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EOS Make the ‘Top Reviewed’ Lists for Their Lip Balms

Strawberry Sorbet is one of the EOS lip balm flavors frequently featured on ‘Top’ and ‘Best’ lists. The creamy blend of strawberries and creams leaves the lips feeling soothed and hydrated, just the way that you like. Made with all-natural ingredients, the Strawberry Sorbet lip balm is organic and free of parabens and other toxins. It keeps your lips hydrated and eliminated chapped lips.

Alongside Strawberry Sorbet on the ‘Top’ and ‘Best’ lists you’ll find Pomegranate Raspberry. It’s a lip balm with lots of bang for the buck. Another organic flavor, this one blends two fruits that aren’t normally found in beauty products, so it’s a nice treat for the lips. It’s easy-to-apply and goes on smoothly, providing lips with the instant luster and softness they deserve.

EOS is a lip balm brand that is here to stay. They made their debut a few years back and now, celebrities and everyday people use the balm to protect their lips. Look for mentions of EOS products on reviews and lists near you and ask your friends what they think, too. You’ll hear EOS Strawberry Sorbet mentioned more often than not becauseĀ its a customer favorite. Are you ready to add EOS to your life?