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Why Consumers Are Increasingly Turning To Alternative Payment Providers Such As Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is one of the world’s top providers of merchant services and online payment processing. Their services are used in 196 nations. They have a fast and secure mobile app that is easy to use while being flexible enough to make payments to physical retailers, online commerce companies, or sending money to friends and family (USmoney2020).

They are based in London and were founded in 2002. Allied Wallet’s Chief Executive officer Andy Khawaja is the person who founded this company. Over the years they have processed more than one billion dollars worth of financial transactions. Their products include an eWallet app, prepaid cards, a worldwide payment gateway, and a mobile point of sale (POS) service. Their software uses SHA-256 encryption and it is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 guidelines.

Allied Wallet is known for being a very innovative company, such as using advanced artificial intelligence. Their company culture is based on positivity and freedom. This company has been positively written about in several prominent publications such as Wired, The Technology Headlines, Fortune Magazine, and The Guardian. Allied Wallet is also recognized for its philanthropy, giving money to many nonprofits such as The ASACP, The Wounded Warrior Project, and After-School All-Stars.

One of the biggest recent moves at Allied partnered with China’s WeChat Pay. WeChat is an online message service with over one billion active users. About 900 million of these users also use WeChat Pay. In China, few transactions are conducted using cash anymore. Of the mobile payment companies in China, WeChat Pay is by far the largest. Their nearest competitor, with about 500 million active users, is Alibaba.

By aligning itself with WeChat Pay, users of Allied Wallet can easily move online funds from one account to the other. By doing so, people can use their Allied  account to pay for things whether that is online or in a brick-and-mortar retail store. CEO Andy Khawaja says that how people pay for things today is evolving and that many consumers are clearly saying that using a credit card is no longer their number one preference.


Available news on Allied Wallet´s online payment services at https://www.facebook.com/alliedwallet/

Maarten de Jeu’s Expert Advice on Venturing in International Business

Thriving in the business world requires skills and experience in managing risks while dealing with threats of a business. One of the most iconic business professionals who have had an impact on his service is Maarten de Jeu. Maarten has accomplished a lot with his vast experience in international business working with global companies. Maarten de Jeu holds various qualifications such as the Master’s degree in Public Administration and the Executive Masters in Business Administration. His commitment to the studies enabled him to emerge as one of the best in the business class.


Maarten de Jeu’s Work History


Maarten de Jeu secured his first job as an analyst at TDVK Management Consultants. His duties and responsibilities involved researching and providing business insights to clients and guiding them to make informed decisions. His attention to detail and creativity enabled him to thrive in his roles. He was able to work with reputable clients such as Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. He honed his skills and got exposed to the international business operations that were significant in the growth of his career.


Maarten joined Aviva Plc in his bid in finding more challenging work where he was recruited to spearhead the operations of the insurance firm. His interpersonal and management skills enabled him to serve in various leadership positions within the company.


Maarten de Jeu has traveled in various parts of the world and gained extensive international experience. He is responsible for the formation of two startups that are transforming the lives of many people, which include SpeakUp and SVM Business Advisory. SpeakUp Company helps the public limited companies in complying with ethical standards. Maarten is actively involved in running the affairs of SVM Business Advisory. Through SVM Business Advisory Company, Maarten de Jeu provides strategic business advice to investors and other clients so that they can excel in various ventures. Maarten de Jeu’s company specializes in multiple sectors such as real estate, finance industry, and international business operations. Learn more: http://www.chicagosplash.com/galleries/102118-msi-columbian-ball/liz-and-kent-dauten-smita-shah-maarten-de-jeu_john-wheeler-museum-of-science-and-industry-chicago


Maarten shares his expertise in international business by stating that investors that want to expand their businesses on a global scale should consider the following factors.


Financial Matters


Maarten says that expanding business operations beyond your country’s boundaries requires financial planning to achieve the objectives. He says that entrepreneurs should evaluate the costs involved in meeting various requirements, including the hiring of staff and regulation before making a move.


Language and culture


Maarten de Jeu states that culture and language will influence how your business will perform in the international market. He advises the entrepreneurs to invest time and resources in knowing the language of their new market and culture to prevent cultural interference, which may damage the reputation of the business.


Demand for the goods


Maarten also advises entrepreneurs to research about the customers’ need for their products in the international market. Some of the considerations include; competitive pricing strategy and competitive products.


Other factors to consider are the laws and regulations in the international market and tax compliance issues.

