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How Isabel dos Santos is paving a Career Path for African Women

Forbes has declared Isabel dos Santos the richest woman in Africa. She garnered her wealth from different investment dockets namely the energy sector, retail, media, telecommunications, and finance. Currently, she’s worth over $3 billion. Isabel dos Santos has always reiterated that she has faced tremendous challenges while serving in male-dominated sectors. To assist other women who could be encountering the same difficulties, Isabel has taken it upon herself to train young business professionals. She knows that by teaching them, the influence will trickle into their families and later into the global economy. Dos Santos encourages women in high-profile positions to do the same. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Isabel dos Santos on Working at UNITEL

Isabel dos Santos is an executive at UNITEL, Angola’s leading telecommunications provider. The company has successfully offered excellent services to its clients. It is a source of pride. The management has a young team of professionals that have revolutionized the sector of telecommunications with quality innovation. Since its inception, UNITEL democratizes viable access to various mobile phone services. Under the guidance of Isabel dos Santos, the company has brought the country together. Besides, UNITEL sells various services through a viable network of shops. It operates a major network grounded on GSM in addition to UMTS standards. It offers voice communications, multimedia messages, coupled with mobile internet access.

Africa Should Embrace Technology

Isabel believes that Africa’s success is intensely pegged on empowering women to join the corporate world. She notes that women have been marginalized at work. They have been prevented from realizing their full potential in the corporate world. As such, Isabel is advocating for their education. The skilled business professional is keen on ensuring that they gain access to equal job opportunities as men. By creating job opportunities for women, they will become financially stable. Isabel is sure that they will also empower their children and other families. The impact will be felt in the economy of the world. Isabel conducts a series of group mentoring sessions. She spearheads expert-led talks at universities as well as higher learning institutions. Besides, Isabel often talks to the students about technology and its impact in business. She discusses how African women utilize technology to create various employment opportunities.

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