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Flavio Maluf and the Famous Eucatex Company

Despite being brought up in a wealthy family, Maluf’s excellence in business attributes to individual hard work, and dedication. Through enhanced business skills, he now owns an empire. Regardless of a mechanical engineering degree, his passion made him pursue full business forcefully.

Maluf owns Eucatex Company, which focuses on recycling plant in the factory system. Specifically, it takes advantage of wood waste to generate energy. He also chairs the Grand Food Group, which is the start-up company for the Premier Pet and Golden feeds.

The renowned businessman says that Eucatex originates from the word Eucalyptus. It is the major wood used to manufacture the corporation’s slabs that directs to the industrial furniture needs and the civil construction manufactured goods. He says that the business idea stems from his great grandfather named Salim. He then owned a renowned sawmill initiated in 1940 in Latin America. Later, there was an enhancement of the sawmill forests to create an industrial wood fiber lining. Visit his website flaviomalufoficial.com to learn more.

The entrepreneur says that his business initiatives come from extensive readings, especially on the internet, magazines, or real learning whenever he visits places with items and information relating to his business specialty. He afterward shares the ideas with his colleagues to discover the best ones that they can flexibly adapt.

Furthermore, he adds that, as much as he uses his leisurely moments to rest, he also uses that time to find and create ideas that can work for his business. It is such tactics that help him grow both at a personal level at entrepreneurship level. Maluf says that his secret to excellence lies in commitment and perfection.

However, he advises those in business and the ones endeavoring to pursue the same road that failure is inevitable. The only way out is in the decision to identify your areas of weaknesses then know how to handle them step-by-step positively.

Regarding what works for Eucatex, and towards helping present and potential entrepreneurs, Flavio Maluf suggests that; business people should be ready to risk out and discover and try unique opportunities. The same should help in the realization of growth and improvement of business diversification.

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