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How Boraie Development Promotes The Arts

There are many factors that go into building a strong community. In order for communities to thrive entrepreneurs must be able to have access to the resources that they need in order to launch or run their businesses. These resources can involve having access to storefronts or technical assistance from local government agencies or associations that have been organized to serve the needs of entrepreneurs. Healthy communities must have clean air and water and local schools that are adept at educating students. Arguably another key ingredient for a thriving community is to have a thriving local arts scene. The arts are an important part of public life in that they can bolster the local economy by providing attractions that will draw tourists to the area. The arts are also important because they can give locals the opportunity to express themselves or to the chance to learn something new or be exposed to something new through an artist’s performance. In Middlesex County, New Jersey the State Theatre has long been a local arts institution that has contributed to the area’s cultural life.

The State Theatre once served as a sophisticated gathering place for locals to watch early Hollywood movies and see performances from entertainers during the early 1920s. Today the State Theatre serves as a venue that hosts dance performances, musicals such as Jersey Boys, performances from the New Jersey symphony orchestra as well as community events. For more details visit Bloomberg.

In 2016 the theatre served as the host for a fun community event known as the Free Summer Movie Series. One way to ensure that the arts have a positive impact is for them to be made available to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The theatre’s 2016 Free Summer Movie Series was sponsored by a local business owned by developer Omar Boraie. Due to the sponsorship it received from Omar Boraie’s company the State Theatre was able to offer fun entertainment to local residents free of charge. Helping a local arts institution to have the resources it needed to produce a summer event is just one part of the impact that Omar Boraie’s business Boraie Development LLC, has had on Middlesex County. Boraie Development company was one of the key players that helped a community in Middlesex overhaul its local properties. Omar Boraie took a risk on a local housing and property market that paid off in a big way for both Boraie and the city.

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