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Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Ad Specialist

Gustavo Martinez is an advertising and marketing consultant. He has been popular in the field for nearly 40 years. Throughout the years since he began his work, he had headed business venture in high ranked and recognized firms coming with famous advertisements while in business.


Gustavo Martinez acted as a leader and head of J.Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the most recognized marketing firms known in history. Together with getting experience from previous companies he had worked, such as Henkel and Pricewaterhouse, he also got the chance to be the Chief Executive Officer of other advertising companies such as McCann WorldGroup among others.


In the early months of 2019, he was interviewed, and there was a lot to learn from him. First of all, it was clear from Gustavo Martinez’ point of view that consultancy was necessary for the marketing field. Unlike other companies that have numerous ways of achieving their objectives and build up themselves, Gustavo goes ahead to state that marketing and advertising industry is sensitive in that it is similar to art and for it to be a successful business venture, there must be a skilled artist behind it.


Gustavo says that most innovations are driven by creativity, and so does the marketing and advertising industry. He says that finding the link between the consumers and companies is a factor to put into consideration if the business is to be successful and lead to many sales. In his statements, he said that most people behind the marketing plans and ideas are not the ones that work from dusk to dawn.


He admits that he works a lot and that besides spending ample time with his family and relatives, his days are usually very busy as he works for almost 15 15 hours a day. He acknowledges the power that the internet possesses and to what extent it takes marketing and advertising companies. He bases these facts of internet capability from the history of the milestones achieved by various marketing and advertising companies through the internet.


For his success and productivity, Gustavo Martinez gives credit to being generous, being attentive, the internet itself as well as being considerate to others. He says that these are the various factors that have made him prosper in his business and give him the drive to do business. He continues to say that different people have different opinions and perspectives and that everyone should be given a chance to air out his ideas or views.


He stressed the importance of practicing charity as a way of giving back to society. He, however, said that it should be done out of a sincere heart and not to gain popularity among the people. He concluded by saying that finding the best talent is the key to a successful company by investing in competent employees.


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