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CEO Sergey Petrossov Explains His Vision For JetSmarter

Sergey PetrossovJetSmarter is a company that makes it less expensive to travel by private jet. Members can create shareable flights that other members can join, reducing the cost of the flight by everyone. If someone does want to fly completely privately they have that option, too.

It is led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sergey Petrossov. When he took his first private flight in 2009 he was very surprised by how inefficient the private aviation industry was. He called it a mom-and-pop industry due to how ancient the procedures were.

He was four years old when his family moved from Moscow to California. He spent time in Colorado, too, before he moved to southern Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Florida. He co-founded an education technology firm, which is still in business, before founding JetSmarter. Before this, he worked as a consultant in the private aviation industry so he could become very familiar with how it operated. JetSmarter started as a side project. His first idea was to create a real-time pricing platform. He built a prototype of this platform which he gave to people he knew that sometimes fly by private jet. After using it, they wanted him to leave the ed-tech firm and became his initial investors. He was ready to launch JetSmarter in March 2013.

Sergey Petrossov says his company is more than a private jet service. It is a sharing community. The subscribers who share rides on his company’s private jets are similar to one another, including their outlooks and interests. Some of his app’s subscribers join mainly just to meet other people rather than to just fly somewhere.

Taking the idea of community further, Sergey Petrossov has a vision of his company not just being in the aviation industry. He also wants JetSmarter to be able to navigate where people go once they land. His company’s engineers are developing predictive hospitality technology. JetSmarter has enough information about its customers to see what their behavioral patterns are. This can be used to offer them unique experiences in the city they landed in.