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Betsy DeVos: Pushing for Success in Education in the Future

Imagine that you’re sitting in a room and did the instructor is going over some material that you don’t quite understand. Maybe you tuned out for a moment or maybe you don’t understand the way that she is laying out the material. The main issue is that you have fallen behind your peers. This can cause you a severe amount of anxiety as you struggle to catch up or you tune out completely for the rest of the lesson. Perhaps you tell yourself that you will study material when you get home but even then, you don’t feel as though you completely grasp the material. Unfortunately, this is the state of the public school system. Children are in large classrooms with the fast-paced material. Instead of feeling empowered to ask questions and get the one on one attention that they need, students willingly chose to fall behind their peers. In addition to feeling frustrated, it can be embarrassing to openly admit that you are not up to speed on the topic.


Betsy DeVos has understood this problem the in the public school system for a long time. She explains in an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable that while students are being educated in these systems they are not learning anything. This is one of the reasons that parents should be awakened to the additional options that are available to students beyond these systems. She has gone on the record as supporting charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling efforts. These methods provide students with the chance to obtain a one-on-one education. This education style will not only help student grasp material but it will alert teachers to potential problems with materials much sooner than the public school model.


While Betsy DeVos takes some interest in the public school system in her current role, she will always hold a special place for private institutions. In fact, she recently took a trip to Florida with many public figures to explore the SLAM! Charter school located in Florida. This charter school is dedicated toward the education of girls in lower income areas. Betsy DeVos believes that charter schools could be a good solution for many students it may not be able to afford private education. Her hope is that parents will express more of a desire to educate their children through alternative methods. Once children are in these different types of education institutions the word-of-mouth phenomena will allow these parents to educate their peers. For Betsy DeVos, the future is truly contingent on the way that children are being educated today. She wants to help solidify the United States as a center for knowledge and education. Not only do the children of America deserve it, but they need it to be successful in the future.


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End Citizens United Advocating Reforms In US Politics

The End Citizens United refers to a Political Action Committee (PAC) formed in 2016 to bring political reforms in America. Its main focus was to campaign and push for changes in the finance section. The End Citizens United envisioned accomplishing this by directing millions of dollars in the campaign of Democratic aspirants during the 2016 elections.

End Citizens United (ECU) recently praised Senator Booker for his decision to reject PAC funds. Cory is part of a developing trend, as an unmatched number of aspirants are refusing funds from corporate PACs. End Citizens United encourages its endorsed nominees to commit to rejecting special interest money. According to the president of ECU Tiffany Muller, the decision of Senator Booker to turn down money from corporate PACs demonstrates his leadership and commitment in the struggle to unrig the electoral structure that’s dragging most of the Americans behind.

Senator Booker’s decision came on the heels of another critical announcement recently by Senator Kirsten who announced, alongside an ECU endorsement that she is turning down PAC funds during her re-election campaign. Tiffany Muller mentioned that rejecting PACs money shows their accountability to the Americans and not the corporate special interests.

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ECU has over 70 aspirants who are rejecting PACs funds, including its endorsed aspirants such as Elissa Slotkin (MI-08), Beto O’Rourke (TX-Senate), Dean Phillips (MN-03), Randy Bryce (WI-01), Conor Lamb (PA-18), Andy Kim (NJ-03) and Christina Hartman (PA-16). As voters become more and more frustrated with the way America conducts business, political nominees who make this commitment prove to the voters that they are standing up for them and not the agenda of corporate special interests.

According to ECU, the American’s faith in their government is currently low, with over 90% believing the administration is working on the agenda of some special interests. A strong reform agenda would assist in ending the outsized influence the special interests has on the politicians and help build trust with the constituents once more. ECU found that 62% of the Americans believe that every aspirant who rejects corporate PAC funds is an indication that the aspirant is committed to reforms.

The other primary objective of ECU is to fight for financial reforms even at the state levels. To achieve this, ECU is campaigning to reverse the 2010 Supreme Court judgment on the powers given to the PAC. The only means to meet these objectives is to get financial donations and backing by the U.S citizens. The committee plans to continue with the changes once it sponsors nominees in the Congress.

End Citizens United accumulated more than 4 million dollars during the first three months of the campaign. The group projects to raise more than 35 million dollars by 2018 when the country is entering the congress elections.

Search more about End Citizens United: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/