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Grace Farms Hope

Sharon Prince had a big vision when she started pursuing Grace Farms. She opened the 80-acre preserved natural land in Fairfield County, Connecticut space in 2015. Sharon has built an incredible group of visionaries. They were built on nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Sharon has been an incredible leader. It took her three years to create this team. In her own words, “While I believe that space can be inspirational and communicate, space alone can’t drive change, she said. “It takes people who can envision what can be, who can make a commitment, and then vigorously work to accomplish it.”

Grace farms sits on 80 acres of land. There are thousands of visitors every year. The admission is free and open to the public six days of the week. They hold several events throughout the year. There are also several different activities available at Grace Farms. There are several different bird breeds to see, ponds to fish in, walking trails, gardening, and more. Along with spreading peace and grace, Grace Farms is also a place to learn about nature. There are even classes and guest speakers held throughout the year.

Grace Farms is the perfect place to learn, enjoy the beauty of nature, and communicate with others. The farm is flawless during each season, and each season has it’s advantages. No matter what time of the year it is, there is always something to do at Grace Farms. Sharon Prince Grace Farms is continuing to make sure the place is continuing to thrive.

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