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Alastair Borthwick: A man who remade himself

He was created in Rutherglen and while a kid also lived in Troon and in Glasgow, where he attended Glasgow SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. He left college at age 16 in 1929 to focus on the Glasgow Herald: 1st taking down duplicate from correspondents phoning in, and afterwards as editor of a few of the feature pages. It had been through his involvement in the paper’s “Open up Surroundings” page that Alastair initial became involved with Glasgow’s blossoming hillwalking and climbing picture, which he helped foster along with his content articles about operating class folks from Glasgow and Clydebank venturing in to the Highlands at weekends.


1939 saw the publication of “Always just a little Further”, a collection of many of the pieces he had at first written for the Glasgow Herald. The publisher, Fabers, had been initially unsure about the unconventional approach the publication took from what was generally regarded at that time as a wealthy man’s sport, and it had been just on the insistence of 1 of their directors, T.S. Eliot, that they produced a book that has been in print more or less consistently ever since. It remains among the best books ever discussed any facet of outdoor activity in Scotland.


At war’s end, Alastair and his wife Anne, who he previously wedded in 1940, moved from Glasgow to Jura, where he mixed crofting and angling with broadcasting for the BBC. In 1952 they transferred to Islay, before time for Glasgow so Alastair may help with the organisation of Scotland’s contribution to the 1951 Event of Britain. In the 1960s he relocated into television, producing 150 half hour programmes for Grampian TV on a wide selection of subjects. In the 1970s the Borthwicks shifted to Ayrshire, where they resided on a hill farm before Alastair transferred to a nursing house in Beith five years before his loss of life in 2003.



Smita Shah-Interview recap

Smita Shah is an incredibly accomplished woman. Smita has an expansive education including universities such as Northwestern University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Oxford University. Her education and experience in technology-enabled her to start her own engineering company in 1998 while she was only twenty-four years old. Smita’s company, SPAAN Tech, has many different services. SPAAN Tech works as a consultant for other technology companies that need a unique perspective on their projects in order to achieve their goals. SPAAN tech is currently working on several projects including improving runway lighting, building bridges, as well as utilizing solar panels.

Smita’s personal goal is to inspire other young women to get involved in science and engineering. As a child, Smita had a special interest in math and science. In elementary school, she would be the only girl in a group of boys doing math problems. She would often compete in math competitions while in school. While other children were playing sports, Smita was winning ribbons and medals for her academic achievements. Smita has had some encounters with sexism while being a very successful businesswoman. Often times when meeting with other companies, the employees would mistake her for an employee of SPAAN, not the owner. Luckily, Smita has a good sense of humor about it. As an Indian-American woman, Smita would often face minor obstacles because of her race and gender. However, these obstacles never detoured her from her goals and aspirations. Learn more: https://about.me/smita.shah

Smita is a fantastic role model for young girls. She inspires these young women to work hard towards their careers and to look at challenges as positive opportunities to excel. Smita believes that inspiring young women is vital for success in all industries. When asked if women should always be supporting other women, Smita explains that “We are each other’s greatest advocates”. She encourages girls that despite what they may think; they can have it all. There is nothing stopping oneself if they have the determination. Women have the ability to possess fantastic careers in math and science as well as having children and raising a family. Smita herself had two children in the process of developing and running her highly successful company. Smita’s hard work has definitely paid off in the long haul. SPAAN has been in business for over twenty years while pioneering the way for many new technologies in engineering. Smita is an inspirational story to any woman, young or old. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

HCR Wealth Advisors: Helping Clients Invest Their Money Wisely

Investing is essential if you want to enjoy your future without any financial worries, but many people don’t invest time and eventually pay for it later. It is important that you take steps while still young and to earning returns and grow your investment portfolio. If you don’t have the time or experience to research investment products, then you should consider seeking the advice of financial advisors and obtain their views on the financial markets. There are many different investment products that claim to secure your future financially, but not every product may be right for you. Not everyone has the knowledge to pick the right investment plans, and it is why it is essential to consider the services of an investment company who can guide them.

