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Lime Crime Still Shines Bright Under Tenegram Merger

Tenegram, a popular global equity firm, is responsible for taking over the exclusive Lime Crime Brand with a successful acquisition. Their new CEO, Stacy Panagakis, former Fresh, General Manager, says, the LC brand will still be marketed as a completely vegan cosmetic line. They pride themselves in a specially formulated brand with no harsh additives. In fact, their cruelty-free cosmetics have saved thousands of animals from being harmed. The creator, Doe Deere, says, her users recognized their unique buttery-smooth blend and trendy packaging, as a brand they can trust for quality and safe for all skin types.

LC Cosmetics Business News

The Tenegram Group is only focused on already branded businesses to avoid risk, and the Lime Crime brand stood out as an exihilirating brand. Lime Crime was able to stand out as a great business acquitision because they’ve previously sold millions of products exclusively online and have become a top cosmetic line. In fact, they now, have an e-commerce market in China to stop the sell of black market cosmetics. Other LC branded products like their Unicorn hair dye collection and Sandal, lipstick line remain under their moniker.

What Continues To Make LC Cosmetics Popular

Many users want an organic cosmetic blend that will protect their skin from irritation, but the LC brand does even more for their users. Trust their team of professionals to help you find a blend that enhances your natural beauty. For example, their popular summer Apricot Nude collection brings out your eyes and forces your natural lines to come through. Experience an extradionary line of water-proof lipstick and eye-shadow cosmetics with a complete vegan matte base. Their smudge-proof eye-liner is also a favorite among their users. Join the popular Lime Crime brand on their official website today.