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Glenn Schlossberg Talks New York And Camp

Camp is taking over the fashion scene and Glenn Schlossberg of the Jump Design Group is excited to see all of the things that it is bringing to the New York Fashion scene. Glenn Schlossberg founded Jump Design Group back in 1990 when New York City was becoming a hub for drag shows, which are the embodiment of camp. While the style isn’t for everyone, it is quickly becoming more and more popular and was even featured as the theme for the 2019 Met Gala. At the event, celebrities and fashion designers could be seen promoting their loud and bright outfits that looked like they were homemade instead of being mass produced to look like everything else. There was excitement in the air and attendees were enjoying being able to see the creativity that others were bringing to the show.

Based on wingsjournal.com, the Met Gala celebrates what makes everyone unique and the camp theme gave attendees time to shine in their brightest sequins and over the top accessories that looked right out of a storybook or cartoon. Glenn Schlossberg enjoyed the creations that graced the carpet and looks forward to bringing some of these trends to his own brands like Bebe. While camp certainly means something different for everyone, it’s all about being able to express yourself and your identity to the world while embracing everything that makes you who you are. Fashion has been helping people do this for years and Glenn Schlossberg is excited to see what the trend is going to be bringing to the world next.

Camp has always been a big part of the fashion scene in New York. From disco to drag, camp has been helping different groups get the exposure that they deserve for decades. While every major fashion brand in New York strives to capture this spirit, Glenn Schlossberg recognizes that they all have their own unique takes on it which is part of what makes New York such as great fashion hub. The value of expressing one’s identity is something that is important to New York and Glenn Schlossberg is happy to see it being embraced. For more details about Schlossberg you can visit crunchbase.com