mathew is an executive at the well-known Gulf Coast Western oil and gas company. He has encouraged other people to gain motivation for helping people suffering in their communities. His humility has proved his caring attitude as a wealthy businessman.

Despite focusing on charitable activities, Matt Fleeger has a dedication to bringing progress in his companies through being responsible. He stands for every issue that arises in his ventures and as an orderly leader; he has solved problems at his company in the right manner. He conserves resources in his company to bring growth and prevent calamities related to irresponsibleness and ignorance at his place of work. The innovative thoughts he delivers at the oil and gas industry has facilitated more exports to other countries for maximum income.

Ara Chackerian The Leader Of TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian the leader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and businessman. He is one of the most well-known and respected leaders in the healthcare services industry. Ara Chackerian is currently the director of two different companies by the names of Evolute Consolidated Holdings and Pipeline Health Holdings LLC. Ara Chackerian attended Florida State University and graduated with his master’s degree in marketing and business management. Ara Chackerian has founded three different businesses in the past by the names of BMC Diagnostics, Embian, and Providerlinks.

Ara Chackerian is also a giver and is known to be a very generous philanthropist and he does a lot of different work in the community. He also focuses a lot of his efforts on protecting the environment and helping with the development of youth. One of the things that Ara Chackerian and his company TMS Health Solutions are focused on is bringing health care services and the technology industry together. Ara Chackerian actually got the idea for starting his current company TMS Health Solutions in the area of outpatient psychiatry from a friend. This is when they put together a plan for him and his business partner to develop a device based treatment and this treatment is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian thinks that if you couple transcranial magnetic stimulation, talk therapy, and medication that a patient should see extremely good results.

Ara Chackerian has teamed up with a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Richard Bermudas. Dr. Bermudas has already been using transcranial magnetic stimulation in his practice since 2008 and the use of the procedure is FDA-approved. The doctor knew that this procedure can help many people who are experiencing medication-resistant depression. He wanted to give more people access to the treatment and he knew if he teamed up with Ara Chackerian that they can make this happen. Ara Chackerian has vast experience when it comes to building medical facilities and the doctor and his team would be administering the actual treatment.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Is Your Neighborhood’s Neighbor

Kisling, Nestico & Redick a law firm in Akron, Ohio, was started in 2005. At present, the organization has a group of over 30 lawyers and about 100 support staff. Some of their attorneys, including Nestico, have been named as Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and as Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio.

The firm has gained a reputation among the state’s leading personal injury firms. The firm understands the insurance business, and it has extensive legal experience, and they are well acquainted with the different jurisdictions in the area. Kisling Nestico & Redick has a primary focus on injury law where they seek to help victims of traffic accidents obtain justice. Kisling Nestico & Redick has always been genuinely interested in helping not just to alleviate suffering but also to prevent it, since its inception. Besides helping clients to find justice, this firm is also recognized as a primary source of change whereby they have produced a strategy to make roads in Ohio safer for pedestrians and drivers.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has not only receive many favorable settlements for their clients, but they established rules. A couple was tragically killed in an auto accident. As a part of the settlement agreement, a trucking company agreed to set funds aside to enforce stricter training, thereby making highways safer.

The firm has engaged in acts of charities since it is inception. Last year, it raised nearly $27,000. Kisling Nestico & Redick has donated over $300,000 to charitable organizations. They have also raised money to help the kids in the community, and they have contributed money to the local food banks.

Steve Lesnard: How To Effectively Market Products In The Digital World

People need different products and services. Many firms offer these products and services. The main difference lies in the quality being offered. As a result, companies should always enlighten the target clients about what they are offering and the significance of their products and services in their day-to-day life.

Each marketing technique has different benefits. However, if not leveraged accordingly, some techniques will end up being unproductive. For a brand to succeed, it must realize the importance of prioritizing on consumer needs. When you focus on the consumer benefits, it is a clear indicator your product introduction was successful.

Bring About Simplicity

The storyline is significant when it comes to marketing in the digital era. Also, make sure that the clients are knowledgeable about the benefits that accrue from utilizing the different products and services offered by your firm. The teams can easily focus on relevant and innovative communication features when there is simplicity.

A good example is the iPod campaign. People could easily store their favorite songs into one gadget, thanks to Apple. They could also listen to these songs while on the go. By ensuring their communication strategy was simple, they were able to capture the attention of many individuals. Apple also triggered some emotions among its audience. At the moment, Apple has placed emphasis on “safety” as well as “health and fitness.” The firm is focusing on the expansion of its sports monitoring features and measurements.

Making The Consumer Experience Realistic

This principle will focus on the consumer experience that a brand wants to bring to life. Consumers are more interested in knowing about what a specific product does and how they will use it. All these scenarios can energize the medium of your choice. Videos can be used; nevertheless, it is advisable to ensure that the product will rhyme with the context. The consumer testimonies will also play a primary role in ensuring that people can learn about the features of a particular product. By ensuring that the consumer experience is realistic, the target audience can easily relate, and they will purchase the products and services at ease since they have prior knowledge about what the company is offering.

Dick DeVos Has Big Plans for Community Development

Most people in the United States didn’t know the names Dick and Betsy DeVos until Donald Trump selected Betsy DeVos to serve as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education. However, residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan know the names well. That’s because the dynamic pair has been advocating for local community development for decades.


Dick DeVos was serving as a leader in family-owned business Amway Corporation when he heard that business leaders wanted to install a major entertainment venue north of Grand Rapids. DeVos put his personal interests aside and picked up the phone. He wasn’t going to let the venue open outside of the city limits where it would contribute to urban sprawl. DeVos saw what happened when major sports venues set up outside of the City of Detroit. He didn’t want urban sprawl to come to Grand Rapids.


Ultimately, DeVos’ efforts succeeded. When the Van Andel Arena opened in Grand Rapids a short time later, it was located downtown. People from all walks of life travel downtown to attend sporting events, concerts and even political rallies. The arena was only the first of a resurgence of development in the downtown area. Today, if you travel to downtown Grand Rapids, you can see condominiums, new hotels, a law school and state-of-the-art medical facilities. DeVos also lead the effort to install DeVos Place, an upscale concert venue, downtown Grand Rapids a few years later.


Although DeVos failed to win the governor’s seat for Michigan, DeVos didn’t stop finding ways to contribute to his community. Among other projects, the family is highly involved in several education initiatives. One of the projects is an aviation-themed charter school. The school serves high school students and operates out of Grand Rapids Ford International Airport.


DeVos, himself, is a trained pilot. He says that the project is an important way to provide a high-quality education for individuals from all walks of life. It’s also a way that he shares his love of flying with students in his hometown.


Dick and Betsy DeVos met at Calvin College, a private, liberal arts college on the east side of Grand Rapids. They raised their children in the greater Grand Rapids area. Betsy DeVos is originally from Holland, Michigan. Holland is a thirty-minute drive from Grand Rapids. The DeVos family maintains property in the Holland area.


DeVos’ eldest son, Rick DeVos, is the founder and leader of Art Prize. Art Prize is an open art competition in Grand Rapids. Held biannually, the competition awards prizes based on expert adjudication as well as based on a public vote. Members of the public can vote for their favorites as well as view the artwork without charge throughout the City of Grand Rapids. The competition occurs in late September.


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