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Financial Specialist Kevin Seawright: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Financial services professional Kevin Seawright is known as a leader with unmatched ability and strategic vision. For a decade and a half he’s been using his financial expertise and wide range of skills to improve a number of communities throughout the East Coast.

In addition to his master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University and Executive Leadership Ceritfication from Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business, the keys to his success include business acumen, outcome efficiency, experience with government and private sector operations and commitment to inclusiveness.

Currently the Newark Economic Development Corporation’s CFO and executive vice president, Kelvin Seawright was also Maryland’s executive Director of operations from 2012 to 2014 and Tito General Contractor’ vice president of Operations and Human Capital.

That experience has enabled him to develop the valuable ability to efficiently handle even the most complex financial and administrative operations while commanding new opportunities. He’s built finance and accounting divisions that consistently attain the organizational and economic goals by aligning them with the organization’s technological initiatives.

Seawright has a track record of transforming corporate processes for revenue planning that have helped general contractors and sub-contractors all over the mid-Atlantic region to work more efficiently. He’s had quite a few very impressive career accomplishments.

They include revenue enhancements improve annual returns by 25%, improved staff retention, negotiations, collective bargaining, compensation adjustments, change management and recruitment efforts. These processes have helped to improve service delivery, standardization and the performance of the companies with which he has been involved.

Kevin Seawright used his executive–level capital operational management, finance and human resources skills to effectively manage more than $400M in federal, state and city capital, as well as bond and private funds during his career.

He was responsible for more than 600M in capital for building educational facilities. Part of the reason for Seawright’s success has been his ability to establish a great rapport with leaders, cross functional managers, clients, staff and constituents.


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