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LocationSmart Brings Location Awareness for Enterprise Location Solutions

Staying Connected at all times


The ability to stay connected and to keep track of assets is a universal problem, and the solution has not always been readily available. Now with LocationSmart, enterprises can remain relevant to all of their devices 24/7/365. Whether it is workers, tools, or critical assets, LocationSmart keeps all devices synced for important decisions and real-time location tracking.


Cloud-based Solution


A cloud-based location tracking application has many advantages. First, the app allows information to be traced and tracked by all who have access to the cloud server and has access to the type of data being stored in the cloud. This is important since LocationSmart works with customers all over the world who need access to critical data at any time of the day or night to make crucial decisions. Software developers can also take advantage of this technology when developing software that will connect a fleet of trucks, a caravan of ships, or loads of cargo being flown to distant terminals across the globe. LocationSmart technology tracks in real-time the attached location devices data and gives important tracking details to decision-makers who need to know when critical cargo will arrive.


Visibility and Control


In recent statistics, it showed that more than 17B devices were being connected at any one time throughout the world. Also, the Internet of Things connects about 7B of those devices between home and computer. It is a staggering amount of data to keep track of. Still, LocationSmart technology can quickly locate any device thru its unique IP address, just as a computer has a specific address given to it, so do all electronic devices have their own device ID’s which can be used to track them. The number of devices can be between 20-23 Billion across the globe, which would equal to about 2/person. This number will grow as the IoT wave of technology evolves in the next decade. However, the technology will not change but will become better at tracking devices.


Advantages for Developers

  • Utilize GSID
  • Pinpoint and Manage Wi-Fi
  • Tracking thru LTE, GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA
  • Locate visible cell point access
  • 8 Billion Wi-Fi access points
  • Locate devices in 200 countries
  • Access to 160 million cell tower identities


Canadian Access Points


In Canada there are more than 30 million devices with multiple access points through apps and software access. LocationSmart allows for the full connectivity and traceability of these access points in real-time. Lastly, LocationSmart can also pinpoint an individual’s browser location from within 3.2 billion devices anywhere in the world. In Short, LocationSmart is tomorrow’s location technology here today, moving forward into the future. From within any location throughout the world, an enterprise can remain in contact with assets, employees, running, or stationary devices, whether on land, air or in the sea. With LocationSmart technology, no company will have to worry about being connected to their assets or their shipments.


Visit www.locationsmart.com to learn more.

Talkspace: Tackling the mental health crisis through text

Of the million of users taking advantage of the new application known as Talkspace, they are getting what most wish they had years ago. We now live in a world where mental health is leading the conversation in our own private circles and at work. We all seem to know that person who was suffering from some kind of mental illness and never had someone to talk to. Talkspace has changed that with their text application allowing users direct access to professional therapists waiting for the users text to give them a solution. The platform has gained popularity with so many people suffering by themselves and needing someone who can help them.

Read more at medicaldailytimes.com to know more about Talkspace.

Talkspace is available to anyone who owns a smartphone and wants to download the application. It take a matter of minutes to figure out the process. Once you have shared your specific issues, then the application does the rest to get you paired with a therapist of your choice. You can even change this individual if you find you two are not a good match from the beginning. Many users love using Talkspace because it’s easy and it doesn’t add to the list of problems they could already be facing.

Talkspace has shown that it’s reliable and users can’t stop talking about how it such a new change in the game of dealing with mental health concerns. No longer do people feel stranded or even alienated that there’s no one to reach out to. Talkspace is the application they need to get their lives back on track and find out what solutions they can use. Therapists are on hand to read long texts or listen to audio clips from users as well. It makes for a great application and platform many are saying has satisfied their mental health challenges.

Read More: https://www.askmen.com/dating/dating_advice/talkspace-couples-therapy-review.html

TigerSwan Provides Unique Services to Customers

tigerswan, james reese

Security concerns and risks have continued to be one of the largest issues facing businesses for decades. While this is a historical risk that has always had an issue on the modern world, the changes in the world and economy have continued to make it more prevalent. One of the leading companies today that is built to help you mitigate these risks is TigerSwan.

 TigerSwan is a very diverse company that focuses on providing solutions for uncertainty for companies of all sizes. One of the top services that TigerSwan provides today is through its Guardian Angel platform. This is a very unique platofmr that provides visual analytics and related solutions to companies all over the world. This helps them to build a strong organization, which allows them to identify and manage these risks.

tigerswan, james reese

TigerSwan also has a great security management team, which is built to help an organization secure itself from a variety of threats that are unique to this digital world. The team at TigerSwan has very extensive security experience, which allows it to come up with unique solutions to mitigate risks.

