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JD.com Helps Chicken Farmers in China

There is a new area that e-commerce giant JD.com is involved in. JD.com has already taken over the retail business and e-commerce world. It has changed the way people buy things, as JD.com can deliver most orders within one or two days. With its new technology, JD.com can also deliver to remote parts of China. It is also using drones and electric robot delivery cars to help with the environment.

The latest area that the company is helping is chicken farmers in Wuyi County, in Hebei province. It was one of the poorest parts of China, but since JD.com has been helping, it is now no longer on the poverty list for China. JD.com is helping farmers with interest free loans, and by using some of the latest chicken farming methods. JD.com is also committed to being environmentally conscious and ethical farmers.

Farmers working with JD.com use the latest techniques to make sure the chickens are treated humanly. This not only benefits the chickens, but the rearing methods mean that customers get a better quality of chicken. The chickens spend at least 50% of their time outside, and the amount of steps they take is measured so that they are getting enough exercise. Customers are able to keep track of the chickens that they buy. They can do that by scanning the QR code that is on every package.

Chickens are not the only area that JD.com is helping. The ‘Running Chicken’ program is similar to two others that JD.com does like “Swimming Duck” in Jiangsu Province and “Flying Pigeon” in Hebei Province. The programs are win-win for everyone concerned. Farmers are able to life themselves out of poverty while supplying the best quality food. JD.com can also be proud of the continued work that it does to help reduce waste and pollution.

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