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Greg Blatt is a perfect example of how a law degree takes you to diverse places. His diligence and knowledge has added to his success. He attended Colgate University where he received his B.A. in English Literature. Awhile later, he earned his law degree from Columbia Law School in New York City. Like many graduates of law schools, he expanded his career to work in other professional areas (Digitalmode). 


His experience has led him to head such companies as Match.com, IAC, and Tinder. Another interesting and amazing part of his career is that he worked for Martha Stewart’s company as General Counsel- when the company went public! That was a combination of serendipity and intellectual fortitude. Blatt realized that having a law degree gave him a better understanding of the corporate world. Greg Blatt has the expertise to dig deeply into corporate issues, and figure out not just how things happen, but why! 


There must be a magic formula for having a CEO and an attorney at the helm of one’s firm. Greg Blatt has managed enormous growth of online dating companies at a time when experts thought he was overextending! He was running online data services and applications that seemed relative, but might be in competition with each other. For instance, Greg Blatt was CEO at Tinder and launched Tinder Plus! Many thought the revenues would drop or have a negative effect. It turned out all of the companies experienced tremendous growth- contrary to the fear of the experts!


Lastly, it is interesting to understand the full helm of Greg Blatt’s career. While he juggles between CEO responsibilities, and being a General Counsel, he runs his own consulting company! There is no end to his vitality in business! He is the Principal of SBI. Sales Benchmark Index is an innovative management consulting firm. The vision of this firm is to help CEOs and management teams outpace their revenue growth, and make their numbers! 


One knows the pressure of sales teams when trying to reach their sales goals. Thus, Greg Blatt brings experience in the field of technology as an extra blessing with his leadership skills. SBI is a B2B entity. He knows how to maneuver across marketing demands, best practices, and troubleshooting. In the field of sales marketing, Greg Blatt produces measurable results. The key is in the solutions! That is what one might call marketing wizardry! 

Find out more on Blatt´s successful career at https://gazetteday.com/2019/06/greg-blatt/