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Jack Plotkin, Telehealth, And The Medical Industry

Jack Plotkin

Jack PlotkinAs one of the leading experts on telehealth, Jack Plotkin looks forward to seeing how it changes the face of the medical industry forever but will it become the new norm someday? He certainly thinks so as it’s becoming more commonplace with the rise of wearable health gadgets and modern technology. These new devices are now able to transmit your vital signs directly to your doctor so they can analyze it and diagnose you within the hour. As you might imagine, this is a much more effective method than the one they had to use back in the old days when the only way they could do it was over the phone. As such, the patient had to describe their symptoms and the doctors would then attempt to diagnose based on the data they had been provided.

Jack PlotkinOf course, it proved to be quite difficult to determine what kind of condition they had with the limited resources at their disposal but fortunately, they don’t have to do that anymore. Jack Plotkin points out that even with this modern technology, it can still be difficult for doctors to diagnose their patients as they don’t always have the easiest time accessing their patient’s medical records. Nurses are also in this same boat but they are currently working on virtual health. If successfully implemented, this new platform would blend all the medical information into one database making it much easier for doctors and nurses to access it whenever they need it.

However, even if this works, the rising costs of telehealth make it difficult for anyone who isn’t wealthy to afford this type of treatment. Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance won’t cover it either but nevertheless he remains confident that telehealth will one day replace the concept of going to a doctor’s appointment altogether.