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Genucel shares tips for battling the cold winter season

Genucel creates skin-care products with different packages centered around various regions of the face. Some of their methods include using plant-based stem cell treatments, and they have been rated an A by the Better Business Bureau. The article introduces the popular notion that the winter can be grueling on the skin from the cold and excessive heat in the home. People tend to also drink less water in the season that can also not be good for the skin. Chapped lips are another popular ailment of the skin that occurs to many in the season. A blog post from skin-care company Genucel shares 5 tips to help out with dryness of the skin during the winter and how to take care of it.

The first tip that they share is in drinking lots of water to keep the skin healthy, along with other common benefits such as it aiding with digestion, lowering blood pressure, and running internal organs. For people who do not like the taste of water, adding lemon or other fruity flavors to it can help. Next, is buying into using a humidifier to add moisture to the home that can help with the air quality. Running heat in the home during the winter season takes out the moisture in the air making skin dry.

The article suggests that people do not use excessive amounts of acne medications or creams during the winter season as it can dry out the skin. Wearing scarfs, hats, gloves, and big coats can also be very helpful in the winter season to trap moisture and protect the skin from the harsh cold wind. This protection can aid in preventing that. The last tip that they share is in using the many products available from Genucel for the jawline, eyelids, and other moisturizing creams. Age tends to be a normal factor for the skin being less strong and more sensitive to the cold. Although, winter can be fun if people follow these tips for beating the cold with wearing lots of clothing, using chapstick regularly, and drinking lots of water. Genucel is on multiple platforms and can be found on Twitter, YouTube, and Crunchbase.  to know more about Genucel visit acesswire.com

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