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Fashion Program Becomes Top Program At Academy of Art University

For decades, the Academy of Art University has not only educated artistic minds. They have shown their support, respect, liking and appreciation towards the artistic projects of other artists. The school believes in exposing students to future careers. The school believes in supporting the work and art of students who have gone onto graduate from the Academy of Art University.


With so majors to choose from, sometimes a student may not be sure of which major to select. Fashion majors are popular at the Academy of Art University. The reason so many students come to this school to earn a degree in fashion is because the school has many opportunities for fashion students. These opportunities include working with real designers, participating in New York Fashion Week and getting to see what it is like to begin a fashion brand from the ground up.

The university has even worked to develop their fashion program. Their fashion program has been advanced to teach students the most modern techniques of fashion styling and creating a platform for emerging talent. The university has worked to create their fashion program to be one of the most attractive programs they offer. Many students travel from other countries to study their fashion program.

The Academy of Art University was started many decades ago by a husband and wife. Today, the company is run by their grandchildren. When it was first started, it never had a fashion program. In fact, it only had a program for advertising. It as an advertising school but quickly grew to have more programs. The owners had to move the location of the school to accommodate more students. Today, the Academy of Art University is one of the biggest property landowners in all of San Francisco, California.

When visiting this school, it is easy to notice how the school spans across the city. Their support of artists is all over their campus. They support all artwork on their campus and buildings. Many fashion students enjoy the education they learn from going to one of the biggest art schools in all of the United States.