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Fortress Investment Group Vision in 2019

Having a consistent journey in the financial management world is one of the greatest indicators of a great company. One of the companies that have been able to retain consistency is Fortress Investment Group, and according to the management, 2019 will be an important year for the company. In 2018 for example, the company was able to make some of the mind-blowing decisions especially on their deal with SoftBank. Pundits believe that the acquisition of this company by the Japanese entity set a precedence that will redefine the management niche for the next decade. In addition to this historic purchase, Fortress Investment Group has continued to be the reference point in the following areas. Prior to this company, private equity as an investment niche did not have the structures it has today.

Fortunately, the company has continued to put structures on this investment niche and more importantly bringing professionalism on the sensitive investment niche. In addition to bringing professionalism in this niche, Fortress Investment Group has also expanded the field to accommodate more features in the investment. According to management of this company, this expansion has also enabled the company to provide services to more investors, regardless of their investment value. Fortress Investment Group is the first entity to bring healthcare as a viable investment niche. In order to achieve all these successes, the investment company has been able to attract some of the best talents in the vast investment industry.

According to the management of this company, since 1997, the company has consistently hired people on merit and not by any other parameter. This approach has always given Fortress Investment Group an added advantage over companies. Although the company has since made changes in their funding structures, the management points out that that they are keen on continuing being home to talents regardless on one’s beliefs, gender or any other discriminatory aspect. Although the company was purchased by the Japanese entity, the company structure remains intact, and the company’s blueprint is still the same. In a press release early this year, the company, through its management promised to continue managing investment and more importantly, looking for more new investment opportunities around the globe.

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