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Darien Dash: How Social Justice And Minority Entrepreneurs Are Changing Business

Darien Dash is not just an entrepreneur, he is also a dedicated activist working to strengthen minority communities through the access of technology and the internet. While he is currently serving as the founder and CEO of the Movement Management Firm, he made history by founding and serving as CEO of DME Interactive Holdings, a company that would come to be the first publically traded internet-based company that was owned by an African American. Darien Dash attended the University of California and made more than $100k during his sophomore year at the school after founding Roc-A-Bloc Records with his cousin Damon. During his time with Roc-A-Bloc, he and his cousin managed to sign artists like Jay Z who had just started coming up in his career in music.

At the Movement Management Firm, Darien Dash is up early running the company that offers business and financial advice to their clients throughout industries like entertainment, sports, capital markets, and more. Advising companies and individuals is something that he had been doing through most of his career and it seemed like a natural progression to base a business around it. There are different issues that the clients of Darien Dash almost daily which make it so he never has a workday that is the same as the one before. The activities of each day are also based around which issues are the most urgent and must be addressed immediately.

Dash is excited to see so many African Americans and Hispanics embracing the world of entrepreneurship and working with each other. During an interview, he states that he hopes this is not just a trend and that minorities will continue to have important roles in the business world. Many people are working to make changes to the world so that it is a better place for everyone and he has seen this in both his personal and professional life. Entertainers, influences, and business people have all been addressing injustice while building equity and wealth. He is excited to see just how strong this movement is getting and what it will bring in the future.