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Isabel dos Santos is a prominent businesswoman in Africa. She is widely recognized for her business ventures in and out of Africa. Isabel has made a fortune from her numerous business ventures and is now part of the billionaires’ community in the world. In Africa, she is among the top 11 billionaires and the youngest in the category. Isabel dos Santos did not have her fortune handed to her, but she worked hard to be where she is right now.


Her position as the daughter of an Angolan president did not encourage Isabel to be lazy but pushed her to strive for greatness. Isabel dos Santos studied in England since she was young. Isabel received the exposure and knowledge to approach the world as a young businesswoman from the schools she went (Affliatedork).


Isabel dos Santos had an undying love and interest in science from a young age. The passion for science prompted Isabel to study electrical engineering at King’s College. The engineering degree enabled Isabel to venture into the telecommunications industry, and she launched her first walkie-talkies after college. The business was a success in Angola as were many other companies that Isabel dos Santos was involved in. Isabel dos Santos is a generous businesswoman as she takes upcoming entrepreneurs under her wing and mentors them. Isabel uses her influence to market the businesses of these young entrepreneurs earning them more clients. According to Isabel, she can relate to the struggles of trying to build a prosperous company. Dedication and hard work is a crucial ingredient for a successful business, according to her.


By outlining the journey that the young entrepreneurs went through, Isabel shows that success does not come easy. Another way that Isabel dos Santos is trying to make a difference is through conducting speeches at various universities, and Yale University was her last stop. At the university, Isabel dos Santos shared the efforts that she is making into making Africa a better continent. Yale has an association where students are encouraged to work on improving Africa in all aspects of life. Isabel dos Santos has brought many changes to Angola in terms of infrastructure and is looking towards doing the same for Africa.


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