Additionally, TigerSwan has a variety of construction management and logistics services that are unique to similar firms. This allows organizations to be more efficient and manage their costs, which can help to make any construction project a profitable one. TigerSwan can then continue to provide certain oversight services going forward as well. This has helped the company to continue to grow in this field, which allows it to provide an even more diverse set of services to its customers.

The TigerSwan team and organization would not be anywhere if it was not for the great leadership provided by the CEO, James Reese. While TigerSwan has grown into a leader in the security industry across the world, it would have never grown to the current levels without the leadership of James Reese. Under the guidance of James Reese, the company has continued to find new ways to serve its customers and make them more secure organizations. In the future, he will continue to have a major impact on the organization.

Read more here https://www.tigerswan.com/our-services/

Make the Smart Choice and Use Location Smart for Your Business

IP Geolocation is an important service that businesses need to leverage in this modern world because majority of their clients are reliant on technology for their day to day activities. Businesses need Location Smart, which is a time tested platform, which enables the optimization of IP geolocation.


Remember, each device is outfitted with a unique IP address when they connect to a network. This serves as a point of identification of the device or the user, which is the critical component in IP geolocation. Apart from mere identification, it can improve your business. The impact of Location Smart is in depth, so it has the capacity to influence many different industries. Here are some benefits of using Location Smart:


Helps you Abide with the Rules of Law


For any business to flourish, they have to abide by the law. If you dare to veer away from it, you are imposed with huge penalties. Location smart has the capacity to help businesses which are heavily regulated. For instance, the online gambling industry is able to use Location Smart to get their necessary permits. Online gambling is illegal in some states. With Location Smart, an online casino is able verify the residence of the player before allowing him into the portal. Ip geolocation data gives businesses the capability to see the geographic boundaries of their client base.


Minimizes the Risk of Online Fraud


With the advent of technology, the rise of internet based scammers has also increased. To protect your business from these hackers and e-thieves, you have to know where these mean-spirited people with ill intentions are. Location Smart is able to collect the data of the user that gains access to your network. If the location is not clear, you can opt to ban this person. Once businesses are able to identify their real clients from the hackers, they can take concrete steps against these people. With authenticating protocols in place, don’t just protect yourself, but you give your clients the peace of mind that your serve is secure, therefore, they are also secure and safe to transact with you.


Geo-Targeted Advertising


Majority of business expenses is spent on the promotion of the business. With Location Smart, you can minimize these expenses and target only those clients that can generate actual leads and conversion. After all, why bother with an audience that is far from you? Location Smart is able to help you craft your content and disseminate it to the right audience. This saves you the time, money, and effort. With this in place, the chances of the success of your marketing plans become higher.


Protect your Network and Assets


Location Smart is able to boost your network security because it is easy to identify which devices are connected to your network. The real time information will update you if there are any hacking attempts in progress. Once aware of the malicious activities, you can send counter measures right away. This prevents scammers from accessing your important company data.


Helps Defend your Digital Data and Copyright


With many pirates intent on making a profit out of other people’s original content, Location Smart is able to help you by ensuring that you can determine from where and when your valuable content is being accessed. If you see that the one downloading your data is coming from an unsecure location, you can put a stop to it. Location Smart enables you take immediate and concrete actions to decrease the impact of these illegal activities.


Visit www.locationsmart.com to learn more.

James Reese and Tigerswan

“james reese tigerswan” “james reese tigerswan”

James Reese was a respected member of Delta Force, a special operations unit that is part of the United States Army. He commanded critical task forces and small groups in some of the most contentious conflict zones in the world. James Reese came up with an idea while training with Delta Force; the idea for a private security firm. Tigerswan, as it would come to be known, is one of the best crisis management and risk mitigation firms in the world. It is also known to have some of the best security teams in the world – James Reese knows how to put together an effective team.

As the CEO of Tigerswan, Reese has had to switch gears mentally – although not as much as he thought he would. Tigerswan was founded in 2008 and now employs more the 300 people. He notes that it is just as stressful as the military, if not more so. He still is responsible for the lives of others. He works daily to protect clients from harm. He is also, however, relied upon to provide pay checks for his employees, another form of livelihood. This stresses Reese out, but he says it is worth it to watch his employees grow.

He says one of the hardest transitions – for him – is the financial worries. When he was in the military, he commanded some of the most elite and talented soldiers in the world. He didn’t need to worry about their salaries, nor the cost of the equipment. These facets of the operations were taken care of by the federal government. Now, however, Tigerswan is footing the bill. Thus, he notes that he can’t always afford to hire the best talent in every single field, but he looks forward to the opportunity to train people to become some of the best in their field.

Tigerswan can afford some talent, however, so James Reese hires it in the places where it is needed the most. Additionally, Reese searches for people will obvious talent who are still early in their careers. These people can be acquired for less money but can be trained to be industry leaders. Reese enjoys this aspect of the job, as it not only creates great employees, but it also works wonders for team cohesion. His ability to lead these individuals and help them grow into bigger roles sets him apart as a leader and CEO of a company.

