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GPB Global Resources Helps Ethiopia Fight Drought and Famine

GPB Global Resources B.V. works in the oil & gas industry supplying the world with a needed but somewhat controversial resource. Even so, the team at this company is just as concerned with global warming as anyone else, and so participates in important efforts to mitigate global warming as in the project of Ethiopia. In an effort to reduce the impact of global warming, the Ethiopian Prime Minister completed a project to plant four billion indigenous trees in one day and GPB was there to help support the cause.

On July 29, 2019 GPB Global Resources B.V. donated 1,000 indigenous trees and team members offered their time to help plant the 350 million trees. Today, Ethiopia holds the world record for the most trees planted in a single day. Prior to this, India held the record for planting 50 million trees.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister made this a huge event and even ran an important TV and radio campaign asking for volunteers. The project was supported by the UN and diplomatic embassies throughout the country.

Will Planting Trees Help?

A scientific research study conducted in Zurich found that the Earth could support 4.4 hectares of trees, but currently only had 3 billion hectares of forest areas. A need for an additional 1.6 billion hectares of forested areas could help mitigate two thirds of the world’s current carbon emissions. Mature trees with this type of coverage can store more than 200 billion tons of carbon, which is about two-thirds of the current 300 billion tons emitted by traffic, and production facilities. Although the results of the study are very encouraging, he said that planting trees was a critical activity now, as it often takes decades for trees to mature into adulthood.

GPB Global Resources feels that helping the effort is critical especially as more trees need to be planted in Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia.

The Current Situation in Ethiopia

GPB Global Resources B.V. realizes that Africa also offers a lot of opportunities to plant more trees. In Ethiopia the forest has declined since the turn of the century. In the 1800s the country had 40% more trees than it does now.

Ethiopia’s Tree-Planting Efforts

Ethiopia Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed lead the project called Green Legacy Initiative that allowed government offices, corporate aid, and aids from the UN and diplomatic consulates to take part in the initiative and spend the day planting trees. The goal was to return the forests of Ethiopia to their original state. In the effort volunteers planted 350 million trees, to help reduce the effects of climate change and the experiences of Ethiopia with drought and famine.