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Gustavo Martinez on Consultancy in Marketing

With his experience level, Gustavo Martinez had a lot to share about the marketing sector. Lately, he seems to be deviating from the customary methods and he had some insights to share on that. On matters regarding consultancy, he believes that is the future of the industry. The consultancy has been a strategy used in this field for almost 100 years.


The strategy has proven its worth over time and shown remarkable results. Seeking the services of a consultant can increase the functionality of the marketing industry. Gustavo Martinez was a consultant before taking on senior positions in reputable firms.


The foundation of any prosperous marketing firm lies within the creativity of the personnel. Marketing requires some level of expressive arts and requires one to expand his knowledge and innovation skills. Jobs in other fields have predefined plans and employees are familiar with the course of action to take when asked to carry out a task. The work schedule in such industries is monotonous and permanent.


Marketing requires a well-thought-of process just like any other artistic profession. Gustavo Martinez says you could liken the work of a marketer to that of a painter or composer. However, this is as far as the similarities go. When it comes to being in charge of activities in an advertising agency, one is required to assume the role of a business executive.


Working as a corporate administrator is a job that Gustavo Martinez knows all too well. It takes on a lot more than an effective administration to succeed as a marketing firm. Creativity continues to be at the core of every marketing strategy and a factor that determines performance. When looking for creativity, firms go for people that can deliver excellent results.


Creativity goes beyond being funny or knowing interesting facts. Firms have now developed a sophisticated criterion for selecting the best out of the pool of applicants. High achieving graduates are an ideal option for the independent consultant position. They are best suited in such a set-up as opposed to working in the traditional working hours.


The contribution of such brilliant minds is the reason consultancy is working flawlessly. Gustavo Martinez has also made his contribution to business acceleration. He is involved in a program with a firm called UV Business Acceleration. The corporate world can be a harsh place for a developing firm. There is a 90% chance of small firms failing after only three years of operation.


Companies that focus on artificial intelligence such as Massive Data Heights are working to help developing firms. The company collects many clients’ reviews and changes them into useful business insights. At the end of the day, the goal here is to increase the success rate of small firms by up to 90%.


Gustavo Martinez


In the past 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has acted in different capacities in the marketing sector. At some point, he was employed at Price Waterhouse and Henkel. He moved on to the chairperson position at Olgilvy and McCann World-group. Gustavo Martinez was a CEO at the established marketing company, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.


Gustavo Martinez can be reached on LinkedIn.