James Reese and everyone who works at Tigerswan pride themselves on the teamwork that they consistently exude as a group. This helps goals be reached easier and more efficiently. He stresses that it is important not to micromanage a team, especially those with significant experience. Provide feedback and expectations for an end goal and the resources to get there. Provide help if needed. These are the guidelines that James Reese provides for leadership. Additionally, he notes that the team is focused on putting the mission first, whether they are civilians of veterans. This loyalty helps the company grow successfully.

Find out more here https://jamesreesetigerswan.contently.com/

LocationSmart Sets Its Eyes Out On Canadian Expansion

Connecting devices and sending information across multiple devices is important. In the business realm, businesses need to be able to connect all their devices through the cloud.

They need a cloud computing system that is reliable, trustworthy and is going to safely transmit data. LocationSmart has become the go to provider of a location cloud computing needs for personal, professional and industrial needs. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart is a apart of the LaaS industry. This budding industry covers location as a service business. These businesses specialize in creating software, technology and applications company. There is a growing demand for devices to be connected regardless of location.

LocationSmart is delivering solutions to businesses and people who need connection and need the software to where the location for devices is being solved. LocationSmart has become the largest in the sector. As they grow in demand, revenue and customer base, they see the need to become a borderless company.

The LaaS provider is setting its eyes on Canada. Canada will be the next country they seep into and try to tackle location issues customers are having there. They will offer the same level of service to these customers. They have developed a carrier network that will allow certain processes like short message service to work on their platform. Consent management and geo contextual services will also be available on their platform.

The CEO of this Laas company is optimistic about this expansion into Canada. He knows that his company will be able to fulfill promises to the people of Canada as they have done in the United States. New opportunities are awaiting both the company and subscribers of LocationSmart in Canada. Mobile users of the service will benefit mainly from their initial expansion.

This expansion speaks volumes about their overall plans. Canada may be the next market they monetize but it won’t be the last. To be the biggest and best LaaS provider, they want to be in multiple countries.

The success of LocationSmart is evident in the reviews online, their rapidly growing customer base and the fact that the company is a customer of Forture 500 companies suggest they are dominating a space that is hard to dominate in.

Running a tech company is hard. Their CEO recognizes this and is very pleased to see LocationSmart making a difference in the tech sector and is able to maintain their success in a sector that tends to see startups fail.

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Betterworks Provides for Constructive Feedback Conversations through Goals and Performance Tracking


The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution is a template-based system for providing feedback to employees. It integrates with email and other communications systems in order to provide a continually updated exchange on performance between supervisors and employees. Conversation templates are designed to keep focus on a tracked and measured direction in employee performance with the intent of reaching a company goal. This keeps goals aligned to company objectives and helps keep feedback limited to attaining them, thereby helping eliminate subjective bias and allowing for practical conversations.

Keeping things practical is a functional part of providing an environment in which both parties are less intimidated and reluctant to engage in feedback conversations. Supervisors may be unprepared to deal with unexpected employee reactions, or they could benefit from a system for pairing company goals with specific feedback points. Employees may find feedback either critical or without actionable material or direction for improvement.

Download the Betterworks App – https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/betterworks/

Surveys have found that close to half of employees get feedback not more than a couple of times a year, and even fewer considered the feedback to be actionable.

A study by Kimberly Schaufenbeul at UNC Executive Development found that motivation comes from clear explanation of the company’s goals and how an employee can have an impact in reaching them. This comes from frequent and engaged feedback, which allows for more understanding and which provides for creative and innovative efforts by informed employees.

The Betterworks: Continuous Performance Management® solution works on these fundamental ideas by determining company goals and consistently communicating them. Goal achievement is approach with regular goal and performance oriented conversations and conversation template support for managers. Betterment also coaches teams at all stages, and provides support with online community and resources and the with on-demand webinars for setting up a company’s feedback program.

Learn more about Betterworks – https://tech.co/performance-management-software/betterworks-review

It Really Is All About Location At LocationSmart!

 LocationSmart, the worldwide leader in Cloud location services, is now expanding their services into Canada broadening their reach to serve their customers on International scale more efficiently.

While already having customers in Canada LocationSmart tends to stabilize their connections and change the way companies do business. Offering Global site ID services for over 200 countries and being able to locate with over a billion Wi-Fi services, it’s safe to say that LocationSmart may be one of the location service super powers.

LocationSmart officer services for a wide range of devices from cell phones, tablets, landlines, computers, and more. Cell phone Services also include SMS messaging partners with over 60 Nationwide carriers. LocationSmart SMS campaign allows for businesses to send geo-targeted communications that is sure to drive results from customers who take action. In regards to the computer benefit of LocationSmart, they provide a comprehensive IP Geolocation service.

