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Repton School Aims For Excellence In Swimming

Swimming is known to be one of the world’s best forms of exercise. When people swim, they work all the muscles of their bodies at the same time. Swimming allows people to work out in a way that also helps reduce the possibility of injury and avoid serious strain. The water supports the body as the person moves through the water. It’s one form of exercise that people can use all of their lives. This is a process that those at the Repton School recognize very well. They know the many benefits of swimming and how it can help students become stronger both mentally and physically. It is a process they hope to develop further by aiming for a nationally ranked swimming team.

Director of Swimming

The process has begun at the Repton School with the appointment of a post known as the Director of Swimming. This person will be in charge of the programs at the school. There are two sites. The first is at Repton School. The second is located in Foremarke Hall. This person is someone who will take the time to oversee the entire programme. They are aiming to develop a competitive group of swimmers who can swim here as individuals and as part of a team. The director is someone who will oversee all facets of this process including helping to facilitate training for students and make sure that all schedules are coordinated in order to maximize time in the pool and at competitions.

Many Paths

Starting in January, there will be what is known as a junior development path. This path is one that is designed to encourage talent at this level and work to offer serious support. In addition, community officials are working closely with those at Repton School to provide ways for residents of the area to participate in this process. There will be Learn to Swim programme at the school that will help local residents learn how to become comfortable in the water here. There will also be a dedicated holiday camp at the school so kids can take this time to engage in swimming related activities.

An Exciting Initiative

For those at the school, this is a deeply exciting initiative they know will lead to many results. With the work they are doing, it offers incredible possibilities as the school looks to the future. This is one area that may be in the process of producing top flight swimmers who can help the United Kingdom compete on a local and international level. Swimmers who are working with this school will find incredible coaching that can help them realize their full potential in the sport and as individuals looking to bring their own athletic career to an impressive level. In addition, it’s also a process that should have additional and much welcome effects for those in the community at large. It should strengthen ties between area residents and the staff and students at Repton School. Find out more about Repton School: https://www.schoolsshow.co.uk/mosets-root/find-a-school/5-west/657-repton-school