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Four Ways to Enjoy the Healing Properties of Kushy Punch’s Award-Winning CBD

When it comes to CBD products, that is, cannabis products that offer the healing benefits of CBD without the high-inducing properties of the THC cannabinoid, California-based brand Kushy Punch is leading the way in offering new, convenient and discrete ways to get a safe and reliable dose. Named “Best CBD” at Ojai, California’s 2018 WeedCon, Kushy Punch’s line of CBD products offer consistently high-quality and lab-tested products which provide consumers with a safe way to take charge of their own personal health and wellness. Here are the different options Kushy Punch offers for ingesting the healing properties of CBD.


Along with a range of traditional and high-potent THC gummies, KushyPunch’s talented chefs have created a delicious peach-flavored gummy made with all-organic materials and without any artificial sweeteners. With a dose of 100mg CBD per gummy, these tasty treats are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free and suitable for everyone.


Tinctures are a convenient and discreet way to ingest CBD and provide quick relief. These tinctures are some of Kushy Punch’s most popular products, and with good reason. You can add a few drops to any meal or beverage, or simply squeeze a dose onto your tongue.


If you need an exact dosage, Kushy Punch’s capsules are a great solution, with 30mg of CBD in each dose. These offer the convenience of tinctures and edibles without inducing nausea in patients who struggle with maintaining an appetite.


For those who prefer the fast-acting properties of vaping, Kushy Punch offers one of the few full-spectrum and pesticide-free all-CBD oils on the market. Packed into a discreet and disposable pen-style battery, this is a great option filled with natural terpenes and healing cannabinoids. Individual cartridges are also available in 1000mg sizes.