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Gino Pozzo Makes Watford FC His Main Focus

The Pozzo family are one of the busiest and most successful in European soccer. The main reasons for their success are the willingness of the Italian-based family to look for clubs in financial difficulties they believe can be turned into a success for the future. Gino Pozzo believes he has developed a different way of looking at the business of soccer and his focus on Watford that he believes will be the most important investment in the history of the Pozzo family.

Making Watford FC one of the best teams in the English Premier League is the aim of Gino Pozzo as he feels the business sector in the English game is far in advance of that seen across Europe. Business is a part of life Gino Pozzo is extremely familiar with after spending much of his educational career studying at Harvard Business School. The education of Gino Pozzo makes him qualified to take on the challenge of making a profit in the difficult world of soccer.

Gino Pozzo believes the difficult aspects of making a profit from soccer is an area he can help with for his family as they shift their focus to the English game. In the past, Pozzo has been in charge of FC Granada in Spain and Udinese in Italy as he learned exactly how to run a soccer club in the 21st-century. The man who is known as an innovator in the soccer sector believes he can achieve much more as the chair of Watford than he could in his other roles. The reason for this is the fact English soccer generates huge TV revenues and business opportunities across the planet. Pozzo believes becoming a leading soccer club owner is key to his family continuing their rise through the soccer sector.