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Jd.com and The Use Of Computers For Aid

Executives and key leaders at companies such as Jd.com see that our computers are able to do much more now, they can think in a more abstract manner, this means that the computer can create and do more tasks that humans can do, which would require more thought and intelligence. Large innovative companies such as Jd.com understand the value that artificial intelligence will bring to the market and they’ve done the research, and continue to conduct research into how machine learning will impact the world. A few companies are already showing what they are doing with their artificial intelligence research.

This is evidenced by the fact that there are Jingdong autonomous drones that are moving around and making deliveries, this is also evidenced by the fact that there are stores where cashiers are not needed, where Jingdong items are checked out by customers by simply picking it up and walking outside.

Jingdong would indicate this is done by the technology of machine vision, with machine vision, these stores become much more streamlined, eliminating lines for checking out and creating a better experience for customers overall.

The next compelling use of AI, that Jingdong realizes is when one is able to ask google or ask Siri, or ask some other application for help in directions, scheduling appointments, and doing other things.

Machine learning is integrated into Jingdong business processes that show potential demand factors into how rankings are present for products, into how customers see products that will be relevant for them based on their purchase histories. These forms of technology are also used in other regards as well. These pathways include fraud improvement and removal, transcription, and a slew of other services.

These companies are struggling to keep up with the demand that is present within the world today for the artificial intelligence products.

Now, while there are applications that are present and highly visible, there is much that is happening at a much deeper level, that is not known to the customer. This is because there are many different processes involved in bringing compelling products to the marketplace.

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