HCR Wealth Advisors, a Los Angeles based wealth management and registered investment adviser, is utilized by hundreds of individuals and companies to handle their investment portfolio. If you are looking to invest smartly and secure your future, listening to what the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors have to say may prove to be beneficial. With years of experience in the field of finance and investment management, you can be sure that the suggestions they provide are suited to help you reach your financial goals. The financial assistance is often needed at different stages of life whether it is marriage, divorce, buying a house, retirement, or anything else. If you do not have a solid financial strategy backing you, the chances are that you can end up in troubled waters.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes in building a long-term relationship with the clients, and it is what has helped the firm to become a leading wealth management firm, with nearly a billion dollars under management. The company has been growing at a fast pace and aims to grow even more in the future. The company has a reputation for keeping its clients first always. Since people cannot predict how much they would need once they retire to live a good life, they should consider relying on advisors to help them invest their money in profitable plans.


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Marc Beer Joins the Top Management of LumeN XT

Recently, Marc Beer was named LumeN XT, Inc.’s Chairman of the Board. LumeN XT is an established private company which has been creating proprietary surgical illumination products to streamline minimally invasive surgeries. Beer is a highly experienced entrepreneur and medical professional. He has over 25 years of experience developing and commercializing in several fields including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and devices.


After the appointment, Marc Beer said that it was a proud moment for him and he felt privileged to work with a committed and successful group of both engineers and surgeons who have spearheaded many advancements in the field of surgical illumination. The group of engineers and surgeons played a huge role in the development of the LumeN XT proprietary technology promoting safe surgeries. Marc Beer believes that the significance of LumeN XT platform will continue to increase as more surgeons leverage minimally invasive approaches to perform surgeries.


The technology has been in use for quite some time. The surgeons who have had the privilege of using targeted illumination testify to the enhancements in precision, visualization and flexibility it comes with. LumeN XT provides a platform which is used to reduce heat during surgeries improving low-cost disposable options, surgical precision, and safety.


Paul Rhyne, LumeNXT Co-Founder, praised Marc Beer for his success in the healthcare sector. He has demonstrated a leadership style that has helped startups to sail through to success. He has started, established and helped many startups to grow through multiple growth phases. His experience helping companies to expand globally and along the path of profitability is unmatched. The experience and expertise he brings on board will be highly valuable to his new company.


Marc Beer is the current CEO of Renovia, Inc., a women’s health startup he founded to address pelvic floor disorders in women across the world. The health company develops therapeutic and diagnostic products for more than 250 million women around the world who suffers from pelvic floor disorders.


Prior to starting Renovia, Inc., Marc Beer served as Minerva Neurosciences Inc.’s Founding Chairman. Minerva Neurosciences is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which develops products for the treatment of central system diseases. It is performing several late-stage clinical trials and developing products for insomnia and mood disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease and major depressive disorders.


Prior to delving into Minerva, Marc Beer held several other leadership roles in the field of biopharmaceutical overseeing addressing of rare disease globally, initial public offerings, global growth, acquisitions and more. He has served at numerous companies in leadership positions. He served at ViaCell as the Founding CEO. He also served in the Erytech Pharma board of directors as a member. Additionally, he held multiple positions at Genzyme, the most prominent one being Vice President of Global Marketing. He is an alumnus of Miami University and a holder of a BS. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lumenxt-names-marc-beer-chairman-of-the-board-300822547.html


Lead Life To The Fullest Says Bob Reina

There is one name in the video marketing business that comes up time and time again, that name is Bob Reina. Now, some people have no clue who Bob is and others know full well. To clarify, Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of the award winning, all in one, video marketing solution known as Talk Fusion. This company provides everything you need to send video in an email and so much more. The company was founded on a dream and the idea of simply sending a video through email, which at the time could not be done. As a result, Bob Reina set out to make it possible.


One of the things Bob talks about is that as people, we have the ability and the responsibility to make our life better and to make the lives of other people better. We have the power to create a better world by helping others, but, deep down the choice is ours. Bob Reina will tell you that accomplishing many of the things we want to see happen in life start with a dream. As a result, Bob Reina feels that many people give up on their dreams much too early. He encourages people to live life to the fullest and to never give up on your dreams.


Talk Fusion was developed on that simple idea but Bob Reina took it much further. The company has a global mission to help people to live better lives. They do this by allowing others to build a business through direct selling and by offering a product that everyone can use to keep in touch with family, friends and clients. The award winning video marketing solution that Talk Fusion offers is top of the line and is more advanced than any other platform. There is nothing like Talk Fusion and it is easy to use too. This is a push button system with premade templates and you simply add your video and hit the send button. They also offer things like video newsletters, opt in forms for your website, video email and so much more. Feel encouraged to check out Talk Fusion and build your business with their award winning tools. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877