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Gulf Coast Western: Thriving in the Oil and Gas Industry

Matthew FleegerLed by passionate and leading-edge CEO Matt Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western specializes in finding and securing domestic oil and gas reserves with the potential to yield profitable production.  Gulf Coast Western prides itself on procuring favorable geophysical and geological resources domestically.  

The point of difference with this company, according to Fleeger himself, is the transparency and honesty with which he maintains relationships with key companies and investors.  His father founded the company in 1970 and has guided it towards profitability by initially securing partnerships with thriving companies and key players.  

Fleeger received his degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and went on to become a leader in medical waste management by founding MedSolutions. Having a natural ability to strategize, he spearheaded efforts to effectively handle all aspects of waste produced by medical facilities (transport, treatment and proper disposal).  After selling this successful venture, he went on to revolutionize the tanning industry by expanding two small scale companies into some of the most successful in the industry. 

Charitable Donation to End Pediatric Cancer

Coupled with his passion for success is Fleeger’s propensity to help those in need.  He has donated $14,000 to provide gifts for families of children with cancer, support lobbyists with increased spending and to continue the fight against all types of pediatric cancer.  

Matthew Fleeger

Keys to Success

With the right leadership, businesses can continue to expand and thrive, even in a challenging market.  Guided by the principle of following through and keeping one’s word, Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western have weathered the storms of this often-volatile industry with tenacity and integrity.