The IP Geolocation service lends a helping hand to businesses by assisting them with compliance transaction verification, identity, and fraud detection. Yet another great endeavor LocationSmart is making to meet customers at every end and every step of the way. This is a platform is indeed intended to keep businesses at their highest potential.


Almost acting as an asset protection agency LocationSmart keeps you in touch with your assets like never before. With good local and hyperlocal location services, you have constant omniscient access to the location of your asset at all times. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Facebook

The service is so extensive it can give you real-time tracking of your assets located deep within a warehouse storage. This means never losing or being out of connection with your commodities again. Best of all, these service extend to a worldwide level so making it much easier for those looking to extend their partnerships or relationships.


When it comes to expansion of a company one thing is guaranteed, you need to hire more employees to delegate the task of your daily operations. Keeping you in close touch with the employees allows you to communicate real-time changes within the job. Also, this service enforces compliance within the company ensuring employees are where they are scheduled to be and allowing employers to track devices, ensuring proper use of them.

With that being said, LocationSmart is anticipation a smooth and successful transition into its Canadian demographic. The international skies are looking bright for the future!

Learn more about LocationSmart:


Shervin Pishevar Highlights The Infrastructure Problems Of The U.S. As A Sign Of A Failing Economy

The early Uber investor and technology expert, Shervin Pishevar has recently caused a storm because of a 21-hour Tweetstorm taking in a range of subjects. Pishevar was criticized by some for his stance on a range of subjects but has been proven correct in many of his assertations regarding the future of the U.S. One of the major subjects discussed by Shervin Pishevar was the U.S. infrastructure which the associate of President Obama believes is a sign of a declining economy.

The advances made by other nations were the subject of many of the later Tweets from Shervin Pishevar as he discussed how the U.S. had fallen behind technologically advanced nations like China. Pishevar painted a dark picture of the U.S. economy at the end of the second decade of the 21st-century with the government mainly to blame for these issues. Upon discussing the infrastructure of the U.S., Shervin Pishevar explained the Chinese had recently constructed an entire train station in just nine hours. This compares badly with the problems Pishervar and his team at Virgin Hyperloop who are struggling to get their cross-country rail link off the ground.

Shervin Pishevar believes the U.S. is lagging behind because of a lack of governmental regulation over technological issues and a large amount of short-term thinking. The short-term nature of the thinking of local and Federal agencies has been shown by the failure of all agencies to take advantage of the extensive antitrust laws in the U.S. that halt the rise of monopolies across the nation.

The failure of U.S.-based investors to see the potential in the newest technology companies has been shown in the ridicule thrown towards Pishevar’s business partner, Elon Musk. Both SpaceX and the Virgin Hyperloop project have been ridiculed by investors and the media because of the short-term thinking that has become the norm for many. Shervin Pishevar believes the tide will turn away from the current top five giants of U.S. technology towards innovators like Musk in the coming years.


How Serge Belamant laid a stable foundation for cryptocurrency

Every industry has its legends. For instance, in baseball, individuals such as Babe Ruth and DiMaggio are considered the founding fathers of the sport. Similarly, the world of crypto also has those names which are credited to its success, and in this case, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the founding father. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that while there is no denying that Satoshi’s invention has significantly impacted the world by creating bitcoin, the world of crypto would have remained an elusive dream were it not for an individual named Serge Belamant.

Even though Serge Belamant is not the first name that comes in mind whenever there is mention of crypto, he helped lay the foundation for this technology by creating the blockchain technology and even holds a patent for it. Belamant was integral in the creation of blockchain technology as he was the first person to create a smart card with a microprocessor that could work both online and offline. It is, however, vital to note that his contributions to the world of finance go beyond bitcoin.

Before coming up with blockchain, Serge Belamant first made it possible for banking facilities to verify the identity of anyone carrying out a transaction by assigning each user and identity and account. Were it not for his verification system, the millions of transactions that take place each second would not be possible.

The process of blockchain creation

Getting blockchain out, there was no mean feat for Serge Belamant. He spent years trying to convince companies in the banking industry to utilize his EUPS with no success. Despite multiple rejections, he kept on trying to sell his technology.

His efforts finally paid off after Visa hired his company, Net1 Technologies, to create a debit card for using UEPS technology. He was still in South Africa when he got this big break but moved to the US, where he could easily access all the resources needed for the perfect completion of the project. What started as a simple project gave rise to COPAC, an offline preauthorized card.

This also marked the beginning of Serge Belamant’s success, and since then he has never looked back. Even though he is an underdog, his role in the development of bitcoin cannot be underestimated.

To know more click: here.