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Glenn Schlossberg Stays Ahead of Women’s Fashion Trends

Glenn Schlossberg has worked in women’s fashion for over 30 year. He leads the industry due to early training in his parents dress shops, where he learned all aspects of the business. When he created Jump Design Group, he wanted to improve women’s fashion. He quickly landed a big contract with Montgomery Ward.

The Jump Design Group has brands like Jump, Marian, Blue Sage, Annalee and Tina B. Brands. A recent acquisition of the Jump Group is the Susana Monaco line. He says his success is due to his ability to recognize trends and keep up with an industry that constantly changes. His company sells causal wear, athletic, plus, misses, and junior designs.

Glenn likes the competition in the fashion industry. He is a avid race car driver, and says he always needs to feel movement in all areas of his life. He always thinks about how to stay ahead of the competition. Glenn Schlossberg is always willing to try for the best deigns.

His company offers stunning designs and quality fabrics for women at very competitive prices. He says, he has developed an acute sense about what women want in fashion. This is accomplished, by watching the news and keeping up with trends. Glenn says he has the ability to predict whether a line will succeed or fail based on the news.

According to dailyforexreport, he travels to other countries to keep competitive and learn about international fashion trends. Often he travel to Europe and Asia. There he meets with local manufacturers and talks with shoppers. Jump designs about 20 dresses per day, and when he goes on trips this triples. He admits their are very few original ideas.

Glenn know that fabric that flatter women, stretches, and is affordable sells well. He focuses on woven and knit fabrics. A woven fabric is interlaced similar to a basket. It is designed for casual wear and has plenty of stretch. A knit fabric is made of yarn or thread. This material is good for formal wear.

There are many types of fabrics to choose from. Glenn Schlossberg has over 200 employees in New York and, his manufacturing warehouse is about 20 miles away. When he comes up with a design, it is produced in about 20 days. They use technology that helps track tracks trends and what merchandise is selling well. This allows him to see what is bringing in sales and what designs should be eliminated.