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Important Information: The Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview

When it comes to online businesses, there are none that are as successful as JD.com. Their business is actually worth $57.6 billion (just think of how long it would take a normal person to make that much money with a business!). Richard Liu Qiangdong, who is the founder and the CEO of JD.com, was questioned by Davos-Klosters during the 2018 year in an interview. At the time of the interview Richard Liu had been asked questions reguarding his success in life and how he was able to become the wealthy man that he is today. He was actually very forthcoming and was able to reveal some interesting facts that could help those looking to do the same. The name for Richard Liu Qiangdong’s business was a unique combination of the last name of his wife, as well as his first name.

The name really is just the icing on the cake though, and well it is a loving part of the business, the main part of the business is where the money comes from. During the 1998 year Richard Liu had made the decision that would forever change his life, it was the year that he started developing his now well-known company. Before he started his successful business he went through many jobs attempting to find something that would make him happy in life. Richard Liu found the job that best suited him in 1998 when he opened his store, and then he ended up expanding his store into 12 different locations. Unfortunately, when the SARS outbreak occured he had to transfer everything to the online world. That is how he ended up being the owner of the successful JD.com business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong

As you might have already gathered given that he has a very successful business, Richard Liu Qiangdong is a very rich man. His networth is around $11 billion, meaning that he has a lot of money to throw around. Of course, he doesn’t waste one cent of it, and that is one of the reasons that he is so successful. When he was younger he studied with a school that is well-known for success in China, the RUC. During his younger years he spend most of the time that he had doing work for clients using his skills as a computer programer, meaning that he spent a lot of time coding. After having finished with his schooling at the universtiy, he determined that there were limits to have an undergraduate degree. Of course, with that in mind he decided that he would obtain the skills that he needed in order to obtain success in the business world.