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Igor Cornelsen’s Life And Successes

Born over 70 years ago in Curitiba, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has performed well in the stock market despite being born in such a big, bustling city. He is currently a major venture investor who was one of Brazil’s financiers. He is very successful in the financial sector of business. He graduated high school when he was 18, and, despite all odds, he went to the engineering school Federal University of Parana. He is known as one of the best calculators in the business, being able to do maths quickly on paper, even when there is no calculator to be had. He managed to make great grades in both schools, pretty much securing his later successes.

In 1970 he worked at an investment back which fast-tracked his career to Multibanco’s board of directors, and then at a solid engineering firm. He also started his own firm in 1995 and works at it to this day. He is very wealthy and chooses to remain humble by surrounding himself with people who are not nearly as rich as he is.

In this especially unstable stock market, he is known as a specialist, and as one that is able to make things happen, with the ability to maintain an ethical and healthy business organization no matter where he goes. He values the importance and quality of the culture of business and has vision, strategy, and tactics in order to help those with whom he invests, making him a trustworthy business person.

He talks frequently about converting ideas into trends in order to increase profitability in the marketplace. That way, the marketplace maintains its competition and works well for business owners and consumers. Being innovative no matter what the challenges are is very important to him, and is the key to most of his successes.