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Jeremy Goldstein partners with the Fountain House for a good cause

When the mountain house was looking for someone to partner with for their annual wine and dinner charity event, they knew who to turn to. It was none other than Jeremy Goldstein. He is also a member of the board of directors within the organization.


The Fountain house was founded in 1944 in New York; it has always been one of the most consistent charity organizations working with people who suffer from mental health illnesses. The statistics of mental health illness speak for themselves. Today, according to WHO, more than twenty-five percent of the world’s population lives with a mental illness. It is, therefore, very encouraging to see organizations such as the Fountain house remain consistent with their mission.


One of the most important things that the organization established was the need to ensure that people with mental health issues were self-sufficient. In order to achieve this, there is a need to ensure that they have proper housing, necessary skills to gain employment and get access to opportunities that can help them earn a living. Other than that the Fountain house also performs the following core activities


Conduct mental health programs within the city.

Conduct research on new ways to treat and help establish new ideas on how best we can hasten mental health recovery.

Work directly with local communities, which has helped spread the fountain house model globally.


By focusing on the local communities, the fountain house has been able to have a considerable impact on individuals than usual. Their model has been so successful that they partnered with WHO to bring together more than three hundred mental health experts to continue finding new ways of advocating for the same.


All these activities require more, and this is why the fountain house is continuously trying to source for more money. During the “Mental Illness: You Are Not ‘A Rhone.’” Charity gala tickets cost five thousand dollars. The attendees got to enjoy a meal of their lifetime in return and were also given a chance to network. This meal, however, was just a show of appreciation for the great work they were doing. Jeremy Goldstein was at hand to mingle with the guest and speak to them on the need to continue supporting this noble cause.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founding member of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC where he is also a partner. He has worked with various organizations advising them on multiple issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation. Such matters require a level of skill and tact that he has perfected over the years to ensure that he only offers his clients the best. His experience before starting his own law firm also speaks for itself as he was a partner with one of the largest law firms in New York.


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