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Isabel dos Santos Leads by Showing Up for the Local and Global Community

Isabel dos Santos is a community leader who truly cares about others. She is an entrepreneur and many know her because of her telecommunications company UNITEL. Isabel dos Santos is a self-starter in business, but she also believes in helping to carry out initiatives that will leave more of a global impact. One thing Isabel dos Santos has really been great at doing is her commitment to speaking engagements. 


By doing this she has been able to get her message out frequently. She often speaks about the importance of development. Many times she speaks at universities. Isabel focuses on women empowerment and the need for better education. She often talks about how people need to pull together to help struggling economies and also speak about other entrepreneurs who are connected to the economies. 


She thinks that everyone should have internet access readily available to them. They should be able to get the information they need just like anyone else. Technology is also a huge focus. Unitel has been a part of helping with the solution because they have placed high-speed cabling in various rural areas. Isabel dos Santos even had this same kind of conversation when she spoke in front of the European Parliament


A key benefit of having internet access available is how it would influence education. She believes these things will definitely help students who are a part of schools in underserved communities. To help with this initiative UNITEL partnered with Huawei for the companies Seeds For the Future Program. It provides an academic scholarship to students who have an interest in technology and who are leaders in information and communication technologies (Affiliatedork). 


Isabel dos Santos also has been a part of starting numerous entrepreneurial pursuits. These things have helped her to focus on what it takes to truly build a successful business. She is a leader who strives to help others in any way she can. 

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