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Grupo RBS and Its Well-Recognized Accomplishments

Grupo RBS and Over 60 Years in Media

Grupo RBS, a leading media provider in Brazil, was started in 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, as a family-owned and operated company. Throughout the years, they’ve grown to be one of the largest companies in Brazil that employ over 6,000 journalists. With12 television stations and 24 radio stations, their accomplishments are nothing short of being impressive. The company has also started e.Bricks Digital, a leading digital media company that helps entrepreneurs to fully realize their potential with e-commerce strategies. The company also funds startups through venture capital funding that offers an outlet for new products and companies. Grupo RBS operates in many markets with its focus being in the cities of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Grupo RBS and Its Subsidiaries

Grupo RBS is also the parent company to many subsidiaries in Brazil. With expanding on their expertise, the following companies make up a small portion of the Grupo RBS portfolio:

  • HSM
  • Kzuka
  • RBS Publicações
  • Orbeat Music
  • Mídia Gráfica
  • Vialog

These companies all focus on some aspect of media and range from executive education programs to the publication of printed materials. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

Charitable Efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility

Grupo RBS takes its responsibility to the country it serves, seriously. Through the establishment of the Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho fund, the company has provided many educational programs to help improve the quality of life for Brazilian nationals that reside in disadvantaged areas. ‘Love is the Best Inheritance’ is one of their top programs that focused on issues affecting children and the family unit as a whole. The company also works based on six key values that act as ethical guidelines for doing business. Ranging from their dealings with customers to their passion for the business, every aspect of their business is touched by all of these assertions. The company also publishes information that’s readily available to the public that highlights their latest accomplishments, policies and endeavors. Those interested in finding out more on RBS and its efforts can locate this information by visiting gruporbs.com.br/en/.